The 12 Best Hiking Boots For Pacific Northwest Trails (According To Our Readers!)

Post Summary: The Best Hiking Boots For The Pacific Northwest

What are the best hiking boots for hiking in the Pacific Northwest?

Well, we asked and you delivered! Based on a survey on our Instagram (@themandagies), you shared your tried and true hiking boot recommendations.

In this post, we’ve compiled all your suggestions here, including boot specifications and what type of hiker we think they would best fit.

If you’re looking for your next pair of hiking boots, you are in the right place, my friend!

Emily Mandagie overlooking the Oregon Coast at Crescent Beach

But first…

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The Best Hiking Boots For The Pacific Northwest (According To Our Readers)

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1. Danner

Best For: Tactical, long-term wear. These are heavy workers!

Danner hiking boots were the most popular answer in our Instagram survey.

Originally built for loggers and founded by Charles Danner in Portland, Oregon, these boots were meant for tough outdoor work.

This is reflected in their emphasis on tactical, hunting, military, and working boots with features like steel toes, gore-tex waterproof liners, and long-term wear support.

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, it’s no wonder this is a popular brand for Pacific Northwest hikers like you!

Throughout the years, they’ve adapted and evolved their brand into supporting trailblazers, backpacking, and hikers who are seeking adventure on the west coast.

Some of the most recommended styles from you:

2. Salomon

Best For: Specific foot needs, but especially for road and trail runners.

Salomon was started in 1947, selling gear for snowsports. Today, they have gracefully entered the hiking scene by transitioning their comfort, stability, and weather protection from the snow to the trails.

They have a wide variety of boots and shoes to choose from, most of which have a Gore-Tex lining.

The waterproof membrane in some of their shoe models makes it an easy choice to choose hiking boots for the Pacific Northwest!

Try these boots our on the uneven trails and terrain to see Columbia River Gorge waterfalls.

Our recommended Salomon styles:

3. Vasque

Vasque St Elias Winter Hiking Boots

Best For: Long distance wear, unpredictable weather

Vasque is owned by the leather boot company Red Wing Shoes, which has a history in creating boots for Americans in World War I and II.

Vasque has a passion for mobilizing American hikers with quality shoes with a tradition of excellence. We personally love this brand for its durability and style!

Our recommended Vasque styles:

  • Vasque Breeze GTX: Versatile for unpredictable weather situations – these shoes are both breathable and waterproof
  • Vasque St Elias: Great for long-distance hikes

4. Oboz

Best For: Frequent outdoor use and when you can’t settle on just one activity

We recently discovered that Oboz means “Outside + Bozeman,” and it completely makes sense!

Knowing Bozeman is a hub for a variety of outdoor sports (hiking, backpacking, trail running, fishing, etc), it’s only fitting that they make shoes for the multi-faceted adventurer.

Oboz will plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold, and they are dedicated to carbon offset, water restoration, and renewable energy.

Our recommended Oboz styles:

5. Merrell

Best For: Getting shoes for the whole family. They have everything!

Even from their very beginning, Merrell strives to make high-quality, affordable hiking boots. Their goal is to get everyone equipped to enjoy the outdoors no matter who you are or what outdoor activity you enjoy!

With boots that range from breathable shoes for hotter hikes and insulated ones for snowy trails, there’s a Merrell boot for every type of condition out there.

Our recommended Merrell styles:

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6. Columbia

Best For: More intense activities like backpacking or alpine sports. Great durability and longevity.

Based in Portland, Oregon, and dedicated to using innovative technology, Columbia is a great brand to consider when choosing hiking boots. They are most well-known for their Omni-Heath technology, which locks in heat and keeps you warmer, longer.

Many of their styles are catered to more intensive activities, and often feature things like waterproofing, insulation, and stability for all the different Pacific Northwest hiking trails.

Our recommended Columbia styles:

7. Asolo

Best For: Lightweight high-performing boots for ultralight travelers

Asolo is known for its lightweight boots, despite how tough and heavy they look!

Their focus is on creating a boot with all the features people need for high-intensity activities like backpacking, alpine adventures, and winter hiking. If you are someone who likes ultralight hiking – Asolo may be the best hiking boots for you!

Our recommended Asolo style:

8. The North Face

Best For: Comfort right out of the box, good for casual to moderate trails

You may not think of hiking boots right away when The North Face comes up in conversation, but they are making their way onto the hiking boot scene!

Their VECTIV Exploris line comes with waterproof membranes to keep your feet wet in rainy weather. The cushioning, stability, and VECTIV technology in this style are also told to help maximize energy out on the trail.

Our recommended North Face style:

9. Keen

Best For: Hikers who want to support the environment, diversity, and inclusion in the outdoors.

You’ve probably heard of Keen because of their original toe-protection sandals, but they have been innovators in the shoe industry for almost 20 years now.

Now, they are known for their environmental activism, especially when it comes to making the outdoors accessible for everyone.

They focus equally on quality long-lasting footwear and turning the spotlight over to diverse voices and stories in the outdoor industry. They are one of the best hiking boots to buy if you are big on activism!

Our recommended Keen styles:

10. Hoka OneOne

Best For: Casual hikers, low impact trails

Hoka One One (pronounced hoka “onay” onay”) is generally known for its running shoes and performance wear, but they do dabble in some hiking shoes as well!

With lots of cushion, ankle support, and some waterproofing, this is one of the best hiking boots to choose for casual hikes. Be the most stylish on the trail!

Our recommended Hoka One One style:

11. Lowa Boots

Best For: Serious outdoorsman who need some serious support

Lowa boots aren’t cheap, but they will probably be the last boots you’ll ever buy!

Lowa invests in boot technology specific to the sport (climbing, hiking, trekking, etc) which means you’ll be buying a shoe that’s exactly catered to what you need. As the official boot sponsored of the American Hiking Guides Association (AHGA), they know what they’re talking about.

Our recommended Lowa Boot styles:

12. Lasportiva

Best For: Mountaineers

Often chosen as a climbing shoe or a hardcore mountaineering boot, La Sportiva actually has a great lineup of hiking boot options too! With this line of styles, you can expect the same high-quality outsole grip, comfort, and breathability that goes into all of their shoe styles.

It’s one of the best hiking boots if you are doing a mix of high-altitude hikes, like the trail to Sahale Glacier Camp in the North Cascades!

Our recommended La Sportiva boot styles:

Did you find your next best hiking boots from this blog post? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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