See Wyoming From Above With Fly Jackson Hole

Have you ever visited the Grand Teton National Park? Those jagged mountain peaks sure are a beautiful sight, huh?

From seeing the sunrise on the peaks at Schwabacher’s Landing to watching the sunset light up the mountains with pinks and oranges, there isn’t a bad way to experience this park!

But what if you want to experience the mountains in a new way?

Whether on a honeymoon, a bucket list trip, or really any special reason, Fly Jackson Hole is a great way to get REALLY close to these peaks.

From planning the trip to enjoying views from the sky, they cater the trip to exactly what you want to see!

In this post, we’re sharing what you might expect on a flight with Fly Jackson Hole and tips on making your experience a wonderful and memorable one!

Flying over the Grand Teton National Park -

Our Experience With Fly Jackson Hole

This post is in partnership with Fly Jackson Hole. Peter and his crew generously compensated flights in exchange for us to have the opportunity to share our flight experience with you. All the thoughts and opinions below are completely our own!

Why Fly Jackson Hole?

Specifically, in the Grand Teton National Park, one way to get up close and personal with the mountains is to fly above them. Fly Jackson Hole provides its clients with an opportunity to see the natural beauty of the Grand Tetons from above.

Fly Jackson Hole offers scenic flights, photo tours, and even custom created packages if you had a special moment in mind!

The team is full of experienced, knowledgable pilots that know these mountain ranges like the back of their hand! You are in excellent and professional hands with Fly Jackson Hole.

Fly Jackson Hole Cessna Plane -
Interior of Fly Jackson Hole plane -

Before The Flight (Preparation and Tips)

Now, before every flight, there are some important things you should know. Below we’re sharing some preparation tips to ensure you have the best flight possible. We’re covering basic knowledge, where to meet, and how to dress for your best experience!

First, Fly Jackson Hole Flies Planes

Yes, it may seem obvious from the photos, but many other places around the United States don’t in fact use planes for scenic flights. In New York we flew in a doors-off helicopter and in Kauai we also flew in a helicopter.

Fly Jackson Hole uses their Cessna T207A for scenic flights. This plane can hold up to 7 people (8 including the pilot) and has windows all around for optimal viewing. There’s not a single bad seat in the house!

Cessna Fly Jackson Hole Small Plane -

Plan Your Flight Early On In Your Vacation

Because of the ever-changing weather in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, it’s very important to schedule your scenic flight on the earlier side of your itinerary. This will allow flexibility if you need to reschedule a flight for a later date!

Make Sure To Express Your Desires Beforehand

Do you have a specific location in the area that means a lot to you? Maybe it’s Jenny Lake, the Snake River, or a certain mountain peak. It would be amazing to see that location from the sky!

Whatever and wherever it is, make sure to express your desires and expectations with the pilot before flying. They want to give you a great experience, and it’s a win-win when they know what you would like to see!

Grand Teton National Park From Above - Aerial Photography -
Snake River from a birds eye view - Jackson, Wyoming -

Meet At Jackson Hole Aviation 30 Minutes Before Your Flight

It’s important to arrive early for your flight for a timely departure. The Fly Jackson Hole waiting room is located conveniently on the south side of the Jackson Hole Airport, in a building called Jackson Hole Aviation.

There is a cozy waiting room as you get ready for your flight, as well as bathrooms for any last-minute visits. Coffee and refreshments are provided before your trip as well.

Once the time comes, your pilot will greet you and your company, and everyone will walk out to the plane together. You’ll hear safety considerations, receive headsets, and any other important information before taking off.

Berty on tarmac Fly Jackson Hole -
Berty entering plane at Fly Jackson Hole -
Emily entering plane - Fly Jackson Hole -

Dress Warmly

Regardless of the seasons, the climate is much colder at higher altitudes when flying. Therefore, it’s recommended to dress warmly and in layers.

It’s much easier to cool down by taking off a jacket than warming up without extra layers!

The cabin is climate controlled with heating, but you do have the opportunity to open the window for photos if desired. However, this drastically decreases the heat inside, so if you are hoping to snap some photos make sure to dress warm!

For shoulder seasons like spring or fall, we also suggest packing a thin pair of gloves and a beanie to keep your extremities warm. Only a few moments with that window open and your hands will feel it! Finally, leave all photography accessories at home. Take off lens hoods, gadgets, or add-ons. This is for your safety!

Clouds In The Sky? Don’t Fret!

You may be a little worried to arrive at Jackson Hole Aviation and find clouds in the sky. But there’s no need to worry!

The mountain range has a way of creating its own climate, and the weather can change in a second. Clouds can also add a dramatic effect to your pictures, making mountain peaks look really magical when popping out of the clouds.

Read More: 20+ Essential Aerial Photography Tips To Make The Most Of Those Fleeting Moments

View of Grand Teton from plane window -
Photographers taking photos from plane window -

During The Flight (What To Expect)

Once you’re up in the sky, the moments just seem to fly by! πŸ˜‰

There is so much to see up in the air, and we’re sharing tips on how you can make the most of those fleeting seconds!

Grand Teton Peak Wyoming during sunset -

Ask Questions!

The pilots from Fly Jackson Hole have seen these mountain ranges time and time again.

They are extremely knowledgeable in the Grand Teton area, including mountain peak names, rivers, lakes, valleys, and so much more.

Curious about an area you see out the window? Speak up! The pilots would be more than happy to answer your questions, and probably even tell you more interesting things you didn’t think to ask!

Photographers shooting outside a plane window -

Take Pictures

Like we said earlier, these moments in the sky go by SO. FAST.

Grab a shot of your favorite lakes (ours is Taggart and Bradley Lake!), fondest peaks, or some shots of the snake river below.

From the sky, the landscape has so much more texture. Spend some time enjoying the view and capturing those moments.

Looking to improve your photos? Read our 14 aerial photography tips you should know before your next flight.

Berty shooting with 100-400 lens -

View of the Grand Tetons from plane window -

After The Flight

Share Your Photos

The surrounding landscape of Jackson Hole is so beautiful, you won’t have a problem snapping away with your camera!

If you feel compelled, we encourage you to leave a review on places like Trip Advisor or Google to share your experience with others! This way, others can get a glimpse of what they themselves might experience on a trip with Fly Jackson Hole.

Grand Teton peaks during sunset -
Grand Teton and lakes from above - aerial photography -
Grand Tetons from above - aerial photography -

Thank Your Pilot!

They brought you back down to earth safely, you know! Your pilot does everything they can to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Each tour is unique to the guests flying, so spend some time and say thank you to your pilot for the time and thought that went into your reservation. We know they would appreciate it so much!

Lakes from Grand Teton National Park -

The Value Behind Scenic/Photography Flights

There are many factors to making your flight experience a fantastic one.

You wouldn’t take your car to a rookie mechanic or leave your kid with an unexperienced babysitter.

Similarly, you want the best of the best to take you around, especially when so close to jagged mountain tops too.

With that price tag, you’re paying for fuel, time, arrangement, and pilot experience among so many other things.

These pilots are professionals! They have worked countless hours to obtain a license, make sure everything is safe to operate during the flight, and are trained to think on their feet in the sky…among so many other thigns!

They train hard for years to make sure you have an incredible and safe experience in the sky.

Here is the Current pricing breakdown (This is recent as of June 2019 – check their website for a price confirmation)

  • 1hr Summit Tour: $295/person
  • 1hr 15m Family Tour: $345/person, $195/12+under child, $1725 Private Plane
  • 1h 30m Grand Tour: $395/person, $195/12+under child, $1975 Private Plane
  • Alpenglow Tour (Sunset): $750/flight

Don’t see your needs on this list? Send them an email and they can try to put together a custom package for you!

Snake River from above -

Grand Teton peak during sunset -

So, Lets Go Flying!

Ready to book your own Fly Jackson Hole adventure? They’d love to get in touch with you!

We were so honored to have experienced our own scenic flights with Fly Jackson Hole. Communication was professional and timely, and they were happy to answer any questions we had before, during, and after our flights.

Berty and I felt incredibly safe every step of the way, and as professional photographers, our pilots were willing to accommodate out requests to fly back and see certain things again!

Fly Jackson Hole is really about making their guests happy and they certainly did that with us.

No matter the occasion, Fly Jackson Hole is an incredible way to experience Wyoming. It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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