About Us

About Us

We are Berty + Emily Mandagie…


As professional photographers and writers, we bring you the highest quality photos with detailed trip guides to help you create one-of-a-kind experiences in our little corner of the world. Being Pacific Northwest residents, we know a thing or two about our backyard! If you’re looking for beautiful and unique adventures, we have years of experience finding you the best stops that make your jaw drop and say “is this even real??”

When we first started exploring together (giddy with our cameras in hand!) it was a challenge to find information about beautiful spots in our backyard all in one place. We spent hours on a handful of websites, trying to find enough quality information and images to give us an idea of what to expect on the trail or at a destination. It took us ages to piece together itineraries that fit our agenda for beautiful places, and it was tedious to find reliable information all in one place.

Now, we share all the details we wished we had with YOU in a one-stop-shop to save you time and energy!

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Get to know us better…

  • We’ve camped one month straight in the back of our Mazda CX-5!
  • We both studied at the University of Washington in Seattle, where we met!
  • We’ve never lost a piece of luggage on a trip. (Knock on wood!)
  • Emily will never, ever, pass up an opportunity to roast a s’more.
  • Berty can serenade you on the guitar or ukulele!

Let’s rewind real quick…


Looking back, the tiny seed of an idea for our business began when we first met at the University of Washington in Seattle. We had a mutual love for exploring, and when our college friends took the weekend to sleep in, we’d be up for sunrise at a nearby alpine lake.


Berty started pursuing photography and capturing our weekend outings to the mountains between college classes. Naturally, the images would make it on the ‘gram and he grew a following of over 90,000 other adventure lovers! Once he hit publish on a photo, the floodgate of questions opened! “Where is that trail?” “What camera lens did you use?” “Can you go camping there?” “How can I plan my own trip to that place?”


The blog was born! The intention of the blog was to share the beauty of our excursions with others and help them recreate their own experiences there too. Our shared love for nature nurtured our love for each other, and we got married in 2016 to be travel companions forever!

Fast forward years later…our goal hasn’t changed, it’s just grown bigger! We’re still sharing our favorite spots with you, and revealing to you how you can be inspired to visit too!

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