How To Spend 24 Hours in Vancouver, Canada

Post Summary: How To Spend 24-Hours In Vancouver, BC

A few weeks ago, Berty and I took a day trip to Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is a 2.5-hour drive from Seattle, so we planned to spend all day Saturday exploring, then return home that night.

From the beginning, this day was…interesting.

We were ready to explore places like Buntzen Lake, Capilano Park, Stanley Park, and go all around the city. Unfortunately, there was a large snowstorm that day and it put a lot of our plans on hold!

Berty and I should have known better coming in December, but we had fun nonetheless!

It was a good lesson on taking plans as they come and learn to go with the flow (which does not come naturally to me!*Emily*) So, I present to you…

24 Hours in Vancouver, Canada

1. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Lynn Canyon Park is a FREE park with lots of trails and a suspension bridge! Along with this park, there are tons of other free things to do in Vancouver which makes this a great city to explore for travelers who like to save money.

Lynn Canyon is a great alternative if you are strapped on cash but still want an experience similar to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. This way, you can spend your one day in Vancouver on a budget but still see and do amazing things!

Lynn Canyon Bridge was perfect for capturing Vancouver’s surprise winter snowfall if you only have a short amount of time. If we had a little longer to spend in the city, there are several Vancouver area hikes to explore nearby, like Quarry Rocks, Saint Mark’s Summit, and Tunnel Bluffs. (Although I would suggest visiting when the snow melts a bit more!)

Pro tip: With one suspension bridge in the park, we had to share it occasionally with other viewers, but if you go early in the morning you will mostly have it all to yourself!

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2. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is the awesome big brother of the Lynn Canyon. While it isn’t free, the cost is worth it to explore the many bridges, attractions, and beautiful scenery inside the park.

f you want to find out more about what you might expect inside the park, read the blog post that we attached below!

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3. Granville Island Public Market

After freezing our butts off outside at Lynn Canyon, we decided to walk around and warm up at the Granville Island Market.

This market reminds me of Seattle’s very own Pike Place Market. People everywhere are selling a plethora of fresh produce, the stalls are lined with delicious Vegan restaurants in Vancouver, and gorgeous hand-crafted goods can be found around every corner!

We stayed here for a long time eating our lunch and slowly warming up. Besides the public market, Granville Island has a lot more attractions to explore, but the weather outside prevented us from being curious.

We’ve quickly learned that a future second trip is necessary!

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4. Vancouver Lookout

After walking around Vancouver’s Gastown in the combination of snow/rain it was a relief to sightsee from behind glass!

This Space Needle lookalike sits 553 feet above the ground and it takes you 40 seconds to ride the glass elevator from the bottom to the top. We loved learning about the various buildings and seeing the city from above.

We also discovered that the Lookout ticket is valid all day which means you can see the city in the morning and return at night for a completely different view! Totally worth the $16.25 price tag.

From the top, there is a 360-degree view of the city, where you can see everything from marinas for whale watching in Vancouver to adventures in the Coastal Mountains!

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5. Revolver Coffee

Before we started our journey back to Seattle, we stopped at Revolver Coffee in Gastown for a quick caffeine fix.

Revolver is a unique coffee shop because of its attention to detail and hand-crafted cups of coffee.

The shop hand-selects their coffee beans from all over the world and makes single orders to exactly your preference. For instance, I ordered just a simple drip coffee and they measured out an order for exactly one.

No huge brews or batches made here! The cool, downtown atmosphere made for a fun last stop in Vancouver.

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Lessons Learned…

Berty and I left Canada with an unexpected lesson in traveling.

Things don’t always go the way you plan.

We learned that we can have just as much fun thinking of alternative ways to explore a new city.

Visiting Vancouver, Berty and I discovered that there is so much more to see in this city, and we should return when the weather is a little nicer…maybe springtime! Then, we can take an awesome road trip around Vancouver Island too!

In the meantime, we’ve added Vancouver area hikes to our PNW Bucket list and we’re excited to check them off this year!

Have you ever spent 24 hours in Vancouver, Canada? Tell me about your experience! What did you do?

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Photos by: Berty Mandagie

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  1. Great post! I lived in Vancouver for a few months a couple years ago and never made to any of these places but I am heading down at the end of the month with some friends to check out the suspension bridges. I love your comment at the end that things don’t always go the way you plan. I definitely learned that on a trip last year, glad you still had fun though despite the change in plans!

    1. That’s so awesome Kristie! Definitely check out Capilano Suspension Bridges. We didn’t make it over there but from all the pictures I’ve seen it’s so beautiful! And yes, I’m not so good with plans changing and this trip was definitely a good learning experience for me. haha Have a great trip to Vancouver!

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