7 Fall Jackets To Wear In The Pacific Northwest

Post Summary: Fall Jackets To Wear in the Pacific Northwest

The mornings are getting chilly here in the PNW, and our hikes are getting colder!

Berty and I are huge fans of waking up early for a sunrise hike now that the trails are a little less trafficked. This means we need layers – specifically ones that keep us warm as we start hiking and light enough to carry when we’re going on the trail.

We also wanted to give our regular wardrobe a refresh for this coming season! In addition to the trails, we needed something quick to wear on the way to coffee shops and cafes around our neighborhood.

Therefore, we’ve decided to round up our favorite warm layers and fall jackets for this season, which you can wear on and off the trails in the Pacific Northwest!

7 Fall Jackets To Wear In The Pacific Northwest

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1. Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are the perfect transition piece for fall. They give you that instantaneous “cool” vintage feel and allow you to layer a sweater/sweatshirt under it for extra warmth.

Jean jackets also have features like highly-functional pockets and sturdy denim material – perfect for both adventures in and out of the city.

2. Utility Jackets

Utility jackets are perfect for those trips to the gloomy, cold Washington Coast.

Many of these autumn jackets are made of sturdy material like canvas or heavy cotton to keep the cold wind out and keep you dry. Also, the “utility” means lots of pockets and hidden places to store your valuables – essential when walking on a stormy beach or a forest downpour!

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3. Fleece Pullovers

This one is on my fall wishlist. I can see myself lounging around the house in it, running a quick errand, or even packing for a backpacking trip.

There are so many situations where this pullover is appropriate to wear – and all are perfect for the chilly mornings and evenings in the PNW.

(We’re aware these pictures are from the Southwest! Please excuse us as we go and invest in some pullovers, then change the pictures accordingly. haha)

4. Quilted Vests

Vests are perfect for their versatility. You can layer it with just a lightweight long sleeve shirt or go as far as a bulky hoodie, depending on how cold it is outside.

Plus, nearly all styles have pockets, and these usually come with a zillion!

5. Rain Coats

A rain jacket in the Pacific Northwest isn’t just a fall staple. Let’s be honest, it’s a year-round ESSENTIAL. If you don’t invest in any other piece this fall, get this one.

We’ve also made an entire post dedicated to rain jackets here, if you’re looking for more inspiration and options.

6. Bomber Jackets

Sitting in coffee shops and/or running errands? Grab a bomber jacket for a quick, light layer.

This way you can lug around groceries without feeling weighed down by a bulky cover. Similar to a jean jacket, you get that instant “cool” feel, while actually keeping warm too.

7. Windbreakers

Berty and I have been starting to go to the gym more regularly. On the days we don’t go, we like to run (okay, let’s be honest – we walk and buy lattes) around the University of Washington campus in our neighborhood.

Windbreakers are a perfect layer to keep the morning chill out, and perfectly light when we’re ready to tie them around our waist.

What are some fall jacket trends you are loving? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great selections here! My go-to fall and spring jacket is the Patagonia Nano-Air. Perfect for so many situations. Lightweight, breathable, super comfy. They’ve been on the rise for a while now. A more affordable and popular option is the Arc’tryx Atom LT. OR makes a great synthetic hoody too! Check em out. 🙂

    1. Hey Phil! I’m glad you liked this post! I checked out the Patagonia Nano Air – looks like a great jacket! Thanks for the recommendations 🙂