12 Best Walking Sandals For Travel

How many of you have walked around a new city all day only to have your feet feel like they’re on fire come evening?

Mine constantly feel that way, especially when I wear shoes with no support. On our latest adventures, I’ve resorted to walking sandals with super good support like my Chacos or Crocs.

These are great sandals for hiking and outdoor activities, but what if you want to wear something a little dressier without sacrificing comfort?

This is the dilemma I’ve had lately.

We have an Indonesian wedding coming up that we’re attending, and I need something a little fancier to go with the occasion. We also have a few destination trips where we will be walking around in the city and I want a sandal that is both stylish and comfortable!

Recently, Berty and I found ourselves at REI to get a new sleeping pad, and I *somehow* managed to come out with a new pair of stylish walking sandals. 😉 They are Terra Floats by Teva and I’m 100% sure I could live in these all summer long. Because I found exactly what I was looking for (style AND comfort) I wanted to find more pairs to share with you guys to help you on your search for great walking sandals too – just in time for summer!

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16 Super-Comfortable Walking Sandals For Summer Adventures

Here, I’ve searched high and low for the best supportive sandals, all under the brands we know and love. I found the best and compiled them in this post to save you the hunt!


This brand actually invented the first sport sandal! They’ve come a long way since then – from basic nylon-straps to now adding strappy, stylish footwear. I love that this brand stays consistent with comfort and support in their sandals. Therefore, these shoes are a go-to for anyone who is out and walking all day long because they won’t hurt your feet! I’ve personally owned the first two below – The Terra Float and Olowahu sandals. I’m actually on my second pair of Olowahu sandals because I wore the soles away on my first one from wearing them 24/7! (And they’re inexpensive too!)


This brand has consistently produced durable and reliable adventure sandals for all kinds of sports. My favorite way to wear my chacos is wading through rivers on a hike or being able to jump into a lake at the end of a hot summer day. I was excited to find that Chaco carries more stylish options for more city-dwellers like myself. One thing I specifically look for in a shoe is arch support, and Chaco does a great job of providing that in all the shoes they make.


If you are looking for great foot support in sandals, look no further than Birkenstocks. Each shoe has four layers in the sole, providing the most comfort for feet on the go! You can opt to go for a classic pair like the ones I own, or get a little more stylish with their strappy options. I love these shoes for their reliability, and they become more comfy every time you slip them on!


What are some walking sandals that YOU love and recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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