23 Perfect Gifts For Film Photographers They Will Love

Post Summary: The Perfect Gifts For Film Photographers – a list!

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for that special film photographer in your life, but can’t seem to decide what to get them?

Since we’ve been shooting film for almost six years now, we know a thing or two about film photography gifts.

That’s why we have come up with this list of 23 amazing gifts for film photographers. From cameras and developing supplies to charming accessories and artful products, these pieces will bring a touch of creativity into any photography lover’s life.

Hot Tip: We also ordered them by price, ranging from affordable prices all the way up to pricier investment pieces! Read on to learn more about each product so you can find just the right one for your favorite shutterbug.

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The 23 Best Gifts For Film Photographers

Gifts For Film Photographers ($25 and under)

Shutter Release Cable ($6)

Vello Film Shutter Release Cable

This threaded shutter release cable is compatible with all mechanical film cameras and allows you to capture long-exposure images without touching your camera.

It’s perfect for landscape or street photographers who want to keep their cameras still for sharper photos. The cable also allows you to mount your camera on a tripod without having to touch it, making it easier to take photos in challenging situations.

Tri-X 400 Film ($12/roll)

Gifts For Film Photographers - Tri-X 400 Film

Kodak Tri-X 400 is one of the best black and white films on the market.

It captures true-to-life tones and has a fine grain and high sharpness for crisp, clean images.

If you haven’t tried black and white film yet, this is the one to get!

Negative Storage Binders ($18)

Besfile Archival Storage Binder - Best Gifts For Film Photographers

This Film Storage Binder from B&H is perfect for storing your film negatives.

The binder closes completely with folder over snaps, keeping moisture, light, and dust out of the binder and away from your negatives.

Negative Archival Storage Pages ($5)

Print File 35mm Negative Archival Pages

These 35mm Print File Film Archival Pages make it easy to keep track of your film and organize it after a trip.

Each sheet fits 7 5-frame 35mm strips and the sheets are easy to label and keep track of.

Grab a 25-pack here, or buy in bulk with this 100-sheet pack.

Joby Flex Tripod ($29)

Film Tripod Mini - Gifts For Film Photographers

Wrap around objects like a fence post, or balance your camera on uneven surfaces. This Joby GorrilaPod Flex Mini is tiny (2 ounces) and is perfect to use with small, compact film cameras.

If you need to maximize stability in an image, these tiny and trusty tripods are the perfect addition to your film camera lineup.

Film Case by Kodak ($24)

Film Cases - Gifts For Film Photographers

Keep all your film nice and tidy with these handy dandy film canisters. No more rummaging through your bag, or losing a precious roll.

Find all of your film easily and conveniently, making these film storage containers the perfect gifts for film photographers.

Vintage Kodak T-Shirt ($20)

Vintage photography T-shirts are the perfect way for you to show your cool, unique style. Featuring classic logos and 100% cotton construction, these shirts provide a comfortable and stylish fit.

Whether you’re a film photography enthusiast or a digital whiz, you can show off your favorite camera brand in style!

Lens Cleaning Kit ($15)

Gifts For Film Photographers - Lens Cleaning Kit

Have you ever been stuck in a dust storm and gotten sand or small particles in your lens? (We hope you never experience this crisis) Or maybe you want to get rid of smudges or streaks?

Grab a lens pen, cleaning cloth, or a small kit with all the tools. It may come in handy when you least expect it.

Film Photography Field Notebooks ($5)

Rite In The Rain Outdoor Journal

The Rite In The Rain Outdoor Journal is your perfect companion for any outdoor adventure! Not only is this pocket notebook incredibly lightweight and handy, it also features waterproof pages, making it the ideal record book for field workers or photographers.

Jot down your notes without worrying about the elements damaging your work – no matter how heavy the rain is, or how harsh the beam of the sun is. No matter the adventure, this journal will give you the assurance that all of your notes and thoughts are safe in one place!

Photography Inspiration Cards ($20)

Photography Inspiration Cards

Looking for ways to practice your photography in interesting ways? Stretch your creativity with Photo of the Week cards!

Decks of cards can be found anywhere online, but those from Haelio Photo and these ones from Amazon were the favorites in our research.

Gifts Ideas For Film Photographers ($25-$50)

Ilford Sprite 35-II Film Camera ($29)

Ilford Sprite Film Camera 35-II Product Image

The Ilford Sprite Film Camera 35-II is a simple, easy-to-use film camera that is perfect for capturing everyday moments.

Its fixed focus and wide-angle lens make it great for taking photos of friends and family or scenic landscapes during the daytime.

The built-in flash ensures you get great shots even in low light conditions, and the camera takes both color and black-and-white film.

Peak Design Anchor Links ($24)

Peak Design Anchor Links - Product Image

These Peak Design anchor links allow you to unclip and reclip camera straps with ease.

This way, you can choose between a plethora of stylish camera straps, and easily interchange them depending on what you want that day!

Cinestill C-41 Film Developing Kit ($25)

CineStill Film Cs41 C-41 Color Negative Film Liquid Developing Kit

The CineStill C-41 Film Developing Kit is an at-home, high-quality color-negative film developer solution. Any of your color-negative film can be easily processed in a two-bath wash and can be reused for up to 24 rolls.

This is the perfect kit for those who want to develop their own color negatives at home. Developing your own color negatives means you can save money and have more control over the whole process of making images!

The Film Developing Cookbook ($46)

The Film Developing Cookbook - Gifts For Film Photographers

This is one of the best gifts for film photographers who are looking to improve their techniques for developing their own images.

From the chemistry to the mixing, solutions to safety, this manual goes over all the specific details on how to develop your film at home!

Half Frame Film Camera – Ektar H35 ($49)

Kodak Ektar Half Frame Film Camera

The Kodak Ektar H35 Half Frame Film Camera is one of the greatest gifts for film photographers who seem to fly through their film rolls! A half frame camera allows you to stretch a 36-frame roll into a 72-frame roll!

With a built-in flash and lightweight body, it’s easy to carry around on any adventure. The camera has a 22mm fixed-focus lens, which is a great option for everyday scenes.

This camera is compatible with all 35mm color negative and black and white film.

Unique Film Negatives (Prices Vary)

Shot on Kodak Ektachrome E100

Share the originality and uniqueness of unusual film types! Hard-to-get or rare film negatives make some of the best gifts for film photographers! Here are some ideas to start with:

Film Photography Gifts ($50-$100)

Camera Inserts

Camera Inserts for Backpack - TheMandagies.com

The Peak Design Travel Camera Cube is the perfect companion for busy film photographers. The small camera insert fits into most backpacks and will keep your gear safe, secure, and padded.

Peak Design makes their inserts customizable to fit any combination of bodies and lenses, so you can pack exactly what you need and nothing more!

Kodak Portra 400 Film ($80)

Kodak Portra 400 - Gifts For Film Photographers

Kodak Portra 400 film is easily the hottest and most popular 35mm color film on the market. It’s high-speed daylight use, fine grain, brilliant saturation, and low contrast produce stable and consistent results in a variety of lighting situations.

It’s particularly well fit for portraits, as it captures skin tones in their true form. If you only choose one of these gifts for film photographers, GO WITH THIS ONE.

This item is five 36-exposure rolls of 35mm film.

Waterproof Dry Bags

Sea To Summit Dry Bags

If you are taking your camera gear out on an adventure, having a dry bag on standby is a good idea. Dry bags are waterproof (to an extent) and meant to keep your items dry in scrappy conditions.

We always take dry bags out with us when on a boat (like our canoe), in rainy conditions, in open-air vehicles, and on hiking trips.

Note: Pay attention to the size and dimensions – ensure it fits all your gear.

Photo Lab Gift Cards For Developing Film ($25-$50)

We all know the film is expensive, and getting them developed just adds to that price tag! One of the best gifts to give film photographers is a gift card to their favorite developing company.

Here are some of the most popular mail-in photography labs:

Gifts For Film Photographers ($100 and above)

Sekonic Light Meter ($229)

Sekonic Light Meter L-308X-U Flashmate Product Image

The lightweight and portable Sekonic L-308X-U Flashmate is a welcome companion for film photographers on the go. It can accurately read the light of any space (studio, outside, etc) so you can adjust your settings for the highest quality image.

This is the perfect gift for the photographer who wants to nail that exposure every time!

Insta Square SQ1 Instant Camera ($119)

Best Instant Cameras For Travelers

The FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 instant film camera is a stylish and minimal design camera with a built-in flash. It produces large 2.4 x 2.4″ square prints that are great for sharing with friends on a camping trip, or decorating your home or office.

The front of the camera features a selfie mirror and there is an auto exposure setting so you don’t have to worry about adjusting settings on your own!

Read More: The 11 Best Instant Cameras for Travelers

Peak Design Everyday Sling Camera Bag ($119)

The Peak Design Everyday Sling (6 Liter) is a versatile and compact sling bag, perfect for travelers.

Its main pocket is perfectly suited for a small camera, and it comes with dividers so you can also pack in your wallet and keys on the go.

If you want a bag option that’s smaller than a backpack, consider getting a sling bag instead!

Did you like these gifts for film photographers? Would you add anything to this list? Tell us in the comments!


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