20 Must-See Instagram Spots In Cleveland, Ohio To Snap The Best Pictures

Are you on the hunt for the best Instagram spots in Cleveland?

This beautifully historic rust belt city provides some of the most unique locations for photography in the United States. From amazing outdoor spaces to antique buildings, we’re here to share with you some of the best views in Cleveland, Ohio!

This list will have some of the more famous Cleveland photo ops, but also the up-and-coming locations around the city you wouldn’t normally consider.

We’re sharing the most instagrammable spots in Cleveland, which include historical structures, statues, parks, restaurants and so much more!

Also included in this post are addresses to photo locations, a Cleveland photography map, and tips to experience these places to their fullest.

We hope this list will help you discover Ohio in a unique way, so we’re happy to share with you the best Instagram spots in Cleveland!

20 Must-See Instagram Spots In Cleveland, Ohio To Snap The Best Pictures

Instagram Spots In Downtown Cleveland

1. Visit The Civic Center District At Sunset

Address: Lakeside Ave E and East 9th Street (map here)

The Civic Center District is located in North Downtown Cleveland, alongside the shore of Lake Erie.

Here, you can find a collection of incredible buildings like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland City Hall (pictured below), and FirstEnergy Football Stadium.

On our first day in Cleveland, we were greeted with an incredible sunset on our evening walk. To get the best perspectives for sunset on a clear day, we suggest visiting the lawn of the Huntington Convention Center.

Here, you can get a gorgeous view of Lake Erie with Cleveland’s iconic landmarks in the foreground.

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2. Heinen’s Grocery Store

Address: On the corner of East 9th Street and Euclid Avenue (map here)

Heinen’s is a grocery store chain that just so happens to be in one of the most incredible downtown Cleveland locations.

Nestled inside of a 20th-century building, this store is unlike any other, with their food court sitting under a historic rotunda dome directly above.

Pro Tip: Some of the best views are from the very center of the food court, but to get a sweeping view, try seeing it from the terrace above.

3. Fountain of Eternal Life

Address: 120 Public Square, Cleveland, OH (map here)

The Fountain of Eternal Life was built to honor those who resided in Cleveland and served in the military.

You can find this statue/fountain in Veterans Memorial Plaza, in the heart of downtown Cleveland in the Civic Center District.

Pro Tip: We recommend coming both during the day and at night! The city illuminates this monument with a beautiful glow, which makes it glimmer with the rest of the city lights.

4. Yours Truly (Playhouse Square)

Address: 1228 Euclid Avenue (map here)

Yours Truly (the Playhouse Square location) is a retro-cool cafe, with classic red chairs and hip decor.

The exposed brick and windows into the nearby factory shops make this a unique place to enjoy a breakfast or a late-night meal in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

We were surprised to discover that this restaurant only just recently opened in 2016! The YT chain made an effort to highlight the historic charm of the jewelry store department building in which they occupied.

We were totally fooled because this place feels like it has been here for ages!

Classic diner food makes this a great location to snap some pictures of your breakfast spread and morning coffee in the gritty city.

But it’s not just a morning spot, this is a great place to come after a night out shooting photo spots in Cleveland to get your fix of late-night fries and a shake!

No time for breakfast? Here’s how we make coffee on the road.

5. The Old Arcade

Address: 401 Euclid Avenue (map here)

Right in the center of downtown lies one of the most photogenic places in Cleveland. Opening in May 1890, The Cleveland Arcade holds the title of the first American indoor shopping center.

Now, the Hyatt Hotel owns the top two levels, where you can get a hotel room right inside the building.

After a complete restoration in 2001, the Arcade is one of the most lucrative Instagram spots in Cleveland, and conveniently close to many others too!

Pro Tip: Because it’s one of the most famous photography spots in Cleveland, we suggest arriving very early (around 8 or 9 am) to avoid the crowds in your photos!

6. East 4th Street

Address: East 4th Street, Cleveland (map here)

East 4th Street in Cleveland is known for it’s loud, spirited vibe and being chock-full of cool bars and restaurants.

While we came in the morning (as you can see from the photos it’s totally empty) we could only imagine what it would be like on a bustling Friday night.

Photography Tip: If you’re looking to photograph the city vibe of Cleveland, this is the place to do it. Better yet, try coming during an event or holiday to catch people in an elevated spirit!

(Can you even imagine what the vibe was like when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship?!)

Here’s a picture of when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship in 2016!

7. Coastal Taco

Address: 1146 Old River Road 44113 (map here)

Coastal Taco was our first meal out in Cleveland! Coastal Taco Bar is located on the shore of the Cuyahoga River, easily within walking distance if you are staying in Downtown Cleveland.

With its fun outdoor/indoor seating, it provides some of the best views in Cleveland of the Cuyahoga River!

Coastal Taco has an impressive amount of seating options to fit anyone’s preference. They also provide entertaining lawn games and a lively aura perfectly fit for summer evenings!

Pro Tip: If you want to check out this amazing taco and drink place by the water, come during off-meal times.

The wait times were insane during dinner (1-hour wait for inside, 2-hour wait for outside!)

8. Settler’s Landing Park

Address: Cleveland, OH, 44113 (map here)

This was among one of our first impressions of Cleveland, and boy was it a good one! This park is on the shore of the Cuyahoga River and perfectly within walking distance of the center of downtown.

It’s also easily accessible via the light rail (RTA) line, which has a station right at the park.

This is considered one of the best Instagram spots in Cleveland because several iconic features and buildings are all conveniently viewable from one place!

The Veteran’s Memorial Bridge (white bridge), Jacobs Pavillion (the white-tented outdoor concert venue), and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium (brick building with smokestacks) are just some of the many amazing features along the waterfront.

For incredible photos, we suggest grabbing a blanket and having a picnic to watch the sunset on the lawn.

Visitors will be greeted with a setting sun among the industrial ambiance of Cleveland.

9. Pour Cleveland

Address: 530 Euclid Ave (map here)

As soon as we stepped through the doors of Pour Cleveland, we immediately felt at home with the smell of coffee beans, clean open spaces, and natural copper and wood details.

If you’re looking for the most instagrammable places in Cleveland with coffee, look no further than here!

This hip, clean-slate coffee shop on the bustling Euclid Avenue serves busy commuters and coffee connoisseurs alike.

Each cup is brewed individually with boutique roasted beans, pour-over techniques, and attention to detail.

If Berty and I had a few more days to spend in Cleveland, we would come to work at some of their huge wooden tables!

The staff was friendly, personable and made us feel less like a tourist and more like a dear friend.

10. Hope Memorial Bridge

Address: Carnegie Road, Cleveland (map here)

Hope Memorial Bridge (previously named Lorain-Carnegie Bridge) is an art deco truss bridge completed in 1932.

This bridge connects East and West Cleveland (separated by the Cuyahoga River) and was seen as a progressive step in Ohio’s transportation.

In addition to some of the best views in Cleveland, this bridge is special because of the four huge pylon structures called “Guardians of Traffic” built by Frank Walker and Henry Hering.

Each massive statue holds a different vehicle of transportation in their hands, as a symbol to protect transportation in the city.

Pro Tip: One of the best Cleveland photo ops would be to take a city-scape picture from the perspective of Hope Memorial Bridge.

Make sure to bring a wide lens to capture the entire scene. We use a Canon 16-35mm to get the entire view in the frame!

11. Jack Flaps

Address: 530 Euclid Ave #10 (map here)

The sounds of sizzling bacon and clinking forks tucked away in an indoor mall make this place a unique and urban spot to have breakfast.

Pops of red are scattered through the restaurant which makes the space eye catching and fun to visit.

They pride themselves in indulgent, delicious breakfast foods, perfect after a night out or even a slow morning.

Jack Flaps is definitely one of the best Instagram spots in Cleveland for all those foodies out there!

Instagram Spots West of The Cuyahoga River (Edgewater Hill, Ohio City, Tremont)

12. Brewnuts

Address: 6501 Detroit Road 44102 (map here)

Brewnuts is a quirky, niche shop in the Detroit-Shoreway area that combines two delicious indulgences in one place: beer and donuts!

They carefully select local beers on tap, and cleverly pair them with their homemade donut recipes for a unique food experience.

If beer isn’t your thing, don’t fret – they can also pair your favorite donut with your favorite coffee drink!

This place is still fairly new, but it quickly became one of the best Instagram spots in Cleveland.

It’s perfect for photographs of their colorfully decorated donuts (of course), fun print wallpaper, and wacky decor. They also have a neon sign saying “Donut Mess With Cleveland” that just begs for a photo!

13. West Side Market

Address: 1979 W 25th Street (map here)

This amazing indoor structure is one of the country’s oldest and largest public markets. It holds over 100 vendors selling everything from fresh produce, meat, pastries, and ready-made meals…so come hungry!

Built in 1912, it is now in the National Register of Historic Places (as of 1973).

Get the best photo opportunity by climbing the corner staircase to the second floor. Here, you will get a complete overhead view of the people walking below and experience the vastness of the entire market.

The architecture in this place is hard to beat –  no wonder it’s one of the best Instagram spots in Cleveland!

Come for the colorful lights, and stay for the delicious food!

14. Flying Fig

Address: 2523 Market Avenue (map here)

Since their beginning, the Flying Fig has been dedicated to farm-to-table dining, supporting local growers and farmers in Ohio. Their menu changes seasonally to reflect the harvest and bounty of the community that provides their ingredients.

Because we came on a beautiful summer day, Berty and I opted to eat dinner on their outdoor patio.

The patio is filled with beautiful plants for a perfectly instagrammable dinner and their moody indoor seating provides some of the best opportunities to take photographs!

If you’re looking to taste the best local food that Cleveland has to offer, the Flying Fig is a must visit!

Cleveland Photo Ops Farther West Of The City (Rocky River, Lakewood)

15. Kayak at Rocky Rivers

Address: 1400 Scenic Park Dr, Lakewood, Ohio (map here)

Just a short drive out of downtown Cleveland is the Rocky River Reservation, which is a huge Cleveland Metropark that spans miles and miles of this Ohio riverside.

The first parcels of land that Cleveland dedicated as a Metropark can be seen on this reservation!

We rented kayaks near the Emerald Necklace Marina from 41 North Kayak Adventures and paddled out to the opening of Lake Erie.

It was our first time experiencing a lake where we weren’t able to see the other side of the shore! Who knew it would be one of the best Instagram spots in Cleveland!

Pro Tip: It’s risky to bring your camera out on open water. Protect your precious gear and make sure that your equipment is stored in a dry bag!

16. Barrio Tacos

Address: 15527 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH (map here)

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your food photography game, Barrio Tacos will be your jam.

Cool urban murals paired with fun drinks and tapas make this place a fun venue for a night out with friends or a fun Sunday lunch after church (hey, the bar is practically made with catholic church windows with shelves of booze!)

Amazing hand-painted murals cover the restaurant from floor to ceiling and interesting “Dia De Los Muertos”-esque decor make this place easily recognizable from anywhere else in Cleveland.

17. Edgewater Beach

Address: Edgewater Beach (map here)

Yearning for the beach but stuck in the city? Edgewater Beach gives you the best of both worlds!

This Cleveland Metropark is located just west of downtown Cleveland and has ample parking, amenities, and space to gather with family and friends for a summer afternoon.

There are several gorgeous Cleveland photography locations here, including the Edgewater Pier, beach area, park area, and jetty.

Berty and I spent some time exploring each location and felt like we could easily explore all in one evening.

Photography Tip: Edgewater Beach is one of the best Instagram spots in Cleveland to photograph during sunset. Come early to claim a spot on the beach, or join the fisherman on the dock for some fun action shots.

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Instagram Spots In Cleveland On The East Side

18. Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Address: 11030 East Blvd Cleveland, OH (map here)

On our last day in Cleveland, we got stuck in a rainstorm. But that didn’t matter because we discovered the Botanical Gardens, which ended up being one of our favorite photo spots in Cleveland!

We didn’t get to discover the outdoor gardens (because of the rain), but we did explore the Glass House.

This amazing structure has over 350 species of exotic plants and 50 free-roaming butterflies, birds, and reptiles. It’s a wonderful display of how all these living beings interact with each other in a natural setting.

Pro Tip: We came on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds, but be prepared to share the space with young children and kids on field trips. Be patient and let crowds pass if you are wanting to take photographs!

19. Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Address: 750 E 88th St (map here)

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens have some of the oldest and most beautiful outdoor landscapes in the city.

Here, there are over 30 gardens that are created and cultivated by distinct cultural groups represented in Cleveland.

The garden’s mission is to bring “peace through mutual understanding” and showcase each culture’s design and beauty in one cohesive park.

Capture some of the best views in Cleveland by taking a stroll through the park and admiring the unique features of each garden.

Outside of The City of Cleveland

20. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Address: Brecksville, Ohio (map here)

Just a 30-minute drive south of Cleveland lies one of the most photogenic places in Ohio!

Cuyahoga Valley National Park boasts protected marshlands, amazing sandstone cliffsides, historical structures, and hundreds of miles of trails.

On our visit, we spent an entire day exploring the park and documenting all the beautiful photo locations for our photography guide. We felt like we just scratched the surface of this beautiful park!

Pro Tip: Do a little bit of research on this park before you visit. There are many beautiful places to see, and it requires a little bit of driving between each. Don’t forget to take some of these travel photography accessories with you for the most efficient and creative trip!

Plan your trip to start at the farthest point and work your way in one direction to save time. Read our Cuyahoga Valley photography guide to help you plan the best route!

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More Instagram Spots In Cleveland

After doing tons of research and exploring on our own, we realized that the city is full of beautiful locations to take pictures.

Here are some photography spots in Cleveland we missed, but that doesn’t mean you should!

  • Cleveland Signs
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Tower City Center / Public Square Park
  • Cleveland Murals in Ohio City
  • Superior Viaduct Bridge
  • GE Chandelier in Playhouse Square
  • A Christmas Story House (Tremont)
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • At the Q Arena
  • The Holden Arboretum
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Lakeview Cemetery
  • Allen Theatre
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company
  • Abbey Road Skyline
  • Cleveland Public Library
This is the "A Christmas Story" House!

Map Of Instagram Spots In Cleveland

Did we miss any of the best Instagram spots in Cleveland, Ohio? Tell us about your favorite places in the comments below!

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