Your Travel Personality Quiz (Enneagram Edition)

Post Summary: Travel Personality Quiz According to the Enneagram

Have you ever been on a road trip and just *clicked* with the person you were traveling with?

What about the opposite? By the end of your time together, you never want to set foot with them in a car ever again!

Well, to avoid the latter, and emphasize the former, it’s time to learn your travel personality quiz!

Take the Enneagram test here (it takes about 20 minutes to complete) with you and your friends before your next road trip to avoid chaos. Good vibes only!

In this post, we’re sharing our insights as to what we think you can expect from each type on the road, and how each of you can shine and support one another.

Let’s go!

Enneagram Road Trip Personality Traits

What is the Enneagram?

Oh, where do we start with explaining the Enneagram? 

In its true essence, it’s a way to discover aspects of yourself, good and bad. The enneagram provides insights into your core motivations, how you interpret the world, and the ways you express your emotions.

Just like other similar tests (Myers-Briggs and CliftonStrengths to name a few) the Enneagram is a way for you to learn a little bit more about yourself.

The blog post may not share the whole essence of you, but if you are a fan of self-discovery like us, it’s a fun thing to learn about!

It’s a unique travel personality quiz to discover more about how you explore with others!

Note: Yes, we do totally acknowledge that we are making caricatures of the enneagram types in this post. It is simply for the fun of the ride! (Get it? ROAD TRIP!) We tried to keep it light and highlight the strengths of each type and what they bring to the table when traveling. 

Now, on to the types!

Travel Personality Quiz: Your Type According To The Enneagram

Type 1 – The Reservation Master

Wondering what campsite you’re staying in tonight? Talk to the Reservation Master, Enneagram Type 1.

They’ve already printed out all the confirmation codes, written down check-in/check-out times in their planner, and placed all the details in their impeccably organized travel document that’s shared with the whole group.

You can count on them to be part of the entire road trip planning process. They’ll delay no time in making sure you have the right national park passes, see if everyone’s passports are up to date, and double-check hotel reservations. 

Traveling With an Enneagram Type One? Give them some room to be silly! They don’t have to be the only one who cares about the details. Take some time to be involved with a piece of the planning so they feel allowed to fully enjoy (or relax!) during the vacation. 

Type 2 – The Snack Bringer

Worried you’ll be hungry and cold along the way? Not with an Enneagram Type 2 – the Snack Bringer!

They’ve already thought of everything you might need to be happy, cozy, and well-fed on your road trip.

Road trip essentials like blankets and pillows are already stocked in the car for passenger snoozes, and easy camping meals and snacks are ready in the portable cooler between your seats.

You can count on them to be vigilant of everyone’s comfort level. Listed to them, because they are observant, caring, and conscientious.

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Two? Allow them to take care of the group, but make sure to pitch in for their snack fund. Tell them how delicious their cookies are! Also, surprise them every once in a while with their favorite coffee, a curated playlist of their favorite tunes, or taking an extra turn driving. They want to feel cared for in return!

Type 3 – The Itinerary Maker

Trying to make the most of your vacation days? Say no more, Enneagram 3 – The Itinerary Maker has it covered!

They are looking to plan the most memorable road trip route ever, which means they are deep diving on the internet for the best spots to visit, most popular restaurants in town, and epic places to see along your route. 

They are making the most of each of the days, packing them full of exciting moments and memorable experiences. Sometimes Threes can get too overboard though, and pack the days too full. Be aware of your group morale, and remind them that it’s okay to take a break.

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Three? Give them a free pass to take a break and not take charge of a certain aspect of the road trip. Remind them that things don’t have to go according to plan to be “successful” and that spontaneity is totally okay!

Type 4 – The Playlist Creator

You know how every trip seems to have a theme song? That’s where Fours come in – as The Playlist Creator!

They’ve received the itinerary from Type 3, now they are ready to start curating the perfect tunes for each destination you visit.

Fours produce impeccable playlists, and they know how to enhance any road trip with the right music, road trip podcasts, and vibes.

They are also excellent are sparking up deep and meaningful conversations. Use these 101 road trip questions to learn even more about your friends!

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Four? Let them be involved with tasks like packing the car, preparing meals and taking turns driving, all while being engaged in deep conversation. Be present with them, and give them space to be fully open and honest. (Because road trip conversations are the best, am I right??)

Type 5 – The Historian

Curious about the history, geology, and culture of each destination you travel to? Good thing you’re traveling with an Enneagram Type 5 – The Historian!

They are a library of knowledge when it comes to information about each location. Wikipedia is a constantly open tab on their phone because when people ask questions, Fives are already searching for the answers!

They enhance each road trip with cool facts and interesting stories. (Like these fun facts about Washington state!) Knowing about the people, stories, and natural history of each place are how Fives connect with the people and spaces around them.

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Five? Schedule downtime during your road trip route. Go to a coffee shop to simply read a book, sit in silence, or browse the internet. Be thoughtful of their taste in music and come with a pre-made playlist of their favorite songs. Listen to their cool facts about each place – it’s how they connect with their surroundings!

Type 6 – The Disaster Proofer

Did you change the oil in your car? Pack the car emergency kit? Chances are, the Enneagram Type 6 – The Disaster Proofer – already did!

They’ve thought of every possible outcome and planned for several scenarios all before you hit the road. Sixes know all the best road trip planner tools (pre-downloaded of course) and are the first ones to raise their hand to help solve a problem.

You can count on a Six to be a fiercly loyal friend and brainstorm some of the most fun bonding experiences on the road!

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Six? Give them plenty of reassurance that everything will be alright. In times of stress (flat tire, lost en-route), make light of the situation and come alongside them to solve the problem together. Plan some downtime doing something fun like visiting hot springs, sitting at the beach, or taking a beautiful hike for them to decompress.

Type 7 – The Hype Person

Type Sevens are spontaneous, have full-on enthusiasm, and are excited to see what the days have in store.

You can count on a Seven to be the road trip buddy that get’s the group hyped for the next hiking trail, sunset summit views, or cool new camping spot.

They are easygoing and don’t mind if plans change. However, when things really go awry, don’t put them in charge of solving the problem.

They can get overwhelmed quickly and fall apart if they are in charge of making things right with their tendency to be impatient and impulsive.

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Seven? Plan a surprise for your Type Seven comrade. Allow them to live in the moment and fully enjoy the experience, without looking for the next best thing. 

Type 8 – The Tie Breaker

Do you have a split group, figuring out the next trail to hike or what to make for dinner? Enneagram Type Eights are the fearless leaders, the ultimate deciders, tie-breakers, and decision-makers extraordinaire!

They can confidently call out the best choices for the whole party. Eights can do it in a way that considers the needs of the entire group.

They are the one that drives the group and are the first ones to initiate activities. Eights thrive off of camaraderie and bring a can-do attitude that inspires the rest of your friends to make the most of every road trip moment!

Eights should be mindful that their intense and passionate nature doesn’t drive others into travel burnout. Take a second to slow down and consider others in group decisions. Maybe not everyone wants to partake in extreme sports or challenging hikes – even if it makes them feel alive.

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Eight? Find ways to care for them so they feel they are allowed to take a break from taking charge. Make them dinner, drive for their turn, or even stick up for an unfair situation so they don’t have to. 

Type 9 – The Steady Hand

Type Nines seem to be the most easygoing of travelers, taking any setbacks or detours with patience, stability, and grace.

They are the first ones to really stop and take in the experience with all their senses. Type Nines can be some of the most grounded people in their physical bodies. They are easily attuned to the physical needs of themselves and the group as a whole.

However, they may lean towards going with other’s preferences over their own. So much so that Nines may bring up that resentment long after the trip is over.

They are afraid of disturbing the peace, but need themselves or someone around to vouch for them if the time comes!

Traveling With an Enneagram Type Nine? Give them space to let their opinions be heard. Truly listen to what they are sharing, and take serious consideration of their ideas and opinions about the itinerary/route. 

Do you think we did justice in explaining the enneagram and their road trip personalities? What’s your type from the travel personality quiz? Share with us in the comments below!


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