How To Plan A Trip To The Pacific Northwest (10 Day Pacific Northwest Road Trip Itinerary)

Post Summary: How To Plan A Trip To The Pacific Northwest

You did it!

You are starting to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest! Get ready for wild waterfalls, dramatic coastlines, and some of the best alpine lakes you’ll ever encounter.

But how in the world do you begin to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest? It can be quite daunting to know where to begin, but that’s why we’re breaking this epic region down into bite-sized pieces for you.

In this post, we’re sharing Pacific Northwest trip ideas for first-time visitors. This means we’re spilling all the details on the highlights, but also sprinkling in some secret locations and hidden gems along the way, too.

From quick weekend trips from Seattle to iconic west coast road trip routes, we promise that once you experience it for yourself, you’re not going to want to leave. (You’ve been properly warned.)

What To Wear In The Pacific Northwest - Emily Mandagie wearing rain jacket

How To Plan A Trip To The Pacific Northwest (First-Timer’s Guide)

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So, What Is The Pacific Northwest Region?

If you are someone who wants to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest, you might wonder…what are the Pacific Northwest states? What area does this region occupy?

Depending on who you ask, the borders can look different. We like to draw a blurry border that surrounds Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. Others can also include Northern California, Western Montana, and even northwestern Wyoming and Alaska!

Looking at the PNW through this lens, you can expect this blog post to cover everything from the Pacific Ocean to the Continental Divide.

Getting Around / Where To Stay / Best Times To Visit

Consider us your personal Pacific Northwest trip planner. With so many things to do in the PNW, it can easily be overwhelming to know where to start. This is why we’re breaking down this post into easily digestible regions, with our favorite suggested activities!

Keep scrolling to find maps, our favorite trails, unique PNW experiences, and catered tips for each location! You plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest in no time!

How To Get Around The Pacific Northwest

The best way to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest is to travel by car. Many of these epic PNW destinations require quite a drive, so you’ll have a lot more freedom if you decide to rent a vehicle for your trip. Here are some of our recommended modes of transportation below:

Regular Car: Getting around in a regular car can give you the best of both worlds. You can easily fit into any city parking lot, but also trick it out with these car camping hacks so you can find free camping spots and sleep in your car on the road!

Camper Van: If you’re looking for a cool camper van rental for your trip in the Pacific Northwest, we suggest renting one through Outdoorsy. Think of it like Airbnb but for cool cars! You can rent anything from vintage VW Westfalia vans, full-length RVs, and even Airstreams for a picturesque PNW adventure.

Getting Around The Pacific Northwest By Car

Camping In The Pacific Northwest

One of the coolest ways to experience the Pacific Northwest is by going camping! There’s nothing better than breathing in the smell of fresh pine trees in the morning, enjoying your cup of coffee lakeside, or even just having a backcountry road all to yourself!

Don’t forget to add a few nights of camping when you plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest!

To find the best campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve got a few essential resources for you:

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Camping In The Pacific Northwest

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Pacific Northwest?

When you want to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest, any time of year is a great time to visit – it just depends on what kind of activities you’re into!

Here’s a quick overview of each season, and what you might expect from visiting during these times of the year:

Crystal Peak Lookout -
Crystal Peak Lookout

Winter in the Pacific Northwest

Wallace Falls Trail - Winter Hikes In Washington State -
Wallace Falls, Washington

Spring in the Pacific Northwest

  • Visiting the cherry blossoms, specifically in Portland, OR and the University of Washington in Seattle.
  • Discover the powerful forces of Washington waterfalls and Oregon waterfalls.
Summer in the Pacific Northwest - jumping in lakes of Glacier National Park
St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

Summer in the Pacific Northwest

Fall in the Pacific Northwest
Five Pine Lodge, Sisters, OR
  • Visiting Oregon’s covered bridges in the fall, especially as fun day trips around Eugene.
  • Taking amazing Washington scenic drives to experience the rich autumn colors and many orchards at harvest time.


Cape Flattery - What To Pack For The PNW
Cape Flattery

What To Pack For A Trip To The Pacific Northwest

What do people wear in the Pacific Northwest? As a traveler to the PNW, you may desire to blend in, or at least not stick out! One way to do that is to brush up on what the locals wear. We’re here for that.

Each region of the Pacific Northwest has its own unique climate, but there are a few things you should be packing for the PNW that span all areas. They mostly cover rain gear, but keep reading as we will dive deeper into specific packing items below!

Want a downloadable/printable list? Read our Complete Pacific Northwest Packing List Post Here!


A Sturdy Raincoat. If there ever was an iconic piece of Pacific Northwest clothing, it’s the rain jacket. You’ll very likely wear this piece every day, so make sure your raincoat is something you absolutely love! We’re huge fans of Stutterheim and although they are a bit pricey, they are virtually impenetrable to the rain! We choose to invest in a super well-built rain jacket because we live here, but do what’s best for you!

Hiking Pants. In order to really enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, we encourage you to plan a least a few PNW hikes during your first time in the Pacific Northwest. Choose a pair of hiking pants that are stretchy and comfortable. Pockets are a super great bonus – we love these ones from Fjallraven!

Thermal Layers. Many months out of the year, the Pacific Northwest can be cold and wet. To best keep warm and dry on your Pacific Northwest activities, we suggest that you follow the three-layer rule: Sweat-wicking inner layer, thermal mid-layer, and then waterproof outer-layer. For more information on how to layer clothes properly, read here!


Waterproof Boots. When hiking in the Pacific Northwest, packing waterproof boots is always a good idea. Look for materials labeled “Gore-tex” for some solid waterproof boots! Right now, we are loving the Vasque St Elias GTX series boots and they’ve been awesome!

Birkenstocks and Tevas. It’s everyday fashion at its most casual and comfortable. It’s also a common occurrence to see people rocking their Teva sandals or Birkenstocks with socks here in the PNW. Yes, you heard us right – dad fashion is IN in the Pacific Northwest!

No matter what, when you plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest – always pack a rain jacket.


Gaiters. Gaiters are barriers that strap around your boots and the bottom of your pants that protect you from rain and snow.

Dry Bag. Depending on the type of activities you want to do, a dry bag is important for keeping gear from the elements! It’s especially important if you’re looking to take a canoe or kayak out on the water. We like this one by Sea To Summit!

Water Bottle. Yes, it rains here, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get thirsty on those epic Washington hikes or trails to waterfalls in Oregon.

Beanie. Used for function AND style, beanies are nearly always worn in the Pacific Northwest. Bonus points if your beanie matches with your outfit!

Waterproof Backpack. In order to keep your things dry on those epic hikes in the Pacific Northwest, choose a backpack that easily sheds water, or is made of waterproof material.

Map of The Pacific Northwest

Map of the Pacific Northwest (What We’re Covering In This Post)

In this post, we’re breaking down the Pacific Northwest into digestible regions, to better assist you in deciding where to go in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve broken the PNW down into three sections:

The Core (Washington, Oregon, British Columbia)

The Border States/Provinces (Idaho, Montana, Northern California, and Alberta)

The Outliers (NW Wyoming, and Alaska)

Keep scrolling to discover our favorite adventures to take in each section of the Pacific Northwest!


(Washington, Oregon, British Columbia)

Colchuck Lake - Hiking In The Pacific Northwest -
Colchuck Lake

Washington State

When you plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Washington is likely the first state that comes to mind!

Known For: Temperate rainforests, incredible alpine lake hikes, rainy Washington beaches. In the city of Seattle, visit Pike Place Market, Kerry Park, and the Space Needle.

Washington is sooo diverse, but it’s mostly known for its three stunning national parks. Home to Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, and Mountain Rainier National Park, this is a great place to begin if you love seeing famous locations.

Must-See Places To Visit In Washington: Olympic National Park, Palouse Falls, Leavenworth, Mount Rainier National Park, The Tree Of Life, San Juan Islands. Don’t forget these gorgeous scenic drives in Washington to make the journey just as much part of the adventure!

Pacific Northwest Trips - Washington State
Mount Rainier National Park – Paradise Area

Where To Start In Washington: Fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) to explore the west side OR fly into Spokane International Airport (GEG) to explore the east side.

Best Season To Visit Washington: All seasons. Washington has a temperate rainforest that’s accessible all year long! However, summer (June-September) is when nearly all attractions are fully open, and high-elevation backpacking trips are *nearly* free of snow.

Our Favorite Washington Adventure Picks:

Places To Visit In The Pacific Northwest - Oregon Waterfalls
Diamond Creek Falls

Oregon State

Known For: EPIC waterfalls, amazing Oregon coast hiking trails, and beer!

Oregon is famous for its absolutely stunning waterfalls and unique Pacific Northwest getaways. It’s also one of the top searched places when people plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon Coast commands most of the attention, with its stunning coastline and hundreds of public beaches.

However, don’t overlook Eastern Oregon when you plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest – places like Leslie Gulch in the Owyhee Wilderness make this area an adventurous spot for risk-takers and explorers. 

Must-See Places To Visit In Oregon: The Oregon Coast, Portland (for foodies!). The Blue Pool, and Multnomah Falls on a drive down the Columbia River Gorge. For the more adventurous traveler, check out Smith Rock State Park, the Painted Hills, and the Wallowas on an Eastern Oregon road trip route!

Where To Start In Oregon: Fly into Portland International Airport (PDX), and rent a car for the duration of your trip.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon Coast
Heceta Head Scenic Area

Best Season To Visit Oregon: Spring season (April, May, June) is when the waterfalls are their fullest. Come during this time for epic falls, rainforest hikes, and don’t forget to pack your raincoat for your road trip around Oregon! Summer is also the best time to visit Oregon’s only national park, Crater Lake!

Our Favorite Oregon Adventure Picks:

Big Lonely Doug, Nearby Port Renfrew, British Columbia
Big Lonely Doug, Port Renfrew

British Columbia

Known For: Giant mountains, incredible backpacking, and stunning lakes.

British Columbia has the perfect mix of refined cities and bold expeditions, all within driving distance from one another. If you’re looking for a perfect mix of luxury and wilderness, consider British Columbia. 

Must-See Places To Visit In British Columbia: Whistler Mountain, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Golden Ears Provincial Park, The Kootenay Rockies, Vancouver Island.

Where To Start In British Columbia: Fly into Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and drive to your western province destinations. For exploring the eastern part of the province, consider flying into Calgary, Alberta and driving east or flying into Spokane, Washington, and driving north across the border.

For a Vancouver Island road trip, consider flying into Victoria, BC, or Vancouver, BC, and taking the ferry across to the island.

Pacific Northwest Weekend Getaways - Tonquin Beach Trail
Tonquin Beach Trail, Tofino, BC

Best Season To Visit British Columbia: Summer. Summer in British Columbia is when most backpacking and hiking trails are open. It’s also when wildlife is at their busiest, so be prepared and keep your eye out for bears, moose, elk, and more!

Our Favorite British Columbia Adventures:


(Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Alberta)

Cabin in Idaho - Pacific Northwest Weekend Getaways
Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho

Idaho State

Known For: Amazing backcountry hot springs, peaceful forests, rustic cabins, backpacking trips.

Idaho is comparatively unknown to the rest of the Pacific Northwest, making it a wild and intrepid destination. If you love gorgeous backcountry hot springs, remote forests, and log-cabin vibes, this is your destination. Plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest in Idaho is you love seclusion and peace!

Must-See Places To Visit In Idaho: Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho backcountry yurts, Route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail, and The Sawtooth Mountains.

Where To Start In Idaho:  Fly into the Boise Airport (BOI) and rent a car to start your journey in the southwest, or take Interstate 90 East and begin a North Idaho road trip from Coeur d’Alene!

Emily Mandagie in Pacific Northwest Hot Springs - Burgdorf, near McCall, Idaho
Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho

Best Season To Visit Idaho: Idaho has amazing destinations that can be enjoyed year-round! Here are some places to consider visiting during different times of the year:

Our Favorite Idaho Adventures:

Emily Mandagie in Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

Western Montana

Known For: Wild and rugged adventure; huge mountains; vast, unexplored land.

Montana is the perfect place to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest filled with a huge variety of outdoor adventures. Raft down the North Fork River, hike to Hidden Lake Overlook, or explore gorgeous hot springs near Bozeman, Montana! No matter what you choose, you’ll leave wanting more.

Must-See Places To Visit In Montana: Hiking in Glacier National Park, Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge, Bowman Lake.

Where To Start In Montana: Fly into Bozeman, Montana to explore the Hyalite Area and make the quick trip down to Yellowstone National Park. Alternatively, fly into Kalispell, Montana to start your Montana adventure in Glacier National Park.

Hyalite Canyon, Bozeman MT

Best Season To Visit Montana: The best time to visit Montana is in the summer or winter season. Montana has drastically different activities for each season. You can come again and again and have a completely different experience each time!

Our Favorite Montana Adventures:

Driving Through the Redwood National Park - Pacific Northwest Road Trips
Redwood National Park, CA

Northern California

Known For: Rugged adventure, giant redwood trees, wild coastline.

Northern California is known for its huge trees, dense forest, and endless opportunities for camping, fishing, and road-tripping. From the famous Redwoods, the deep waters of Shasta Lake and hidden waterfalls, a Northern California road trip is the perfect route for anyone looking for a rugged adventure.

When you plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest in Northern California, consider camping in the many state and national parks!

Must-See Places To Visit In Northern California: Lassen Volcanic National Park, Point Reyes National Seashore, McArthur-Burney Falls, Avenue of Giants in the Redwood National Park. Don’t forget the epic things to do in San Francisco, too!

Where To Start In Northern California: Fly into San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or Oakland International Airport (OAK), rent a car, and begin your journey.

Emily Mandagie - Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Shark Fin Cove
Shark Fin Cove, CA

Best Season To Visit Northern California: Spring and Fall. Summer is always great, but the California national parks tend to bring huge crowds between June-August. If you come in April/May or alternatively September/October, you’re likely to get better deals on hotels, and enjoy fewer crowds on these amazing hiking trails!

Our Favorite California Adventures:

Banff National Park - Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park


Known For: Huge mountains, wildlife viewing opportunities, and Gatorade-blue lakes.

You’ve probably seen Alberta, Canada on a postcard at some point in your life. This area of Canada (Banff and Jasper especially) has one of the largest concentrations of iconic outdoor destinations, all within driving distance of one another! The Canadian Rockies can cater to all types of travelers – from bougie resort dwellers to campsite dirtbags, Alberta is a choose-your-own-adventure type of trip!

Must-See Places To Visit In Alberta, Canada: Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Jasper National Park, and the Icefields Parkway.

Where To Start in Alberta, Canada: Fly into the Calgary International Airport (YYC), rent a car, and drive west to the mountains.

View from Banff Gondola, Banff National Park - TheMandagies.copm
Banff National Park

Best Season To Visit: Summer and Winter. Alberta, similarly to Montana, provides a completely different experience depending on the time of year you plan a visit! Expect to enjoy places like Lake Louise by ice skating in the winter, and canoeing the same lake in the summer!

Our Favorite Alberta Adventures:


(Alaska, Wyoming)

Things To Do In Fairbanks - Denali National Park
Denali National Park, Alaska


Known For: Glaciers, wild animals (moose and bears!), once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Alaska, often referred to as The Last Frontier, is the quintessential trip for checking off epic bucket list items. From epic backpacking trips like the Bomber Traverse to seeing the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, visiting Alaska is full of unique adventures.

If you want to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest that’s exciting, remote, and wild – Alaska is your spot!

Must-See Places To Visit In Alaska: Denali National Park, Exit Glacier, Matanuska Glacier, Fairbanks (The Northern Lights!)

Where To Start In Alaska:  Fly into Anchorage and rent a camper van to begin your road trip around Alaska. Alternatively, you can fly into Fairbanks and spend the majority of your time in the Interior part of the state. OR, make Anchorage your home base and just take day trips from Anchorage every day.

Pacific Northwest Vacation ideas - Denali National Park
Denali National Park, Alaska
Emily Mandagie at Kenai Fjords National park
Kenai Fjords National Park

Best Season To Visit Alaska: Summertime is the easiest season to visit Alaska. If you are hoping to experience the Northern Lights, come during February or March to have the best chance of seeing them!

Our Favorite Alaska Adventures:

Glacial lakes below Grand Teton range -
Flying about Grand Tetons
Emily Mandagie, Northwest Vacation Ideas - Grand Teton National Park
String Lake Trail, Grand Teton National Park

Northwest Wyoming

Known For: The Teton Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, open cattle ranges, lots of wildlife!

Canyons, mountains, forests, hot springs, and don’t forget the super-volcano! Wyoming is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States – Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. While it isn’t always a location people consider when they plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest, it’s still a location worth considering!

Must-See Places To Visit In Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole

Where To Start In Wyoming:  Fly into Jackson Hole, Wyoming to start your adventure and make the town your home base.

Emily talking a photo of Gibbon Falls in Yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park

Best Season To Visit Wyoming: Summer and Fall. The warmer weather brings out the wildlife, and these seasons will allow the most access to national parks and off-road adventures.

Our Favorite Wyoming Adventures:

Pacific Northwest Road Trip Routes

Pacific Northwest Road Trip Itinerary

Want to plan the ultimate Pacific Northwest vacation and string all these locations together? It’s quite the feat, but we can almost guarantee that it will be the most epic trip of your lifetime!

There are many different versions of Pacific Northwest road trips that take you to plenty of amazing spots in the area. Below, we’re sharing three different iterations of Pacific Northwest tours, so you can choose which one fits you are your group best.

Pacific Northwest Road Trip - 10-Day Itinerary

10-Day Pacific Northwest Itinerary

  • Day 1: Seattle, WA to Port Angeles, WA
  • Day 2: Exploring Olympic National Park
    Day 3: Olympic National Park to Cannon Beach, OR
  • Day 4: Cannon Beach Coos Bay
  • Day 5: Coos Bay to Eugene, Oregon
  • Day 6: Eugene to Hood River, OR
  • Day 7: Hood River to Mount Rainier National Park
  • Day 8: Spend Day at Mount Rainier
  • Day 9: Mount Rainier to North Cascades
  • Day 10: North Cascades to Seattle for departure

Two-Week Pacific Northwest Itinerary

Looking for a Pacific Northwest road trip route that covers the most locations?

We’re sharing our two-week PNW road trip itinerary below, giving you the most variety in climate, states, and land/water features! Consider this a highlight trip, where you get a little taste of each place, in preparation to return to your favorite spots in more depth next time!

Pacific Northwest National Park Road Trip

Love Canadian and US national parks? There are more than 18 represented national parks in the Pacific Northwest, and exploring all of them would make one epic PNW road trip route! To narrow down your options, we’re listing the parks here:

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Plan A Trip To The Pacific Northwest

What Is Pacific Northwest Cuisine?

Pacific Northwest food includes fresh seafood, local wines, and fresh fruit. The prominent agricultural places in the PNW include the Willamette Valley (orchards and vineyards), Eastern Washington (grains and orchards), and the coastal regions (seafood).

You’ll also find a huge coffee culture in the Pacific Northwest. Being the birthplace of Starbucks, you can find one on nearly every street corner, but for a more local experience, ask around for neighborhood cafes and artisan shops instead.

What is the Pacific Northwest Famous For?

So what makes the Pacific Northwest unique? One might say it’s pretty iconic for its rugged coastline, rain, and perpetually foggy weather, but there’s so much more than that!

The Pacific Northwest is known for big tech businesses like Amazon, REI, Boeing, as well as logging companies, and outdoor brands. It’s also socially acceptable to wear socks and sandals together and wear plaid to work on the regular.


We hope this post could help you plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest! For more information about the area, feel free to browse our categories page to find specific hikes, hotel reviews, car camping trips, and so much more to elevate your journey!

Do you live in the PNW? What would you suggest to a first-time visitor who wants to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest? Share your tips in the comments below!


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