5 Essential Tips For Visiting Umpqua Hot Springs In Oregon State

Post Summary: What To Expect at Umpqua Hot Springs In Oregon

Visiting Pacific Northwest hot springs seems like a rite of passage when traveling on the west coast. Heck, there are so many forested thermal pools you could plan a trip around just them alone!

If your adventure takes you to Southern Oregon, we’re revealing one of the most photographed hot springs locations in the state.

This collection of geothermal pools sit right on the edge of a rock face, spilling 105-degree water into the North Umpqua River below. It’s truly a sight to see and a must-do on any Pacific Northwest bucket list!

In this post, we’re sharing all about Umpqua Hot Springs, what to expect, and exactly where to find this iconic PNW location.

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Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon

How To Get To Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs is located in Central/Southern Oregon, in the Cascade Mountain range.

It’s part of the Umpqua National Forest, near attractions like Toketee Falls, Surprise Falls, and Misty Grotto Falls.

To reach Umpqua Hot Springs, you must drive from the nearest city into the forest. Here are some itinerary examples of how many miles it is from each of these Oregon cities:

  • From Bend, Oregon: 2 hours 20-minute drive – 121 miles
  • From Eugene, Oregon: 4 hours 14-minute drive – 232 miles
  • From Medford, Oregon: 2 hours 14-minute drive – 109 miles
  • From Portland, Oregon: 5 hours 22-minutes drive – 282 miles

The parking lot for the Umpqua Hot Springs trailhead is made of dirt and gravel, and full of potholes. Make sure to drive slowly and watch to avoid those extra deep ones!

Umpqua Hot Springs is for day-use only, available from sunup to sundown. Please respect the times to ensure it stays available for public use.

If you wish to go camping near the hot springs, click here to learn more about camping in the Pacific Northwest, or keep reading below!


Camping Near Umpqua Hot Springs

If you want to stay close to Umpqua Hot Springs (maybe you want to visit for sunrise AND sunset!), the closest campground is Toketee Lake Campground. However, there are so many backcountry spots in the area, and we wrote a guide to find free camping that you can use to research your own cool spots!

One way we like to find nearby campgrounds is by using an app called The Dyrt. Make sure to get the pro version so that you can browse campsites offline (perfect for last-minute campsites!) and use the Road Trip Planner feature. Use the code MANDAGIES for 10% off your subscription!

Camping tent at night with lantern


Things To Know When Visiting Umpqua Hot Springs In Winter

The average temperature for the Umpqua National Forest in winter is in the high 20s and low 30s.

This is perfect conditions for icy roads, so come prepared for winter driving and be careful!

It’s also important to pack an extra pair of dry clothes in your car, in case your spare gets wet on the journey.

Save this link below, to get real-time weather reports and road conditions all throughout Oregon state.

Oregon Trip Checker – Live Map

Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon - view of the pools

5 Essential Tips For Visiting Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon

1. Bring Proper Shoes For Hiking

The trail to Umpqua Hot Springs from the parking lot is not long, but that doesn’t mean proper shoes should be forgotten.

This 0.3-mile trail (0.6 total round trip) is fairly steep, with 206 feet in elevation gain in this short trail. Wearing hiking shoes will make the quick but steep trail much easier!

Once you arrive at the hot springs, there’s also more of a chance of losing your footing on the slippery surface near the pools.

Protect your feet and make sure to wear proper shoes to avoid injury!

Like you will read below, this place is notorious for leaving garbage, so wearing proper shoes will prevent you from accidentally stepping on glass or other garbage.

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Berty Mandagie shoes above Toketee Falls - Umpqua National Park


2. Purchase The Right Parking Pass

It’s important to remember that a visit to the Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon requires a Northwest Forest Pass OR it is $5 for a day pass.

These passes are very easy to obtain. You can purchase one online, or pick them up at a local vendor. Think places like REI, Big 5, or click here to find a local store that sells passes.

You can even purchase a day pass and print it out at home!

Make sure to properly display your pass on your car’s dashboard or hang your pass from the review mirror. This will ensure you won’t be ticketed!

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Umpqua National Park, Toketee Falls, Oregon TheMandagies.com


3. Carry Gear In A Waterproof Bag

On a trip to Umpqua Hot Springs, make sure to protect your items from the elements. It is common for this place to be rainy and wet!

There’s a small shelter to shield your items from the rain, but there’s a good chance it will already be in use when you arrive. To ensure your things don’t get wet while you soak, pack a waterproof bag to keep your things protected.

Last minute trip? Garbage bags work just fine, and better yet, they are CHEAP!

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Emily sitting in Umpqua Hot Springs


4. Bring A Garbage Bag For Your Trash (And Others!)

Umpqua Hot Springs is unfortunately notorious for their piles of beer cans and garbage left behind by inconsiderate users (double yuck).

Let’s gather together and stop that reputation this year! If you are planning a visit, we encourage you to pack an extra garbage bag to collect trash on your way out.

This will help keep the area clean and make a wonderful experience for the next visitors as well.

Making a habit of packing out trash will encourage other hot springs users to keep the area clean too. If people see this place is cared for, others will extend that sense of care too.

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View of pools at Umpqua Hot Springs Oregon


5. Follow Proper Hot Springs Etiquette

Pacific Northwest hot springs require delicate care and conservation! These areas are popular around the world and it’s important to follow the guidelines below to ensure future visitors have a great time too.

If you can’t abide by these rules during your visit to Umpqua Hot Springs, we encourage you to wait on your visit until you can.

1. Keep It Clean.

Natural springs and the connecting waterways cannot support soap/shampoo (even the biodegradable kind).

Don’t treat it as your bathtub! Nothing should be added to the water except yourselves.

2. Pack It In And Pack It Out.

We’ve encountered PNW hot springs where beer cans were littered everywhere and the water was filthy.

Keep it clean for yourself and for other visitors by packing out all your trash. You can even bring an extra trash bag to help out others who have left their waste behind.

3. Leave It Better Than You Found It.

In addition to picking out your own trach, consider packing out other’s leftover trash too. It may not be the most glamorous choice, but small decisions like this add up to a huge difference down the road.

Some hot springs in the Pacific Northwest have been cut off from access because of public misuse.

Help Umpqua Hot Springs continue to be enjoyed for years to come by being respectful of any boundaries, structures or waterways in place.

4. Clothing May Be Optional.

Depending on the location of the hot springs, you may encounter soakers in the nude. (Which you likely will at Umpqua Hot Springs).

You will more than likely see this if you are heading to a hard to reach hot springs. Learn to be okay with it!

5. Be Respectful Of Other Visitors.

Everyone comes for their own reasons. Be respectful of people who wish for a silent soak.

6. Be Aware of Hot Springs Capacity.

Some locations can only fit so many people (some as little as one soaker!)

Doing a little research beforehand about size, capacity, and popular times of the hot spring you want to visit can help you determine the best dates for your trip and help manage crowds.

feet at umpqua hot springs

Map of Umpqua Hot Springs

Looking for driving directions to Umpqua Hot Springs? We’ve included a map below to help you plan your epic Oregon road trip!

What Else Is Near Umpqua Hot Springs?

Umpqua Hot Springs is just one of many amazing locations to discover in Central and South Oregon. If you are looking for more adventures nearby, here are some of our suggestions below:

Toketee Falls.

This incredibly short hike requires little effort for a huge reward. It is also located just a short drive away from Umpqua Hot Springs, in the Umpqua National Forest.

Remember to purchase a Northwest Forest Pass from the local ranger station (or print one out online)!

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Cape Perpetua is an awesome place to explore if you love coastal features like tide pools, coves, and secret caves. The most well-known features at Cape Perpetua are Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua Lookout, and Devil’s Churn.

Read More: 10 Epic Things To Do In Cape Perpetua (camping, hiking and more!)

Crater Lake National Park.

Crater Lake is the one and only national park in Oregon State. It’s famous for the caldera from the collapsed Mount Mazama, which is now a pristine lake with a small island in the middle.

Road conditions can be dicey even until July, so check the weather before visiting!

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor.

Located on the rocky southern Oregon coast, Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor is an incredibly photogenic place, ideal for ocean sunsets!

Want a new adventure? Take a road trip down the entire Oregon Coast! We’re sharing our itinerary here.

Eugene, Oregon.

Eugene, Oregon is a large college town (University of Oregon) known for its amazing beer, truffle festival, and proximity to tons of Oregon adventures.

Take a day trip from the city to visit places like Salt Creek Falls, Sahalie and Koosah Falls, or go west towards the Oregon Coast.

The Best Oregon Coast Road Trip. 

Ready to extend your time in Oregon? Head to the coast and discover the amazing beaches and hikes on the Oregon coast!

We’ve created an entire route with attractions, beautiful hidden Oregon locations, places to stay, and so many more helpful resources to plan your trip!


View of Toketee Falls in Umpqua National Forest


Have you ever been to Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon? Let us know in the comments below!



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