21 Stylish Rain Jackets For The Pacific Northwest

Post Summary: Raincoats to Wear In The Pacific Northwest

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we think it’s safe to say we know some things about rain gear.

Even when the forecast doesn’t look rainy, we’ll still pack our raincoats for an adventure. We can’t even count on our hands the number of times we started a hike, and it ended in a total downpour! We figure it’s better to be prepared, so we now know to bring our raincoats on every trip!

In this short post, we’ve decided to round up our favorite raincoats  These range from ones we own/owned, love, or discovered as stylish and functional options for your outdoor adventures. If you are planning on a trip to the Pacific Northwest, we suggest taking time to check out this post. The PNW gets sun for maybe 3 months out of the year, so this is essential no matter what time you come and visit! This post uses affiliate links, which mean we may get commision at no extra cost to you! This just helps keep our blog running, because blogs cost money. Thank you!

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21 Rain Jackets To Wear In The Pacific Northwest

What brand makes your favorite rain jackets? What has worked for you? Share with other readers in the comments below!


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