150+ of the best Oregon waterfalls you need to add to your bucket list

Post Summary: The Best Waterfalls In Oregon And Exactly Where To Find Them

Planning a trip to Oregon? Chances are, you’ll likely make a stop and see one of her amazing waterfalls during your stay!

There are at least 238 waterfalls in Oregon (that we know of!). That means it’s almost impossible to see all of them in one short Oregon road trip…which is fine because a return trip is always recommended. *wink*

But where do you possibly begin to wade through (get it?) all the options?

How do you know which Oregon waterfalls are worth the trip?

That’s where we come in! Berty and are have been exploring Oregon waterfalls since 2015, and we experience a new one practically every time we return!

Oregon Waterfalls - Diamond Creek Falls

We’re breaking down the best of the Oregon waterfalls for you right here.

We’re sharing the best waterfalls in Oregon, hikes nearby, and ways to make the most of your epic waterfall trip.

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted our favorites, so you can easily plan your Oregon waterfalls trip and potentially see more than one.

Let’s get started!

The Most Amazing Waterfalls In Oregon (Exact Locations + Juicy Exploration Tips)

What Types Waterfalls In Oregon Will I See?

Waterfalls are classified by the pattern in which the water drops. Here are some descriptions of the types of waterfalls in Oregon that you will encounter on your adventures:

  • Punchbowl Waterfalls. This is when water drops into a larger pool, like the aptly named “Punchbowl Falls” in the Eagle Creek Area. 
  • Plunge Waterfalls. One clean, straight drop, coming off the bedrock behind it.
  • Multi-Step (Multi-Tiered) Waterfalls. This waterfall may be broken up into sections, kind of like steps as it falls below. 
  • Horsetail Falls. One single drop falls that remains in contact with the bedrock behind it.
  • Frozen Waterfalls. You guessed it, frozen solid during winter in Oregon.
  • Fan Waterfalls. These Oregon waterfalls start thin at the top, but spread out and extend horizontally as it flows down the rock face. 
  • Chute Falls. A powerful falls with a large quantity of water forced into a narrow passage.
  • Cataract Falls. Another powerful Oregon waterfall that has a large volume of water, but spread across a wide river, often with a dramatic drop.
  • Cascade Waterfalls. A waterfall that has many gradual steps or tiers as it flows downstream. 
  • Block Waterfalls. An Oregon waterfall that spans across an entire area, with one singular drop into a lower section of the river. 

Our 15 Favorite Waterfalls In Oregon (The Highlights)

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So, with over 200 waterfalls in Oregon to choose from, which ones are worth the visit?

If you are planning an Oregon road trip, we’re sharing the best ones that you should add to your itinerary. These Oregon waterfall hikes are some of the most beautiful in the state!

Oregon's Waterfalls - Ramona Falls

1. Ramona Falls

  • Region: Mount Hood Wilderness
  • Waterfall Height: 120 feet
  • Type of Falls: Fan waterfall
  • Access: via Hike – 7.1 mile loop
  • Permits Required: Northwest Forest Pass

Located in the Mount Hood Wildnerness, Ramona Falls is a gorgeous horsetail waterfall that drops 120 feet into the river below. It cascades over several tiers of round boulders and spreads out over the riverbed, which makes this an incredibly beautiful sight!

The trail was once a very short, family-friendly hike, but a road washout in the 1990s changed that. The Forest Service made the decision to not repair the road, therefore the new way is now a 7.1-mile out-and-back trail.

You can choose to take the loop trail back and experience ridge views, but that will bring your total hiking miles to 8.2. 

Note: A Northwest Forest Pass is required for trailhead parking. Come in the late spring for the fullest flow!

Waterfalls in Oregon - Abiqua Falls

2. Abiqua Falls

  • Region: Willamette Valley / Silver Falls State Park Area
  • Waterfall Height: 92 feet
  • Type of Falls: Plunge/Punchbowl Falls
  • Access: 4WD forest road drive & 0.8 mile hike
  • Permits Required: None

Abiqua Falls might be one of the closer Oregon waterfalls to places like Salem and Portland, but it’s actually very tricky to reach!

Both the trail and the drive to Abiqua Falls are relatively short, but absolutely everything from the road to the trail is unmaintained and unmarked, so it’s essential to come with directions and maps.

This area is also part of the same geological formation as the waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park.

Hikers should come prepared with a downloaded map (we like to use Alltrails for all of our Oregon hiking trails), sturdy shoes, and a day pack to keep your hands free. Expect to climb around downed trees, steep slopes, and rocky sections. Take extra care if rain is expected. Things can get muddy and slippery quickly.

This impressive waterfall remains a lesser-known Oregon photography destination, but with the right preparations and expectations, you can have an incredible time at Abiqua Falls! Once at the bottom, enjoy the huge basalt cliffs with the 102 foot falls plunging into the giant pool below.

The moss, setting, and journey make for an iconic Pacific Northwest bucket list experience.

Waterfalls Near Portland Oregon - Wahclella Falls
Photographed in 2016. Please see the note below about trail updates!

3. Wahclella Falls

  • Region: Columbia River Gorge
  • Waterfall Height: 79 feet
  • Type of Falls: 2 Tiered Plunges
  • Access: 2.4 mile out and back hike
  • Permits Required: Northwest Forest Pass

Wahclella Falls is one of the many Oregon waterfalls along the iconic Columbia River Gorge. It’s a popular one to explore because the trail is fairly easy – 2.4 miles brings you to not only one falls but two, with Munra Falls along the trail.

This Oregon waterfall is best visited from the fall to spring season. However, if you are coming on a hot summer day, the cool canyon can provide some relief – just come early to avoid the direct sun of the afternoon!

Trail Note: In the past, you used to take a loop trail to the upper section, but the damage of the Eagle Creek Fire in 2017 has closed this section – seen in the photo above. Please follow all marked trail signs, closures, and postings to help restore this area!

More waterfalls near Portland Oregon: Wahkeena Falls, Horsetail Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Oneonta Falls, Punch Bowl Falls, Multnomah Falls.

4. Latourell Falls

  • Region: Columbia River Gorge
  • Waterfall Height: 249 feet
  • Type of Falls: Single plunge falls
  • Access: 2.3 mile out and back hike
  • Permits Required: Northwest Forest Pass

Part of the collection of Columbia River Gorge waterfalls, Latourell Falls is a sight to be seen! It’s one of the easier waterfalls in Oregon to reach, and actually the closest of the waterfalls near Portland, Oregon.

This easy 2.4-mile loop brings you to this gorgeous 249-foot plunge falls, easily taking the claim as one of the best photography spots in Oregon.

The trail is like any classic Pacific Northwest hike – rocky in some parts, exposed roots in others, and surrounded by rich, green foliage of every shape, size, and texture.

Famous Waterfalls in Oregon - Multnomah Falls

5. Multnomah Falls

  • Region: Columbia River Gorge
  • Waterfall Height: 620 feet
  • Type of Falls: Tiered falls
  • Access: Viewing platform, short paved trail
  • Permits Required: Seasonal ticket entry

Multnomah Falls is hands down the most famous waterfall in Oregon. Dropping an impressive 620 feet, it’s also the tallest waterfall in Oregon! Stopping here is easy if you are driving to Eastern Oregon on Highway 84 – there is an exit for Multnomah Falls on either side of the Highway.

Here you can expect to walk on a short, paved trail to see the falls. At the bottom, there is a gift shop with bathrooms, and concessions served seasonally. If you want to get closer to the falls, you can opt to hike up the path to stand on the bridge and feel the mist on your face! This is a great Oregon waterfall to visit with the whole family.

During the busy season (spring, summer) a visit to Multnomah Falls requires a ticketed entry. See more details here.

6. Diamond Creek Falls

  • Region: Willamette National Forest
  • Waterfall Height: 90 feet
  • Type of Falls: Cascade falls
  • Access: Hike, 3.5 mile loop
  • Permits Required: Northwest Forest Pass

Diamond Creek Falls is a hidden gem, one of the many in Lane County in Oregon! This Oregon waterfall hike shares a trailhead and parking lot with Salt Creek Falls, but many people don’t actually know this one exists.

Beyond the viewing area for Salt Creek Falls, keep your eye out for signs for Trail #3590 to Diamond Creek Falls. Here, you’ll wander alongside the canyon (you can hear Salt Creek Falls in the distance!), go past Too Much Bear Lake, and walk among tall trees and lush rhododendrons.

Hike to see the overlook from the top or take a short trail down to the base. Both views are excellent and worth the trip! After you explore the falls, you can complete the loop back to Salt Creek Falls for some new scenery, or simply go back the way you came.

More Waterfalls Near Eugene, Oregon: Wildwood Falls, Siuslaw Falls, Spirit Falls, Alsea Falls, Chichester Falls, Moon Falls

Second Tallest Oregon Waterfall - Salt Creek Falls

7. Salt Creek Falls

  • Region: Willamette National Forest
  • Waterfall Height: 286 feet
  • Type of Falls: Plunge falls
  • Access: Viewing area from parking lot
  • Permits Required: Northwest Forest Pass

The second highest waterfall in Oregon is also one of the most ADA accessible for all visitors! Enjoy the view of this incredible plunge falls from the large upper viewing area, or walk down the trail for a more up-close view.

The lower falls trail can be steep and muddy in rainy/snowy weather, so watch your step and maybe even pack waterproof boots for the journey. From the bottom, you’ll definitely be able to feel the mist of the falls hit your face!

Salt Creek Falls is also the place for the nesting Black swift birds, an endangered species along the Pacific Coast. This bird type is unique, because they only build their nests behind the powerful roar of waterfalls, tucked away on the cliffside. See if you can spot one – they fly so fast that they are often seen as just quick black specks in the sky!

Hidden Waterfalls in Oregon - Marion Falls

8. Marion / Gatch Falls

  • Region: Mount Jefferson Wilderness
  • Waterfall Height: Unknown, ~100 feet
  • Type of Falls: Tiered falls
  • Access: Hiking, 4.5 mile round-trip
  • Permits Required: Yes, Day-Use Permit, and Northwest Forest Pass for parking

Marion Falls and Gatch Falls in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness are the quintessential Oregon waterfalls everyone dreams about visiting. The lush green area leads you through a classic Pacific northwest hiking trail filled with ferns, giant Douglas fir trees, and mountainside lakes.

Hikers will be graced with not one, but two waterfalls in succession tucked away and hidden among the trees. This is an incredibly scenic area, and one of our favorite Oregon hiking trails in the entire state. Remember to bring your raincoat – the mist from these falls will soak you to the bone, even from far away!

*This trail requires a pre-purchased Day Use Permit. You can obtain one within a two-week window of your hike, and each permit is $1. Click here, and confirm tickets for the Mt. Jefferson – Marion Lake Trailhead.

McKenzie River Waterfalls - Sahalie Falls

9. Sahalie Falls and Koosah Falls

  • Region: Willamette National Forest
  • Waterfall Height: Sahalie – 73 feet, Koosah – 64 feet
  • Type of Falls: Plunge Falls (both)
  • Access: Hike, 2.6-mile loop
  • Permits Required: None

Sahalie and Koosah Falls are the perfect stops for anyone planning an Oregon road trip through the Willamette National Forest. Located right off Highway 126, the parking lot is easy to find, and there is no permit required.

The two waterfalls are connected by an easy family-friendly 2.6-mile loop.

Sahalie Falls is the first waterfall you’ll encounter, and you can even hear its roar from the parking lot. Enjoy uninterrupted views of Sahalie Falls from the overlook area, and then continue on the trail to Koosah Falls. You’ll walk alongside the McKenzie river, often showcasing a beautiful electric blue color as it flows.

Koosah Falls has several viewpoints – one from the very top of the falls. Continue down the trail for even more straight-on viewpoints, and don’t you dare forget your camera!

Both waterfalls are at their highest volume in late spring and early summer. However, if you plan a visit for fall or winter, the trail and falls are definitely still worth seeing.

Waterfalls Near Salem Oregon - Trial of Ten Falls

10. Trail of Ten Falls

  • Region: Silver Falls State Park
  • Waterfall Height: 27-100 feet
  • Type of Falls: Several – single drops, double drops, cascading, plunge, and more.
  • Access: Hiking and viewing areas
  • Permits Required: $5 day use fee

If you want to visit several Oregon waterfalls in one single trip, head over to Silver Falls State Park. Here, you can take the iconic Trail of Ten Falls, which is exactly what it sounds like – ten waterfalls all in one trail.

The most impressive one is South Falls. It’s the easiest one to reach from the South Falls Day Use area, which is a great start to your adventure. Because it’s situated to plunge down into a pool from the edge of a cliff, you can actually walk behind the falls in an alcove.

There are more waterfalls you can walk under at this park – keep walking to Middle North Falls to experience another one like this!

Throughout this trail, you can expect to walk through the cool canyon and along the riverside. Come with plenty of snacks, your camera, and some friends. Allocate a few hours to complete this trail because you’ll be stopping quite a bit to take in all the waterfalls! We also recommend downloading one of these hiking apps or picking up a free map at the parking lot to help you navigate the long route.

11. Proxy Falls

  • Region: Willamette National Forest
  • Waterfall Height: 226 feet
  • Type of Falls: Veiled Falls
  • Access: Hiking trail, 1.5 miles total
  • Permits Required: Northwest Forest Pass AND a self-issued permit Memorial Day – October 31st.

If you’ve ever googled “best Oregon waterfalls”, chances are you’ve seen a photo of Proxy Falls. This majestic 226-foot drop is located east of the McKenzie River, right off Highway 242.

This is a family-friendly waterfall to reach, because of the little elevation gain and relatively flat trail. The loop trail connects you to the upper and lower falls. At the base of the falls, you can scramble to the very bottom, feeling the spray on your face!

This is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Oregon, and on any given summer weekend the parking lot can get extremely busy. Plan for an alternate adventure if the lot is full, or come during a weekday to increase your chances of snagging a parking spot.

*Proxy Falls is only accessible in the summer (the road closes in the winter) so make sure to plan your Oregon road trip through here during the summer season!

Best Oregon Waterfalls - Tumalo Falls

12. Tumalo Falls

  • Region: Deschutes National Forest (Bend)
  • Waterfall Height: 97 feet
  • Type of Falls: Plunge
  • Access: Hiking Trail
  • Permits Required: $5 Recreation Fee – pay on-site (also accepted are NW Forest Passes, and Annual National Park Passes)

For people planning weekend trips from Portland to Bend, Oregon – Tumalo Falls is a great addition to your adventurous itinerary.

A 20-minute drive from Bend brings you to the trailhead of this moderate 6.5-mile out and back trail. It’s one of the most popular hikes in Bend to take in the summer, but you can also access it in the winter! It is also popular as a snowshoeing trail, and can be a treat to see it in all its snowy glory.

In addition to the waterfall, this area provides mountain biking trails, a picnic area, and pit toilets to use. Plan to spend the whole day here (or a weekend in Bend, Oregon!) and enjoy the foothills of the Three Sisters Wilderness! There are so many things to do in Bend!

More waterfalls near Bend, Oregon: Lava Island Falls, Benham Falls, Dillon Falls, Chush Falls, Bridge Creek Falls, Double Falls

Waterfalls Near Roseburg Oregon - Toketee Falls

13. Toketee Falls

  • Region: Umpqua National Forest
  • Waterfall Height: 113 total
  • Type of Falls: Tiered Falls (2)
  • Access: Hiking Trial, 0.8 miles total
  • Permits Required: None

Toketee Falls is probably one of the most well-known Oregon waterfalls in Douglas County. A visit here is often paired with a visit to Umpqua Hot Springs too – they are less than a 10-minute drive from one another!

This easy Oregon waterfall trail begins in a parking lot. Here, there are picnic tables, pit toilets, and giant leaky pipes that look a little bit out of place. From there, look for trailhead signs and begin the easy half-mile walk to the falls.

You’ll know you’ve reached the falls when you encounter a staircase. This staircase leads down to the overlook, with incredible views of the falls from above. This waterfall plunges off a basalt cliff into a pool below. It’s an incredible sight!

Toketee Falls trail is an excellent hike to take with the whole family.

Leave No Trace Note: While it may be tempting to climb down to the plunge pool’s edge, it’s actually not encouraged. The Forest Service is unable to create a safe passage down to the water.

That trail down to the bottom that you might have seen? The one where you have to hop the fence and climb down with the assistance of a rope? It is unsupported, dangerous, and you could face a fine if they catch you at the bottom. Be a good example for others and enjoy the view from the platform above (it’s a better view anyway!).

More waterfalls near Roseburg, Oregon: South Umpqua Falls, Susan Creek Falls, Wolf Creek Falls, Shadow Falls, Grotto Falls, Yakso Falls

14. Umbrella Falls

  • Region: Mount Hood
  • Waterfall Height: 59 feet
  • Type of Falls: Cascade or Fan falls
  • Access: Hike, ~0.5 miles
  • Permits Required: Northwest Forest Pass

Umbrella Falls is an Oregon waterfall in Mount Hood nearby the iconic Timberline Lodge. Because of its high elevation, the trail opens for hikers in June, when the snow melts, and provides safe access to trails. Park at the Mount Hood Meadows Lodge Parking Area to start your hike. It’s a family-friendly trail, only about a quarter-mile each way.

If you don’t want to end your hike, you could take a side trail to Sahalie Falls (Trail #667C). If you decide to take this route and add another Oregon waterfall, your total mileage will be 4.2 miles out and back. Click here for trail details and instructions.

To check if the trail is clear, click here for the latest updates on Umbrella Falls. This site including trail conditions, instructions, and contact information.

15. Bridal Veil Falls

  • Region: Columbia River Gorge
  • Waterfall Height: 118 feet
  • Type of Falls: Cascade or Tiered falls
  • Access: Hike, 0.6 miles
  • Permits Required: None

Located just off the Old Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway is Bridal Veil Falls. If you are looking for easy Oregon waterfall hikes to do with the family, this one is it!

From the parking lot, there are two short trails – one to the falls, and the other to a viewpoint overlooking the Columbia River. Both are scenic and beautiful, and worth the trip if you have the time.

The trail to this iconic Oregon waterfall is easy and beautiful. Hikers can expect a set of stairs and a bridge crossing the river to reveal a viewing platform for Bridal Veil Falls. Please stay up on the platform and don’t attempt to climb down to the base. The swift water can be dangerous! Come back the way you came, and enjoy the lush, green Pacific Northwest forest along your route.

Waterfalls Near Sisters Oregon - Marion and Gatch Falls

Best Waterfalls In Oregon Broken Down By County

Because there are SO MANY WATERFALLS in Oregon, we needed to find a way to share the best, without getting overwhelming. Therefore, we also decided to break down these Oregon waterfalls by county so that you can easily plan a trip to see multiple waterfalls at the same time.

Keep coming back to this post because as we explore more of Oregon, we’ll be frequently updating this post with more information, links, and Oregon waterfall photos!

Clackamas County Waterfalls

Clackamas Country is a heavily timbered area of Oregon, with lots of evergreen trees! It’s also home to Mount Hood, the 11,235-foot mountain that can be seen even from Portland!

While there are Oregon waterfalls here, they often are dictated by snow runoff and are most easily accessed in the summer season.

  • Fall Creek Falls 
  • Frustration Falls 
  • Little Niagara Falls 
  • Little Zigzag Falls
  • Pegleg Falls 
  • Ramona Falls
  • South Fork Falls Oregon (find it, it’s cool)
  • Stein Falls 
  • Yocum Falls

Clatsop County Waterfalls

Clatsop County is located in the very northwest corner of Oregon. It hosts a little bit of the Northern Oregon Coast Range, which is where you can find these Oregon waterfalls:

  • Fishhawk Falls
  • Umbrella Falls
  • Youngs River Falls

Coos County Waterfalls

Coos County is known for its collection of dense forests filled with Douglas Fir trees along the Southern Oregon Coast. The tallest Douglas Fir is actually here in Coos County, at 100 meters tall!

Because of the compilation of land, sea, and mountains, there is quite a variety of Oregon waterfalls to see here.

  • Coquille River Falls
  • Golden Falls and Silver Falls
  • Hewett Falls 
  • Laverne Falls 
  • Middle East Fork Falls 

Columbia County Waterfalls

Columbia County is located on the northwest side of Portland, Oregon. It’s not quite on the coast, but a tad more inland, with the north bordering the Columbia River and its neighbor, Washington State.

It has plenty of farmland and water access, but the waterfalls are relatively short in this Oregon County. However, they are super accessible from the big cities, perfect for day trips from Portland!

  • Bonnie Falls
  • Beaver Falls
  • Jack Falls
  • Upper Beaver Falls

Deschutes County Waterfalls

Deschutes County waterfalls are known to be fed from runoff from the Central Cascades.

They are fullest in the late spring and early summer, so plan your trip around these times to see them at their best! Here are the best waterfalls near Sisters Oregon, and Bend, Oregon:

  • Benham Falls
  • Bridge Creek Falls
  • Upper Chush Falls (used to be called Squaw Falls) / also known as Lower Squaw Creek Falls or Lower Whychus Falls
  • Cline Falls
  • Dillon Falls 
  • Fall River Falls 
  • Lava Island Falls (rapids)
  • Paulina Creek Falls
  • Steelhead Falls 
  • Tumalo Falls

Douglas County Waterfalls

Douglas County is home to the Highway of Waterfalls road trip route, which means there are a ton of Oregon waterfalls to explore here!

This county also includes the Umpqua National Forest and a small section of the Oregon coast.

  • Clearwater Falls
  • Clover Falls aka Upper Hemlock Falls
  • Grotto Falls
  • Hemlock Falls 
  • Lemolo Falls
  • Muir Creek Falls
  • Shadow Falls
  • Smith River Falls
  • South Umpqua Falls
  • Toketee Falls
  • Upper Kentucky Falls 
  • Watson Falls
  • Whitehorse Falls 
  • Yakso Falls

Grant County Waterfalls

Grant County is located in Eastern Oregon, mainly covered in grassland, desert, and rolling hills. However, Strawberry Mountain Wildnerness is home to some hidden backpacking and hiking trails, including a waterfall.

  • Strawberry Falls

Hood River County Waterfalls

Hood River County is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts like windsurfers, boaters, hikers, and skiers.

Home to sections of the Mount Hood Wilderness, Columbia River Gorge, and the Columbia River, there are a variety of Oregon waterfalls to discover here.

  • Cabin Creek Falls
  • Gorton Creek Falls 
  • Hole in the Wall Falls 
  • Lancaster Falls 
  • Loowit Falls 
  • Metlako Falls 
  • Punch Bowl Falls or Punchbowl Falls
  • Sahale Falls 
  • Skoonichuk Falls 
  • Tamanawas Falls 
  • Tunnel Falls 
  • Twister Falls aka Crossover / Eagle Creek Falls
  • Umbrella Falls 
  • Wah Gwin Gwin Falls
  • Wy’East Falls

Jackson County Waterfalls

Jackson County is located in Southern Oregon. Here, you can expect to find falls among old-growth forests and large trees like the Coastal Redwoods of Northern Calfornia.

Here are the best waterfalls near Medford, Oregon:

  • Chocolate Falls
  • Mill Creek Falls
  • Klamath County Waterfalls
  • Stuart Falls
  • Plainki Falls 

Lake County Waterfalls

Lake County is known for, well, lakes. However, southern Oregon county waterfalls have their own appeal too! Deep Creek Falls is a high desert waterfall that runs through exposed ancient rock formations.

It’s worth a stop if you’re on your way to Hart Mountain Hot Springs!

  • Deep Creek Falls

Lane County Waterfalls

Lane County is one of the few counties in Oregon that include the Pacific coast, Willamette Valley, AND the Cascade Mountains.

It’s home to portions of the Umpqua National Forest, Willamette National Forest, and Mackenzie River Corridor which means there are a ton of Oregon waterfalls to discover here.

  • Beaver Creek Falls 
  • Bridge Creek Falls
  • Chichester Falls
  • Diamond Creek Falls
  • Fall Creek Falls
  • Linton Falls 
  • Lower Parker Falls 
  • Moon Falls 
  • Proxy Falls
  • Salt Creek Falls
  • Siuslaw Falls
  • Smith Falls
  • Spirit Falls 
  • Sweet Creek Falls 
  • Trestle Creek Falls

Linn County Waterfalls

Linn County is home to parts of the Mount Jefferson Wilderness area, which hosts some of our favorite waterfalls in Oregon!

Expect these spots to require a long drive, long hike, or a combination of both.

  • Downing Creek Falls
  • Gooch Falls
  • Koosah Falls
  • Lower Soda Falls
  • Marion Falls 
  • Sahalie Falls 
  • Tamolitch Falls (Blue pool)

Lincoln County Waterfalls

Lincoln County sits on the Pacific coast, which means waterfalls in this area will be lush, green, and often rainy! Drift Creek Falls is the most popular in the area, with a suspension bridge for optimal viewing.

  • Drift Creek Falls 
  • Fall Creek Falls
  • Martin Falls

Marion County Waterfalls

For how small Marion County is, it’s home to quite a few waterfalls in Oregon! One of the most prominent places for waterfall viewing is at Silver Falls State Park, with 10 falls being connected via The Trail of Ten Falls.

Come here for family-friendly, easy Oregon waterfall hikes!

  • Abiqua Falls
  • Ayers Creek Falls
  • Butte Creek Falls
  • Double Falls 
  • Drake Falls 
  • Drift Creek Falls 
  • Horseshoe Falls
  • Upper/Lower Butte Creek Falls
  • Lower North Falls 
  • Lower Shellburg Falls 
  • Lower South Falls 
  • Middle North Falls
  • North Falls
  • Shellburg Falls 
  • South Falls 
  • Sullivan Creek Falls 
  • Twin Falls 
  • Upper Butte Creek Fall
  • Upper North Falls 
  • Winter Falls 

Multnomah County Waterfalls

Multnomah County is one of the best places to see waterfalls in Oregon.

Home to the Columbia River Gorge, explorers can see a vast range of incredible waterfalls, all as easy day trips from Portland, Oregon.

  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Coopey Falls
  • Dry Creek Falls 
  • Elowah Falls 
  • Fairy Falls 
  • Horsetail Falls 
  • Latourell Falls (seen from parking lot)
  • Middle Bridal Veil Falls
  • Middle Oneonta Falls 
  • Mist Falls 
  • Moffett (Wahe) Falls
  • Multnomah Falls 
  • Munra Falls 
  • Oneonta Falls
  • Ponytail Falls aka Upper Horsetail Falls
  • Triple Falls
  • Upper Latourell Falls 
  • Wahclella Falls 
  • Wahkeena Falls 
  • Wiesendanger Falls

Polk County Waterfalls

Polk County is mostly known for its farming and agriculture in the Willamette Valley. However, it has some hidden gems scattered within the county, and Berry Creek Falls is one of them!

This is a great place to explore on a Willamette Valley Weekend itinerary.

  • Berry Creek Falls

Tillamook County Waterfalls

Tillamook County is located on the Pacific Coast. Most of these Oregon waterfalls are located at low elevations, meaning the access trails and views are lush, mossy, and green almost all year long.

  • Bridge Creek Falls
  • Chitwood Creek Falls
  • Fern Rock Falls
  • Hug Point Waterfall (one of the few Oregon coast waterfalls)
  • Munson Creek Falls 
  • University Falls

Wallowa County Waterfalls

Wallowa County is located in the northeastern part of Oregon.

Home of the Eagle Cape Wilderness and the Wallowa Mountain Range, these Oregon waterfalls are among high deserts and tall mountains.

  • Falls Creek Falls 
  • Wallowa Falls

Wasco County Waterfalls

Wasco County sits next to the Columbia River, and it’s known for small, agricultural cities. Celestial Falls is the most famous waterfall in the area, which is a two-tier waterfall that plunges into the White River.

It’s very popular for kayakers to attempt to clear the 50-foot drop.

  • Celilo Falls (historic falls which disappeared with the construction of the Dalles Dam)
  • Celestial Falls 
  • Sherars Falls

Washington County Waterfalls

Washington County is home to a section of the Northern Oregon Coastal Range, which is where you can find these few Oregon waterfalls.

These are very accessible from Portland and the greater Portland metro area for an easy day trip.

  • Ki-a-Kuts Falls
  • Lee Falls
  • Little Lee Falls

Yamhill County Waterfalls

Yamhill County is in the Willamette Valley, southwest from the greater Portland Metro area. Surprisingly, these Oregon waterfalls are quite impressive, plunging from basalt cliffs into streams below.

These are easy trails to take with the family and are often flowing year-round.

  • Niagara Falls 
  • Pheasant Creek Falls 

Highway of Waterfalls Oregon Road Trip

Road Trip Inspiration: The Highway of Waterfalls

Looking for a route that can take you to several waterfalls in one single trip? Let us introduce you to The Highway of Waterfalls! This scenic route takes you along the Umpqua River, from Roseburg to Diamond Lake in South Central Oregon. It also has another name: the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway, because it takes you along a section of the North Umpqua River.

This route connects together more than a dozen famous waterfalls in Oregon, so keep this side trip in mind when planning your big Oregon road trip!

On the route, you can expect lots of camping, hiking, and photography opportunities. Click here to view the road trip route, and to discover even more hidden waterfalls in Oregon nearby!

Highway of Oregon Waterfalls Road Trip

Best Oregon Waterfalls Map

To make it even easier to plan your Oregon waterfalls road trip, we’ve created a map of all the Oregon waterfalls we’ve covered in this blog post. Go ahead and save this map, so you can reference it later as you get inspired to travel to the Pacific Northwest!

Map of Oregon Waterfalls

What are some of your favorite waterfalls in Oregon? Did we miss any that should be recognized on this blog post? Tell us about it in the comments below!