The 7 Best Rain Jackets For The Pacific Northwest

Post Summary: The Best Rain Jackets For The Pacific Northwest

Living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s safe to say we know some things about rain gear.

Even when the forecast doesn’t look rainy, we’ll still pack our raincoats for an adventure. We can’t even count on our hands the number of times we started a hike, and it ended in a total downpour!

Berty and I know it’s best to be prepared, so now we bring our favorite rain jackets on every trip!

In this post, we’ve decided to round up the best rain gear for the Pacific Northwest. These range from ones we own, love, or discover as stylish and functional options for your outdoor adventures.

If you are planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, we suggest taking the time to check out this post. The PNW gets sun for maybe 3 months out of the year, so this is essential no matter what time you come and visit!

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The Best Rain Jackets For The Pacific Northwest

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San Poncho’s Legacy Poncho

San Poncho Legacy Poncho

Loved supporting local PNW companies? San Poncho is it then!

Their Legacy Poncho is an oversized waterproof and breathable rain shells that works great with layers.

Fully seam sealed, lightweight, and versatile, it’s the best rain jacket that performs like a poncho, made to keep you dry whether it rains or pours.

As photographers, we’re always trying to hide our gear from the elements. This jacket makes it easy!

Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket

Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket for Pacific Northwest

The Patagonia Torrentshell rain jackets are often regarded as some of the best rain gear for the PNW. Its 3-layer protection is waterproof, windproof, and durable in downpours and drizzles alike.

It has a two-way adjustable hood, so you can customize it to fit your head for high-movement activities like hiking and biking.

Need to bring it on your travels? The left pocket doubles as a stuff sack, so it packs down small!

REI Rainier Rain Jacket

REI Rainier Rain Jacket - Best Rain Jacket For Seattle

The REI Rainier Rain Jacket is one of the best all-around rain jackets for the Pacific Northwest.

It’s a great budget rain jacket that can take on everyday hikes, casual trips, and the constant rain of the northwest. Choose this PNW raincoat if you are wanting a coat for casual trips.

It can withstand winds up to 60mph and can shed light rain, but not torrential downpours.

Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket

Fully seam-taped, packable, and resistant to tears, the Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket is an excellent rain jacket for hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

It would be especially good on backpacking trips in Washington state, where rain is imminent and you can bushwhack through branches and bushes without worrying about ripping your jacket. It’s durable, water-repellent, and lightweight!

Stutterheim Stockholm Rain Jacket

Looking for a stylish rain coat for the city?

The Stutterheim Stockholm is the best rain jacket for Seattle. We say this because it’s incredibly stylish, comes in tons of colors, and even a few different cuts (Stockholm and Moosebacke).

This rain jacket is quite heavy and stiff so we don’t recommend it for hiking, but its rubber exterior won’t let a single drop of water in, keeping you warm and dry all day in the city.

Make sure to add warmer layers underneath, because while it’s waterproof, it doesn’t have its own insulation!

Columbia Arcadia II Rain Jacket

Columbia Ardadia Rain Jacket Outdoor Gifts Under $50

The Columbia Arcadia II is another reliable and affordable rain jacket to use in the Pacific Northwest.

Like many of the other jackets mentioned, this one packs down into one of the hand pockets, making it easy and convenient to travel with.

It also uses Columbia’s signature Omni-tech technology, enhancing ventilation releasing moisture, and keeping your skin dry.

Lululemon Rain Rebel Raincoat

Lululuemon makes great fashionable rain coats for walking around Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, BC.

It’s a perfect layer to keep you comfortable while running errands around the city.

The waterproof outer layer and soft breathable inner layer allow you to stay warm and dry all day!

Best Rain Gear for the Pacific Northwest (More options)

What brand makes your favorite rain jackets for the Pacific Northwest? What has worked for you? Share with other readers in the comments below!


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