The Complete Cabin Packing List (+ Free Printable Cabin Checklist!)

Post Summary: The Complete Packing List For The Coziest Weekend In!

Updated September 2023

People often ask us what we bring on weekend trips – especially when it comes to cabin essentials.

It CAN be confusing because it’s not camping outside…but it’s not quite home, either.

There’s this happy middle ground of comfort and escape that we’re trying to achieve when staying for the weekend at a cabin.

This is where this list comes in!

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Staying at several amazing cabins in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had the chance to test out the best things to bring (and items to leave at home!) to come up with the most comprehensive cabin packing list.

Keep scrolling for our cabin checklist, including everything from slippers to canoes.

This is a balanced list of convenience and comfort, perfect for all who want to bring a little more hygge into their lives.

Let’s get started!

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The Complete Cabin Packing List (All The Best Items To Bring To A Cabin)

Choosing the right cabin rental

The Basic Cabin Packing List Essentials

No matter where you plan a trip in the Pacific Northwest, there are some travel essentials that will always remain the same.

This stays true for your cabin packing list – here are some things to bring to a cabin that will likely never change!

Cabin Toiletries

No matter what place or destination you choose, you’ll always these toiletries to your cabin trip packing list.

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Cabin Rental Essentials

Cabin Reservation Essentials

Before checking in for your cabin camping trip, make sure you have the proper reservation information to get into the house!

Oftentimes, cabins are in remote areas with less cell service, so it’s important to know and do these essential items before heading out on your trip:

  • Driving Directions (Make sure to download offline maps with these road trip apps to help you navigate without cell service!)
  • Access Code or key to the entrance
  • Email a friend or family member a copy of your itinerary
  • Emergency contact number for the cabin
  • First Aid Kit (usually provided!)

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Cabin Exterior

Groceries + Kitchen Items For Your Cabin Packing List

Generally, cabin rentals are equipped with basic kitchens – things like a stove, refrigerator, and sink will likely be available.

Part of your cabin trip packing list should be to bring all of your favorite groceries for preparing food!

What if you are renting an off-grid cabin?

If you are renting rustic cabins through the national forest system or a national park, make sure to read the cabin description for accurate meal prep and planning. Some even require you to cook outside on a camping stove!

Double check on the reservation description to know what’s available, and if you need to fill any gear gaps on your own.

On our trips to the Idaho backcountry yurts and Burgdorf Hot Springs, we only had a wood-burning stove, and basic pots and pans. We had to collect and dispose of cooking water ourselves, which we were prepared to do. It’s always important to read the full cabin description before you book!

If you book a cabin without a kitchen:

Kitchen-less cabins are very common in mountain huts and hike-in cabins. Make sure to bring your own kitchen utensils, including cookware and mess kits!

Read up on our camping hygiene guide to learn how to clean dishes in the backcountry, too. Depending on the place, you can also bring a camping stove and propane, and an extra fire starter to cook meals.

Renting a more rustic cabin? Make sure to pack these kitchen essentials:

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Cabin Interior Shot

Cabin Packing List – Gear For The Weather

When are you planning your cabin trip? Winter? Summer? Your cabin packing list is somewhat determined by the time of year you will be visiting. Here are some specific items to bring during different seasons:

Winter Cabin Trip

A winter cabin trip is a perfect time to stay in and relax! Pack an extra cozy pair of slippers, your favorite pajamas, and fuzzy sweaters to lounge around the house.

Don’t forget your snow boots and a warm coat on your winter cabin packing list, in case the day calls for a spontaneous snowball fight outside!

Spring Cabin Trip

Waterproof hiking boots and a rain jacket are a must on a cabin trip in the springtime! (Especially if you’re staying at a rainy getaway like the Oregon Coast Modern)

Summer Cabin Trip

What to wear to a summer cabin trip really depends on your destination! In the Pacific Northwest, planning a cabin trip in the summer means there will be plenty of time spent outside.

Protect yourself with sunscreen and bug spray, and pack water-safe shoes to get in and out of the water (if nearby) with ease.

Fall Cabin Trip Essentials

Fall cabin trips are perfect for late-night bonfires and roasting s’mores!

Don’t forget to pack a few extra cozy blankets, s’more skewers, and a log carrier to keep the bonfire going all night long.

Cabin Packing List Essentials

Cabin Trip Packing List Quiz

So now that you’ve got the basic cabin essentials packed (toiletries, reservations, food, weather gear), what else should you be packing?

Well, that’s up to you and your ideal cabin aesthetic! Your cabin checklist can vary greatly from person to person, so this is why we’ve created this quiz below.

Take the test to find out what you should add to your cabin packing list.

We’re even sharing some recommended PNW rental cabins based on your preferences, and recommending activities, too!

Master Camping List - Local Firewood

Quiz: Which Is Your Cabin Aesthetic?

Once you finish the test, scroll down to see your answers!


Result: The Hygge Expert

Cabin Checklist - what to bring on a cabin camping trip

Friend, you know exactly how to relax. No matter the place, you keep things cozy with your welcoming spirit and heart of gold.

You love surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy – a hearty, warm kind of joy.

Cabins are the perfect time to curl up with a good book, break out that puzzle, or just enjoy some quiet time with your loved one. Your cabin getaway is all about rest and relaxation!

We recommend renting these cozy cabins:

Here’s what you should pack for a cozy cabin weekend:

Your current favorite book or podcast

There’s no better time to dive into a good book than when staying at a cabin!

Find the comfiest armchair in the house and transport yourself into the world of your book. There are no regrets when you only need to get up and refill your coffee mug!

Alternatively, pop in your headphones and check out your favorite Pacific Northwest podcasts. They are choc-full of local stories, folklore, and tales of adventure.

A big, plush, blanket

Nothing is better than curling up in a fuzzy blanket on the couch.

You can go wrong with sherpa-lined blankets! They are often weather-proof on one side, but cozy and soft on the other. Perfect for sitting outside and sipping your morning coffee on the porch!

Cozy Blanket for a cabin packing list

Cozy socks

It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! For optimal enjoyment, choose a pair of fuzzy socks that will keep your toes warm & toasty as you sit next to the fireplace.


Cozy socks need to be complemented with cozy shoes, right? Make sure to get a pair you can easily slip on and off. The Ugg Tasman Regenerate is all the rage this season.

A cardigan sweater

A cozy cardigan sweater is a perfect companion to lazy weekend mornings. This gray Quince cropped-cardigan can be dressed up or dressed down, making it a perfect versatile piece for fall!

Result: The Early Riser

Canoe on Fish Lake, Leavenworth, WA

Ahh, the early riser. Freshly brewed coffee and quiet mornings are your jam.

You have no problem putting on a pot of coffee for the group, but you quickly fill up your own mug and sneak outside to soak up the glorious sunrise right on the porch.

You are a balanced soul, seeking solitude at times and then coming back to join the others around the table.

Getting outside is great, and even better in a small group where you can connect with nature and each other.

You will enjoy a cabin with big communal spaces and a lakeside to steal away quiet moments on the dock. Balance is your specialty!

We recommend renting these cabins:

Camp Coffee Maker

Are you a fan of camp coffee? A cabin weekend is a perfect time to test out a coffee percolator!

You can use them over an open flame or on a camp stove, but more importantly, enjoy every last drop!

What To Pack On A Cabin Trip - Fleece


One cup of coffee is not enough for you – that’s why you need a giant rambler to sustain you through the entire morning!

This YETI 30 oz rambler holds 2.5 regular cups, so you can brew once and sip all morning long.

Fleece Jacket

Basically a socially acceptable blanket, fleece jackets are perfect for sipping your morning tea on the porch.

The North Face fleece jackets are always cute and reliable for us. They can keep your hands free to paddle that canoe or cast a fishing line on the dock.

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There is no greater morning activity than a canoe paddle on a calm lake.

There are tons of canoes to choose from, but we personally recommend any kind from the Old Town brand, especially the Discovery line. Discovery canoes on the shorter side for easy transporting, and has a wide base for more stability.

Cabin Packing List Personality Result: The Forest Dweller

Cabin Packing List (Cabin Recommendation)

For you, the purpose of renting a cabin is to seek solitude and rest.

You want to escape the monotony of everyday life and dwell among the trees, even if its just for a weekend.

You enjoy long walks, nearby trails, and napping in your hammock on a warm summer day.

If you could sleep under the stars you would, so you are looking for a cabin that connects with as much of the outside world as possible!

We recommend renting these cabins:

Coffee Mug with Lid

You like to brew your coffee and take it with you on those morning walks, so bring a mug that’s tough enough to keep your drink warm on the trail.

This mug by YETI comes in several colors, comes with a lid, and is extra tough.

Fleece Jacket

The cozier the better! These fleece parkas goes all the way down to your knees, which makes it the perfect layer for cold mornings.

Consider it a wearable blanket as you enjoy your morning coffee on the deck outside. Cozy, stylish, and functional!

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Cabin Essentials - Cozy Fleece and YETI Mug


Spend as much time as possible outside – put up a hammock! Whether dozing off or reading your favorite book, there’s so wrong way to spend time in a hammock!

Grab a single nest one from Eno, or get a double one so you can snuggle up with your partner.

Results: The Adventure Lover

Cabin Packing List - Adventure Lover Profile

The only bad part about cabin life is that there are not enough hours in the day!

You’re the first one to jump in the lake, research the next hiking trail, or light the bonfire at night.

We won’t get you wrong – you love cabin life, but what’s nearby is equally as important as the home itself.

The closer to the mountain the better, and that’s why you need to be equipped with gear to get you outside (and keep you outside) all day long!

We recommend renting these cabins with epic adventures nearby:

Here’s what you should pack for an adventurous cabin weekend:

Hiking Boots

You need something that’s as tough as you to tackle those challenging day hikes!

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest, you need boots that are waterproof as well as durable, so that’s why we like the Danner Moutnain 600 boots to get the job done.

Check even more hiking boot resources here:

Day Pack

A day pack is necessary for those long days out exploring.

Pick one that’s a decent size (between 20-30L) to hold all your gear but not weigh you down.

REI has tons of daypacks to choose from. Our favorites are the Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 24L, and the REI Trail 25 Packs.


Make sure to capture those memorable moments with friends!

Read what items we include in our travel photography gear, as well as helpful photography accessories for when we’re shooting outdoors.

Cabin Essential - Camera

Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated on those long trails!

We just recently got this tall, 24 oz Hydro Flask, and love that it’s skinny enough to fit on the side pockets of our backpacks.

Pants With Pockets

It might seem obvious to wear pants with pockets but honestly the more the better! We love The North Face Dune Sky Pocket Leggings, because they have deep side pockets to keep your hands free for climbing and hiking.

Jean Jacket

The best clothing to own is pieces where style and function collide.

That’s where the Levi’s Jean Jacket with a sherpa lining comes in – warm and trendy all in one!

Cabin Packing List Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our cabin trip packing list! By listing specific items to enhance your next cozy getaway, we hope you found some new, fun things to pack.

Do you like these kind of product roundup posts? Let us know in the comments below if you’d like us to make more of these!


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