How To Get To The Kalaloch Tree of Life (24 Magical Hours at Kalaloch Lodge, WA)

Post Summary: How To Find The Kalaloch Tree of Life

Ready to break out your rain boots?

We’re here with a new adventure to the Kalaloch Tree of Life (also called the Kalaloch Tree Root Cave) located on the rainy Washington coast!

The Olympic Peninsula is one of the wettest places in Washington, averaging around 150 days of rain per year. That means you have a 40% chance of experiencing the freshest PNW weather right here in this beautiful corner of the United States!

In this post, we’re sharing a new Washington state adventure with you – one with seaside curiosities, amazing accommodations, and access to tons of adventures along the Washington coast.

The Kalaloch Tree Root Cave and the Kalaloch Lodge at the Olympic National Park are perfect places to stop during an Olympic Coast road trip, and we’re sharing what you can expect on a visit here.

So, grab your raincoat and let’s get started!

Berty Mandagie at Kalaloch Tree Root Cave

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First Of All, Where is the Kalaloch Tree of Life And How Do I Get There?

The Kalaloch Tree Root Cave and Kalaloch Lodge are located on the Washington coast, about 45-minutes south of Forks, Washington. In this post, we’re here to show you exactly where this place is!

From Seattle, it’s going to take around 3.5-hours via car, depending on how bad traffic is in the city! (Hopefully, it’s good for you!)

You can visit the Tree Of Life at any time of year. It may be a bit more gloomy between November and April, but it’s an easy Olympic Peninsula winter hike because of the mild temperature and easy access.

The Perfect 24 Hour Itinerary To The Kalaloch Lodge and Kalaloch Tree Root Cave In Washington

Begin At The Kalaloch Lodge

The Kalaloch Lodge (pronounced ka-LAY-lock) is one of 4 different Olympic National Park lodges located in some of the most scenic and beautiful areas of the Olympic Peninsula.

The other lodges within Olympic National Park are Lake Crescent Lodge, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, and Log Cabins Resort.

This is one of the most beautiful resorts on the Washington Coast for its gorgeous ocean views, luxury rooms and amazing cabins on the bluff.

The Kalaloch Lodge is actually within the Olympic National Park, located on one of the park’s 73-miles of protected beaches. This makes for an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Just think of beautiful, PNW-inspired accommodations just steps away from ocean views!

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Kalaloch Lodge in the Olympic National Park

Staying At The Kalaloch Lodge

Are you planning a big trip to the Olympic National Park? A night at the Kalaloch Lodge is bucket-list worthy for its incredible sea views, coastal vibe, and proximity to amazing locations on the Washington peninsula.

The Kalaloch Lodge has lots of accommodation choices to choose from – anything from rooms in the main lodge, cabins on the bluff, the Secrest House, and even camping spots for the more budget-friendly traveler.

Berty and I stayed in the bluff cabins located right next to the main lodge. Inside, there were two bedrooms, a cozy living room, kitchen, and outdoor space to enjoy the crashing waves in the evening.

We also loved the freedom to cook in our place and park our car under the covered awning on a rainy day. Oh, the little things that bring us joy!

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Kalaloch Lodge in the Olympic National Park
Kalaloch Bluff Cabin in the Olympic National Park

The Next Morning: How To Reach The Kalaloch Tree of Life

What Is The Kalaloch Tree Root Cave?

The Kalaloch Tree Root Cave, also referred to as The Kalaloch Tree of Life, is a unique phenomenon of a tree growing right over an eroding river bed.

As the crevasse gets deeper and wider, the tree stretches its roots on either side, suspending itself in mid-air.

Eventually, this iconic PNW landmark will fall, so if you are planning a trip to the Olympic Peninsula make the Kalaloch Tree Root Cave a priority to see!

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How To Get To The Tree Of Life

Luckily, the Kalaloch Tree Of Life is just a quick drive away from the Kalaloch Lodge. Get in your car and drive the 0.7-mile, 5-minute drive north to the Kalaloch Campground Day Use Area.

Bonus points if you are staying in the Kalaloch campground – the Tree of Life is just steps away from your tent! (Note: This campground is open year-round too!)

After parking in the day use area, find the trail that leads down to beach access. It’s located on the westernmost part of the parking lot.

Path to Tree of Life, Washington Coast -

After a very short paved trail, you’ll encounter a set of stairs. Take the stairs down to the beach and begin walking North. Just a few minutes walking along the Washington coast will lead you to the Kalaloch Tree Root Cave.

You’ll see why this place gets its name. The suspended roots stretch out on either side of the cliffs, desperately holding on for dear life.

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Kalaloch Tree Root Cave, Tree of Life close up
Kalaloch Tree Roote Cave, Tree of Life View -

Safety Tips For Visiting the Kalaloch Tree Root Cave

Check The Tide Charts Before Your Visit

It’s very important to look at the tide charts so you avoid looking like me in the picture below. In order to get the entire tree in our image, we had to step back quite a ways into the oncoming waves.

This isn’t a smart choice if the tide is close – one sneaker wave could come and knock you off your feet!

Click here and save this link to check the tide charts for your visit to the Kalaloch Beach.

Emily running from sneaker wave
Emily Mandagie hiding from high tide

Wear Proper Rain Gear

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Pacific Northwest is known for its rain, and even more so here on the Kalaloch Beach.

It’s proximity to the temperate rainforest of the Olympic National Park makes this area one of the wettest locations in the contiguous United States. It receives around 15o inches of rain per year!

That being said, to stay dry and comfy during your visit to the Kalaloch Tree Root Cave, make sure to wear rain boots, a raincoat, and maybe even pack a waterproof bag. It’s better to be over prepared than not when it comes to Mother Nature.

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Berty Mandagie in proper rain gear at Kalaloch Tree Root Cave

Washington Coast Destinations Map

Ready to discover more amazing locations in Washington State?

We’ve created an interactive Washington map that will lead you to more photos and resources to help you plan your next trip to the Pacific Northwest!

Map Coming Soon!


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