72 Adventurous Outdoor Holidays To Celebrate All Year

There are more ways to celebrate the outdoors than just Memorial Day and Labor Day!

Berty and I have been writing about Pacific Northwest adventure since 2016, and we are constantly on the lookout for lesser-known holidays and even the most minor ways to celebrate being outside.

We use this list for our marketing purposes but also as a fun way to share with you how you can celebrate outdoor holidays all year long.

Without further ado, here is our complete commercial holidays list of fun outdoor industry celebration days!

72 Outdoor Holidays To Celebrate Adventure All Year Long

72 Adventurous Outdoor Holidays To Celebrate All Year Long

This list of everything from national to obscure holidays for the outdoors is constantly being updated.

Check back in later months to discover even more outdoor holidays we’ve added to the list!

January Outdoor Holidays

January Outdoor Holidays - Emily Mandagie snowshoeing at Mount Spokane State Park

National Staying Healthy Month: This month, try getting outside every month! Get some crisp winter air each day on a walk or try winter trail running!

Walk Your Dog Month: This is one of the simplest ways to get outdoors. Take your dog on a walk each day and track your progress!

January 1stFirst Day Hikes: This day is when many parks have free entry to popular spots that require fees. Take advantage of the opportunity to get outside on these incredible Washington winter hikes!

January 5thNational Bird Day: Some of the best places to watch birds in Washington are the Skagit Wildlife Area, and Olympic National Park.

January 10thCut Your Energy Cost Day: Good excuse to get outside and go on one of these Pacific Northwest hiking trails.

January 11thNational Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day: It may be a little silly, but surely on January 11th you’ll be able to find a puddle and splash around a little!

January 21st MLK Jr. Birthday: Similar to First Day Hikes, Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday also provides free entry to state and regional parks in some areas. Fees are also often waived on this day at national parks!

February Outdoor Holidays

February Outdoor Holidays - Emily Mandagie sitting inside a fire lookout

National Bike to Work Month: Try biking to work every day of the month (just be wary of ice!).

February 2nd Groundhog Day: Who’s to say that groundhog day is just for those on the east coast? Celebrate it this year and search for a groundhog in the PNW on February 2nd!

February 8thNational Kite-Flying Day: This one’s for you, those on the windy Washington beaches and Oregon beaches! Get out on the sandy coast and go fly your kite!

February 10th – National Umbrella Day: Winter in Washington brings a lot of rain! Whether rain, snow, or shine, don’t forget your umbrella on your way out the door!

February 20thNational Love Your Pet Day: While there are many ways to show your appreciation for your pets, spending time together one of the best gifts for dogs (or other furry friends)!

March Outdoor Holidays

March Outdoor Holidays - Exterior of Yurt at Cape Lookout State Park

National Spiritual Wellness Month: Spiritual wellness can stem from many things, including connecting yourself to nature! Search for purpose and meaning as you celebrate the month outdoors.

March 3rd-4th – National Day of Unplugging: This day encourages people to take breaks from technology! Get outside this year and try something new (or old!). Our favorite pick? Going forest bathing on beloved trails!

March 9th Billy Frank Junior’s Birthday: Discover Pass free day to state parks in Washington and regional parks in some areas!

March 12th – National Plant a Flower Day: Spread the love and plant a flower this coming March! Whether it’s wildflowers, bulbs, or something bright and beautiful, planting flowers brings so much joy as they grow into the spring.

March 13th – National Earmuff Day: March is still pretty chilly in the PNW–show off your coolest earmuffs during this outdoor holiday!

March 19th WA State Parks’ 110th Birthday: This is another Discover Pass free day to state parks in Washington and regional parks in some areas.

March 30th National Take a Walk in the Park Day: Finish off March with a bang and take a walk or picnic in a nearby park!

April Outdoor Holidays

April Outdoor Holidays - Bench overlooking the Oregon coast

Children and Nature Awareness Month: Use this month to inform the young people in your life about our planet! Use hands-on learning methods and take them into the great outdoors!

Earth Month: Learn more about your local and global environment this month and how you can help preserve it! Join a local club, organization, and volunteer!

April 5thNational Walking Day: Calling all watch-wearers! It’s time to get your steps in this coming April. Just make sure you have some good walking sandals or hiking boots for the day!

April 16thNational Park Week Free Day: To kick off National Park Week, you can enjoy a fee-free day on your next visit to a national park! We especially love Olympic National Park and North Cascades National Park the PNW!

April 22nd – Earth Day: You can really appreciate and care for our beautiful planet on this day! This is a Discover Pass free day to state parks in Washington and regional parks in some areas.

April 28th – Arbor Day: Show your love of our planet on the coming Arbor Day! Curious how to spend your day? The Arbor Day Foundation has tons of resources on their site about how you can greater appreciate Earth’s trees.

May Outdoor Holidays

May Otudoor Holidays - Emily Mandagie at Wahkeena Falls in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Date Your Mate Month: This month, go on a few outdoorsy dates or even book a stay at a Pacific Northwest resort!

Get Caught Reading Month: One of the best ways to slow down is taking your reading outdoors. This is the best time to start that book you’ve been wanting to read (or listen to!). Grab your hammock and get outside!

National Walking Month: Make a goal to try a new path or trail for walking outdoors this month.

May 1st – May Day: Celebrate the coming of spring on this joyous day!

May 6th-12th – Screen Free Week: Take a week off from technology. Instead, enjoy the rejuvenation of the outdoors through our favorite Oregon coast hikes. There’s nothing better than hiking through the forest AND hearing the ocean waves at the same time!

May 16th – National Love a Tree Day: Whether you truly enjoy hugging trees or not, this outdoor holiday is one for everyone. Check out some hikes in Washington that are full of trees! You can love trees in little or big ways, such as using Ecosia as your web browser, volunteering, or simply reducing your waste!

June Outdoor Holidays

June Outdoor Holidays - Sunset at Beehive Lakes in Idaho

Great Outdoors Month: Every day is a celebration of the outdoors this month! Take your adventures outside and enjoy the grandeur of our unique planet.

June 2nd – National Leave the Office Early Day: Take a break and go outdoors! Make sure to tell your boss about this one *wink wink*

June 3rd – National Trails Day: Kick off the summer with an epic trek!

June 3rd – National Prairie Day: Celebrate one of the most vital and unique ecosystems in the world on this day. Learn about the preservation of these areas here!

June 11th – National Get Outdoors Day (also known as GO Day): This is a Discover Pass free day and a free day from Forest Service fees across the nation!

June 11th-12thFree Fishing Day (and weekend): What could be better than a day on the water? This is a Discover Pass free day to state parks in Washington and regional parks in some areas!

June 15th – Nature Photography Day: This one’s a no-brainer for us! Check out all our Pacific Northwest photography tips for your next outdoor adventure.

June 18th – National Go Fishing Day: Shouldn’t every day be National Go Fishing Day?

June 19th – Juneteenth: Commemorate, reflect, and rejoice on this day–the anniversary of the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. This is a Discover Pass free day to state parks in Washington and regional parks in some areas!

July Outdoor Holidays

July Outdoor Holidays - Two people cuddling in a hammock

Family Golf Month: Take the entire family out on golfing outings this month.

National Anti-Boredom Month: Fight boredom during the summer days and get creative outdoors! You can learn to paint landscapes, check out new PNW trails, go for a walk, or volunteer!

July 7th – National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day: Spend some quality time with the ones you love on this outdoor holiday.

July 22ndNational Hammock Day: Everyone needs a little R&R in the outdoors every once and a while! Why not take in the views–or a nap–on this celebratory outdoor holiday!

August Outdoor Holidays

August Outdoor Holidays - Emily Mandagie soaking in Travvertine Hot Springs

National Summer Sun Safety Month: Practice taking care of your skin during the hot summer months.

Family Fun Month: Spice up your August and take the entire family out on exciting PNW adventures!

August 4th Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act: Passed in 2020, the Great American Outdoors Act provides funding to improve national parks and public lands! On this day, you get to enjoy a fee-free day at all national parks!

August 15thNational Relaxation Day: Everyone needs a break every once and a while. Even 10 minutes outdoors is known to improve overall well-being.

August 19th – National Photography Day: Got the itch to get out and capture the beauty of the PNW? Check out all our tips and PNW photography guides!

September Outdoor Holidays

September Outdooor Holidays - Driving through the Redwoods with sun beams through the trees

National Yoga Awareness Month: Truly practice the art of zen this month by taking your yoga sessions outdoors!

September 7th – International Day of Clean Air: This is a day to enjoy the clean air that we have while recognizing the work needed to preserve the cleanliness of our precious atmosphere! It’s estimated that over 7 million people die each year from pollution in our air, so get involved in local and worldwide events to help preserve our planet.

September 24th – National Public Lands Day: This is a fee-free day for all national and state parks, including some regional parks! This is one of the best family outdoor activity holidays, as there are no fees to get the kiddos outside and adventuring!

September 29th – World Maritime Day: Did you know ships transport over 80% of world trade? Participate on this day by spending time on a boat, learning about seafaring on the west coast (including many Pacific Northwest shipwrecks!), and celebrating the hard work of seafarers across the globe!

October Outdoor Holidays

October Outdoor Holidays - Emily Mandagie walking through autumn leaves

International Walk to School Month: One of the simplest ways to get outside is to walk to school each day. Make it a goal to do it every day!

Squirrel Awareness Month: Did you know squirrels are one of the biggest contributors to planting trees? Squirrels forget where they bury their treasure, leading to new growth in our nation’s forests. Get outside this month and thank these little furry friends of ours.

October 4th – National Walk and Bike to School Day: Take a break from the bus and get to school on your own two feet.

October 4th World Animal Day: This is a day to celebrate our culture’s furry, scaly, and slippery friends!

October 4th – World Habitat Day: Spend the day away from your usual habitat and instead get to an outdoor habitat!

October 10th World Mental Health Day: Take care of yourself with some crisp, fresh PNW air. This is a Discover Pass free day to state parks in Washington and regional parks in some areas!

October 13th – International Day for Disaster Reduction: Every day, disasters occur around the globe. Get involved in your communities to become aware of how you can help others during these times.

October 31st – Halloween: Instead of knocking on doors this year, spend your Halloween outdoors, discovering some of the most haunted places in the PNW!

November Outdoor Holidays

November Outdoor Holidays - Emily Mandagie watching the sunset in Oceanside, Oregon

November 1st – World Vegan Day: Interested in the environmental reasons for choosing different diets? Try out a new diet on this day and see what it’s like to eat a plant-based diet. 

November 4th – National Day of Community Service: Get outside and involved in your local communities.

November 11th – Veterans Day: This is a fee-free day for all national and state parks, including some regional parks!

November 17th – National Take a Hike Day: Curious about where to start? Download our 52 Hikes challenge (PNW edition) to start your bucket list!

November 20th-26th – Better Conversation Week: Add these 101 road trip questions to get the conversation started!

November 25th – Opt Outside: Since its launch in 2015, REI has been closed on Black Friday to encourage people to instead “Opt Outside.” Instead of undergoing the hustle and bustle of shopping during Thanksgiving weekend, get some fresh air in the great outdoors! Try out some of our favorite hikes near Spokane, Seattle hikes , and Portland during these coming 2022 outdoor holidays.

November 25th Native American Heritage Day: Discover Pass free day to state parks in Washington and regional parks in some areas!

December Outdoor Holidays

National Volunteers Month: Interested in preserving the environment around you? Get outside this month and volunteer. Plant trees! Participate in a river clean-up! Join a local club!

December 5th – World Soil Day: Snow or not, this is the day to plant your feet on the soil and appreciate the solid ground beneath you. Underrated, but incredibly vital, soil is the source of life!

December 21st – National Flashlight Day: While hiking in the afternoons and evenings of winter, you’ll surely need to bring a flashlight!

December 31st – No Interruptions Day: Unplug on this day and change your pace! This is a great holiday to practice intentionality and mindfulness and re-evaluate your habits. Why not do it outdoors, as you look toward the new year?

The Benefits of Celebrating Outdoor Holidays

Bonding Time With Family

Celebrating outdoor holidays is a great excuse to gather your whole family to do an activity! In our family, we have an annual Christmas hike tradition and try to pick a new local trail near our house every year.

Chance To Connect With Your Local Park

If you’ve been looking for ways to serve or volunteer at your local park, start by getting involved in a community event! From here, you can introduce yourself, and begin a relationship with other volunteers and coordinators.

Win Free Entry / Contests / Prizes

Often, businesses or organizations run contests during specific outdoor holidays that relate to their cause. It’s a good time to look out for free prizes and swag!

Participate in Educational Programs

When we participate in our local park’s education programs, Berty and I leave learning so much! If you are curious about your community’s flora or fauna, participating in a class is a great way to learn more.

These classes often coincide with national holidays!

How We Use These Outdoor Holidays In Our Business 

Are you an outdoor industry professional too? Berty and I are constantly thinking of new ways to provide fun and interactive information to our adventurous audience.

Here’s how we use outdoor holidays to improve our reader’s experience:

Share a destination-specific adventure

National Hiking Day? Free Park Admission Day? These are great opportunities to share articles or information about your favorite destinations.

Make a fun, interactive social media post

Following an outdoor holidays calendar provides you with easy, timely ideas for social media posts!

One of our favorite recurring posts is our Where To Travel According To Your Zodiac Sign article, and we share it every time the sun sign changes in the calendar.

We run a sale or offer a discount

Sometimes, outdoor holidays align with a product or service we offer! This allows us to naturally share what we can provide to our audience and readers.

What other national outdoor holidays do you celebrate? Did we miss any on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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