Getting In The Holiday Spirit At Tye Haus

Post Summary: A reflection of staying at Tye Haus during the Christmas season

This past Thanksgiving weekend was a whirlwind of family, adventure, and of course – tons of pie. We took family photos, opted outside for a trip to Palouse Falls and hiked to Scenic hot springs!

A few days after Thanksgiving, we were hosted by Tom and Sarah from Tye Haus to enjoy this adorable A-frame for a little holiday de-stressing. It had just been given a christmas makeover – changing its signature lights to colorful holiday ones. It felt like we were staying in a real-life gingerbread house!

In this post, we’re going to share with you some pictures from our stay (exterior and interior!) from November 2017. If you’d like to book Tye Haus for your own visit, they are on Airbnb! Click here for their listing.

Tye Haus During The Holidays

In total, we spent three days and two nights here. Most of the time we were sitting by the fire and watching movies, but we took a day to go out and enjoy Scenic Hot Springs. The house is just so cozy that you don’t ever want to leave!

Next time we visit, we want to start our days with a morning walk around the neighborhood. We heard that the cabins around are darling, the walk is beautiful, and the neighbors are friendly.

We love taking walks for a morning routine back in Seattle, so that would have made it feel like a normal day in our busy lives!

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We spent one evening building a fire outside and enjoying the clear-ish skies (for once). Tye Haus has a bonfire pit with log benches and a huge deck right outside the front door.

In the summertime, I could definitely see us roasting s’mores and hanging out on lawn chairs and drinking coffee on the porch!

If sitting around is not your thing, Tom the owner has created a really cool custom map of all the recommended hikes around the area. It includes tons of trails, ski areas, and even grocery stores to familiarize yourself with Skykomish.

Here are some photos we took while spending time at the A-frame:

As the sun went down, the glowing lights from the cabin stood out even more.


If you’re curious about what the inside looks like, here is a little peek. Tye Haus has two twin beds, two full, and a pull-out couch.

It also comes with fully stocked with kitchen supplies, tons of good movies, and brand new furniture inside. πŸ™‚

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Thank you, Tye Haus, for a lovely stay. We will definitely visit again!

Have you ever visited Tye Haus? Let us know your experience in the comments below1

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  1. what a lovely place! thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! I was checking out your blog and saw your comment! Funny! Would love to connect!