Cannon Beach

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After spending some time at Cape Disappointment (which totally wasn’t a disappointment btw), our next major stop was Cannon Beach. To paint the picture of the day, it had been on and off again rain, with an emphasis on cloudy skies. We were gearing up to see Haystack Rock in a downpour.

To our surprise, the sun came out just as we arrived! We spent some time walking along the beach and stretching our legs after a long day’s drive.

This was a short and sweet stop, just like this post. We hope you enjoy!

Cannon Beach

Some Details about Cannon Beach:

  • The temperature rarely gets above 80 degrees
  • The biggest attraction in Cannon Beach is Haystack Rock
  • Cannon Beach is one of the most popular Oregon coast destinations for a quick Portland day trip.
  • Located 80 miles west of Portland, and 200 miles south from Seattle
  • 750,000 visitors come to Cannon Beach every year
  • There is a 4-mile stretch of beach in the main part of town

Throughout the trip, Berty documented the exciting days exploring the coast as well as our mundane driving days.

It has been fun watching him branch out into video editing! He talks to the camera with such confidence, I hope I can get jInstagramstagram stories to sound like that one day!

Stay tuned for an update on the launch of this video. We are thinking about starting a youtube channel, any thoughts?

When it wasn’t cloudy, the sun was pretty harsh.

We used this as an opportunity to test out our skills in using harsh daylight when taking photos. The majority of the time, we like to arrive at places either at sunrise or sunset. This was a chance to switch it up a bit!

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Tillamook Cheese Factory

After we had some surprise sun at Cannon Beach, we continued south down Highway 101. En route to our final destination, we wanted to stop by the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory! Here, you can take a tour of the entire cheese making process from start to finish. It was very informative, but our favorite part was actually sampling the different cheeses at the end. The factory also has an ice cream shop with a ton of different flavors. We both got a cone!

Until next time….stay tuned for some rad pictures of Cape Kiwanda!

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