How To Wake Up For Sunrise (For People Who Hate Mornings)

Post Summary: How To Wake Up For Sunrise (For People Who Hate Mornings!)

We looooove to wake up for sunrise. It’s one of the few moments of the day that are quiet, pure, and inspiring. Getting up is tough, but this is how we get epic photos like these:

But, we must tell you waking up is not always easy. I, Emily, will be the first one to say that Berty is a funny human. He refuses to get out of bed most mornings but when it comes to planning an adventure, he’s the first one to suggest a 3am wake-up call…*eye rolls*

I have too many hilarious pictures of him sleeping, but to save him some embarrassment, I’ll only show you these ones…

How To Wake Up For Sunrise (For People Who Hate Mornings)

We wanted to write this post because waking up early is an essential part of our trip plans. Yes, there are packing lists, itineraries, and places to visit to keep in mind – but if you can’t actually wake up to see them WHAT’S THE POINT?

This post is for our friends who love their beds more than anything else in the world, (and let’s be real, Berty needs to read this too. HA!) Here are tricks we use on how to wake up for sunrise, so we can capture those epic photos. 

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Do as many things as possible the night before. Here are some suggestions below:


Prepare Coffee (Or Caffeinated Drink Of Choice) The Night Before

Berty and I have a coffee maker that we prep the night before a trip. It’s not fancy, just a plug-in kind with a brew button on it.

We pour water in, stick coffee cups underneath it, and add the right amount of coffee grounds. In the morning you just press a button and it makes the coffee for you! EASY. We’re all about the smallest amount of steps possible to get caffeine in our sleepy bodies.

However, if looking forward to a fancier coffee drink is what will get you up in the morning, here are some of our favorite at-home espresso machines under $200!


Set Out Your Clothes + Pack Your Gear

Mornings are hard enough as it is, so we like to try and do as little as possible on adventure mornings.

Put your shoes by the door and have your clothes set out near your bed. This way you aren’t choosing something in the dark!

Pack your gear the night before so that you have a clear head when prepping and know exactly what you need to bring. This will help you not forget essentials like batteries and extra lenses!

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Set ONE Alarm

This trick may not work for everyone, but setting one alarm gives you NO EXCUSES to sleep in.

When you give yourself no other choice but to get up the first time, you’d be surprised how effective it can be. When Berty needs to do a lot of work, he’ll sometimes set one alarm for 6:00am to wake up and work until the sun is up.

Mornings can be a great time for productivity…if only it were easy every morning!


Be Accountable To Your Friends (And Them To You)

It might be easier for you to get up when you have someone else counting on you.

If you’re traveling with a group, try setting up a phone calling line to make sure everyone is awake and ready when it’s time to go.

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Get Stoked On Your Plans

In order for you to have a successful morning, make sure you’re totally excited about what you’ll be doing and seeing! You’ll drag your feet if what your plans don’t get you excited.


Do you have any tricks on how to wake up for sunrise? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!



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  1. Hi Emily,

    Last September in Leavenworth we met at a beautiful wedding where Bertie was the photographer. I have been following along on your adventures and reading your blog. Your skill as a writer is tight and concise and engaging. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your site and the photos. Nice work on all the behind the scenes work you do in promoting the blog. One tip that has helped us is to pack the car the night before and top off the gas tank.
    My hubs thinks 4 am is no big deal but for me with 4 littles it was difficult. We could travel while the littles slept some, this made the trip much shorter in duration for them. Love your blog. Lindsay & Taylors mom & mil.

    1. Hi Marianne! Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m glad you enjoy reading our blog, that’s so encouraging for us! Love the tip on packing the car early – we’ll actually use that for our trip to Boise in few weeks! Have a wonderful day!