A Magical Escape To The Springs In Idaho City (Dreamy Hot Springs Alert!)

What’s your favorite way to recover after an Idaho mountain-filled adventure? 

If you’re like us, we’re keen to melt away our tired bodies in hot springs, and Idaho is choc-full of them! Natural, commercial, mineral-rich, boiling hot – whatever your preference, Idaho probably has the perfect hot springs for you.

When planning our backcountry yurt camping trip, we made sure to also plan an afternoon post-trip for decompressing and relaxing our sore muscles at The Springs In Idaho City.

The convenience of the resort near the mountains made it an easy stop on our adventurous itinerary!

With all the amenities they provide, it’s very easy to spend all day there pampering yourself. In this post, we’re sharing our relaxing time at The Springs in Idaho City and what you might expect on your own tranquil trip here. Enjoy!

The Springs Idaho City - Private Tub

A Magical Escape To The Springs In Idaho City

First Of All, Where is Idaho City, Idaho?

Idaho City is a small town located an hour’s drive north of downtown Boise, Idaho. It’s settled in the Southwest region of the state, nestled in the Boise National Forest.

It has a lot of history of being a gold rush town, but today it’s a mountain escape for the adventurous AND luxurious. Idaho City has everything from snowmobile and ski rentals to cozy cottages and even a spa! (Which we’re talking about in this very post!)

The Springs is located just before you arrive in Idaho City if you are coming from Boise, Idaho. You’ll find it right off of Highway 21 on the left side of the street.

What To Expect At The Springs Mountain Resort, Idaho City

The Springs in Idaho City is a well-rounded spa that includes not only soaking tubs but massages, food/drink service, sauna, and plenty of convenient amenities.

On their site, The Springs quotes “Just bring yourself and your suit!” and they really mean that. Towels, shampoo/conditioner, hair dryers, and even sunscreen are provided with each and every reservation.

Additionally, upon reservation, all guests are provided with a personal locker and key to keep your belongings safe while you enjoy the day. Talk about service!

There are separate locker rooms for men and women, and the doors on either side connect you to the lobby and outside to the entrance of the large pool.

Below, we’ll explain some of the main features of this Idaho mountain resort, and why you should pay a visit next time you’re in Southwest Idaho.

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The Springs Idaho City - Large Communal Pool


The Springs Resort & Spa: Large Pools

The Springs in Idaho City has one large communal soaking pool. Chairs line the perimeter of the pool where you can leave your items and get in and out as you please. This isn’t a place to cannonball into the water or horse around with friends – it’s essential to brush up on hot springs etiquette tips before visiting the spa!

Coffee and water stations are provided around the pool, and you can also order your food and beverages poolside by the server signs scattered around the edges. Simply pop one upright and someone will come right to you!

Food and alcohol can be ordered poolside as well, and can be enjoyed in heated yurts just steps away from the pool.

Also outside, you can enjoy their larger-than-average hot tub. This is a warmer tub than the large pool, in a little bit more of an intimate setting. There are stunning views of the mountains surrounding the resort, so stay a while and relax!

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The Springs Idaho City - Communal Pool
The Springs Idaho City - Large Outdoor Hot Tub

Steam Room

Outside on the perimeter of the large pool sits a co-ed steam room. We didn’t have time to step inside, but if you like this feature I would recommend checking it out for yourself!

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The Springs Idaho City - Steam Room

The Springs Private Soaking Tubs

Probably the most photogenic of all the places in The Springs in Idaho City is their private soaking tubs.

These tubs can be reserved by the hour and attendants will provide complete privacy during your stay. You can alert attendants by a turning a spinning window to display a menu, and someone will show up to take your order out of sight and around the corner.

Since we’re photographers, we spent lots of time taking pictures around this photogenic spot. However, we could see it being a very romantic place to enjoy some peace and quiet with a loved one as a sweet date idea.

Pro Tip: These private tub reservations fill up fast, so if you are hoping to snag one for a special occasion, plan ahead a few weeks to ensure availability!

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The Springs Idaho City - Private Tub

Food and Drink

Water and coffee are served poolside free of charge. We found this to be a really neat feature, as we haven’t seen any other commercial hot springs in Idaho provide this amenity.

The Springs has a menu that includes sandwiches, salads, soups, and other cafe-style items. You are able to order your food poolside, but you need to move over to one of their heated yurts (or outside on your lounge chair if the weather is warmer) to have your meal. No food is allowed by the pool!

We found the food service to be quick and simple! Prices were reasonable we were happy with the selection they provided.

You can even opt to order a charcuterie board and crafted alcohol drinks to elevate your food order if you prefer.

Note that The Springs has a firm one-drink-per-hour policy, and they encourage visitors to relax, not get wasted. Alcohol and hot tubs can sometimes elevate effects, so they are extremely careful not to over serve guests.

Our Thoughts On Visiting The Springs in Idaho City

We arrived at The Springs in Idaho City for the first time on a Thursday afternoon, fresh off the mountain from our backcountry yurt camping trip. We were tired and sore from carrying heavy backpacks and hiking through the snow, so we were looking forward to this warm soak all week!

Upon arrival, their beautiful lobby set the tone of our stay with their welcoming presence and cozy atmosphere. They had couches, a glimmering chandelier, and lots of beauty and self-care products on display for purchase near the front desk.

Everyone we talked to was kind, helpful, and professional. Directions and guidelines were clear, and if we had any questions there was someone always ready to help us!

Our time at The Springs was one to remember, and we will definitely be back!

The Springs Admission and Operation Hours

The current rate for admission to  The Springs In Idaho City is as follows:

  • $20 per adult
  • $14 for children 12 and under
  • Discounts: Military, After 8pm, Senior, and Family.

The Springs has Wednesday – Friday as Adult Only (18+) days. The remaining days of the week are available for the whole family!

The Springs Is CLOSED on Tuesdays!

Still Have Questions?

You can read more about their policies and frequently asked questions here.

Have you ever visited The Springs Mountain Resort In Idaho yet? Let us know about your own experience in the comments below!


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