The Foolproof Travel Photography Gear List (8 Essential Tech Categories)

Post Summary: Our Current Travel Blogging Photography Gear List

Have you ever been curious about travel blogging or starting your own travel photography business? Or simply wondered what travel photography gear we use?

Some of our most asked questions here on the blog and on our Instagram have been around photography. What cameras we capture with, what lenses to choose, how we edit, etc.

Well, you asked and we answered!

This post is a definitive list of all the travel photography gear we use for our travel blogging process. We’ll break down the best cameras and lenses for travel photography, best travel photography accessories, backpacking, and more right here!

Before We Begin:

This list may look different for you depending on what your goals and interests are for your photography journey. In this post, we thought it would be fun to share a little bit about our gear with you.

Maybe it will inspire you to try a new lens or experiment with a new accessory! Whatever works for you – photography looks different for everyone.

Another thing to note – this is a collection we’ve acquired through many years of upgrading gear and saving up.

You DO NOT need everything on this list to take beautiful photographs! We have also provided affiliate links to these products, which means if you click, we can keep this blog running. Thank you!

Our Ultimate Travel Photography Gear List

Travel Camera Bodies

So, how do you choose the best camera for travel photography? We’ve discovered that many of our professional travel photography friends don’t actually shoot with the same gear!

Each of the big brands (Canon, Sony, Nikon, FujiFilm, Panasonic, Leica, etc) have their own unique features and capabilities. It’s important to read up on each (Youtube video comparison videos work great for this!) before making a decision on the brand(s) that are right for you.

Personally, we shoot with Canon and Leica. We’ll describe their uses and features below, and that will be the majority focus of this post.

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Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Camer Body

Canon 5D Mark IV: See Prices at B&H Photo Here

The Canon 5D Mark IV is our default DSLR camera body. With wifi capabilities, mobile app options, and a touchscreen LCD monitor, it’s been extremely convenient to use when traveling. This camera is able to shoot 4K video and 30 frames per second, but we personally have chosen it for it’s color profile!

It also has a weather-sealed body, which is essential for those rainy hikes in Washington!

Canon EOS R

Canon EOS R Camera Body

Canon EOS R: See Prices at B&H Photo Here

The Canon EOS R series is Canon’s mirrorless camera. It has a weather-sealed body, which means we were able to take it on Pacific Northwest hikes and not worry about the rain ruining our travel photography gear!

The one downside of having a DSLR camera AND a mirrorless one is that a Canon Mount Adapter is needed to use the Mark IV’s EF lenses on R series.

The Canon R series uses RF lenses, so you’ll have to get this adapter to use the EF lenses you already own, or start your travel photography gear list with a mirrorless camera and only purchase RF lenses.


Leica Q2: See Prices at B&H Photo Here

The Leica Q2 is arguably the best camera for travel and street photography.

Its small size makes it easy to stow away in virtually any travel bag and makes it less intimidating to strangers when snapping photos. While it’s small, it packs a huge punch, with a 47.3MP full-frame sensor and a 28mm fixed lens creating true-to-eye images. (no distortion)

The price, however, is quite steep if you are just a casual travel photographer. For a more affordable compact camera for travel, consider the Fujifilm XT200.

Canon Powershot G7X Mark III

Canon Powershot G7X Mark III Camera

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II – See Prices at B&H Photo Here

Because of our busy travel schedule, we wanted to get a camera that fits easily in a pocket and could take really good quality video. We occasionally use it to post on our Youtube channel, but it’s also a fun way to grab candid moments and fun videos for our personal use.

We captured a fun video when hiking Mount Storm King trail in the Olympic National Park, and this Canon Powershot G7X is a super convenient way to capture video is a low-key and natural way.

Best Travel Film Cameras

Leica M6 Film Camera

Leica M6 - Our Travel Photography Gear List

The Leica M6 is our go-to range-finder film camera. What makes this camera special is that the Leica M6 is a fully-mechanical camera, and also has a battery for automatic light metering. That means this camera will still work even when the battery is dead, so you can still continue shooting without the metering.

For more of our film camera choices, we’ve made an extensive list of resources below to learn more!

Contax T2

Buying Used Camera Bodies

Don’t have the $$$ to buy them brand-spanking new? Try buying used through B&H, Adorama, or trade in your old lenses or camera bodies for a deeper discount.

We wouldn’t recommend buying off of Craigslist – we’re not saying it’s impossible, but with a piece of equipment as expensive as a camera, it’s smart to know exactly what you’re buying.

Buying through a trusted brand will give you more transparency. They will also let you know exactly the condition your used item is in, and that’s not always the case when purchasing from a private party. Be safe!

Best Lenses For Travel Photography

When choosing camera lenses for travel photography, we require a solid mix to fit a lot of situations.

Most of our travel photography camera lenses have been acquired over several years of collecting and adding to our arsenal as we expand our business.

When choosing travel lenses, think about the kind of photos you enjoy taking. Do you like being outdoors? Taking portraits? Shooting wildlife in nature like NatGeo photographers?

You certainly don’t need all of these listed – read on to the descriptions and consider what will benefit you and your personal work!

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 (versatile lens)- Used for large landscapes, wide angles – you can see examples in this post.

Canon 50mm  f/1.2:  (prime lens) This one is primarily used for weddings and portraits, mainly by Berty.

Canon 35mm f/1.4 II:  (prime lens) This one is my (Emily’s) personal favorite. I love the soft background it creates when I’m focusing on something up close. With this lens, you can really pay attention to detail with sharp precision.

Canon 17-40mm f/4: (Wide lens) Used for landscapes. This lens doesn’t really give you that soft background but it’s helpful when wanting to capture huge scenes like Yosemite’s Tunnel View or Hurricane Ridge. It also is helpful when shooting in our small apartment – it is very wide and captures the whole room.

Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6: (Telephoto lens) We used it when shooting the Total Eclipse in Oregon this past August and flying over the Tetons in Wyoming with Fly Jackson Hole.

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8: (Wide lens) – Used primarily for wide landscapes, like sweeping views or long skylines. We used it almost exclusively in our New York photography spots blog post.

The best 3 lenses for travel photography? Choose a combination of a wide lens, prime lens, and a versatile lens. This will cover the best range for almost any situation.

Travel Photography Kit Combinations

So, what’s a good camera and lens combination to have?

Maybe you’re looking for the best camera for travel photography beginners. Maybe you’re serious, but don’t have a huge budget to spend. Or maybe you’re seeking something light and minimal!

Here are our suggestions for the best combinations for all kinds of adventure travel photography.

Minimalist Travel Photography Kit

Looking for a minimalist travel photography gear set up? Here are some combinations to choose from if you’re looking to go light on gear:

Option 1: Seeking versatility in landscapes and portraits

Option 2: Portrait Photography

Beginner Travel Photography Kit

Looking for travel photography gear for beginners? Here’s a great setup when you’re just getting started!

Affordable Travel Photography Kit

Is the big price stage holding you back from buying gear for travel photography? Don’t fret, we’re going to provide you with some affordable options!

Here are the best affordable cameras for travel photography, including the lenses we recommend with them.

Note: while these are some of the best budget camera lenses for travel photography, Sigma lenses are NOT weather sealed. Keep scrolling to the camera maintenance section of this post for our recommendations for protecting your gear in rainy or inclement weather.

Best Travel Photography Accessories

These travel photography accessories enhance our content in so many ways.

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Peak Design Camera Strap: Adjustable, and the universal anchors mean you can easily switch one strap between many cameras.

Camera Batteries: We like to have as many batteries as camera bodies + two extras that are always charged and ready to switch out.

Memory Cards: Really the bigger storage the better. SHooting fast motion? Make sure to get a card that processes over 170MB per second.

Card Reader: Get a card reader to transfer files to a computer when you’re on the go.

SandDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD V2: This compact external hard drive doesn’t have a moving disc inside, meaning you can edit been on the bumpiest of car rides.

Lacie Portable Hard Drives: These are great, affordable storage options for on-the-go travel photography.

Pelican Memory Card Holder: This little case keeps memory cards safe, secure, and in one place. Oftentimes these cards can get lost in a bag or suitcase because of their small size, but with a case, it’s easier to keep track of them all.

Peak Design Travel Tripod: This is one of the best compact tripods for travel photography. It holds nearly any camera and lens combination, fits easily into your bag, and weighs only 3.4 pounds. (Their carbon version weighs only 2.8!)

JOBY Gorillapod Tripod (The Mini Version): This company makes tripods for all camera sizes. We use it as a travel tripod when hiking and in places with uneven ground. Be careful though – we’re pretty rough with ours and have already gone through two sets. They probably aren’t mean for all the wear and tear we put them through.

Rode Video Pro Microphone: Used in our sporadically uploaded Youtube channel videos, this enhances the quality of the sound, and makes voices crystal clear! Example pictures in this blog post.

Camera Cleaning and Maintenance For Travel Photography Gear

If you learn anything from this post, it should be how to properly care for your travel photography gear. Here are some ways to keep your investments safe on the road!

Lens Covers: Make sure to purchase them in the right sizes to fit your specific lenses.

Cleaning Kit: This MOVO one comes with a zip pouch for easy traveling.

Bulb Air Blower: Traveling somewhere with a lot of dust and dirt? Keep an extra one of these air blowers handy to ward off those flecks from your camera lenses.

Camera Rain Shield: Concerned about your gear in the rain? Maybe you purchased some lenses or have a camera that’s not weather-sealed? Make sure to get a camera rain cover to protect your investment in the elements, especially of you’re planning an Olympic National Park photography tour.

Best backpack for photography and travel: keep scrolling to the next section!

Best Travel Photography Backpacks

Peak Design Everyday Bag: This is our current go-to hiking bag. It can hold 2 camera bodies, lenses, and opens up on both sides for easy access to your gear. The magnetic hook at the top latches firmly but opens easily, and it’s water-resistant for inclement weather.

Wanded PRVKE: This is the best travel photography backpack if you are flying on a plane! It holds a TON of gear, and phase built-in adjustable separators to customize your layout configuration. The roll-top expands and folds down easily for easy-to-grab times like sweatshirts and headphones.

Ona Bags: These bags were specifically designed with photographers in mind. ONA backpacks and bags are not only stylish but extremely functional. You can see more examples of these in our posts here.

Travel Photography Gear: Laptops

MacBook Pro 13inch w/ Touchbar: – This is what we use when traveling. It’s very compact and fits easily in any carry-on we’ve used. We love how small this computer is – it can practically fit into any bag we carry.

MacBook Pro 15inch w/ Touchbar: – This is Berty’s photo editing superhero. The colors are great and the screen is big so he can see what he’s doing.

This is one aspect of our travel photography gear that we need to update! For our next laptop, we’ll focus on one that has large internal storage and RAM to run powerful image editing programs like Lightroom and other Adobe Suite products.

Are there any other questions you have about our travel photography gear? What programs we use? Our editing process? Let us know what you want to hear and we can cover it in a future blog post!


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