A Spontaneous Hike To Rattlesnake Ledge

Post Summary: What to expect when hiking Rattlesnake Ledge, near Seattle, Washington. Last Sunday, Berty and I decided to drive east and hike Rattlesnake Ledge. (Just in case you get confused, it’s also often called Rattlesnake Ridge or Rattlesnake Mountain.) We are trying to go out more to hike and take pictures of our daily lives….

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Maryhill Stonehenge

Post Summary: What To Expect at Maryhill Stonehenge in Washington State Did you know that even still today, people don’t actually know why the stonehenge in England was built? Some speculate it was for ceremonial purposes, others to track eclipses, but everyone agrees that the beauty of the structure is incomparable. Since the first time…

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12 Stunning Places To Visit In The Inland Northwest

Post Summary: Amazing locations to explore in the Inland Northwest and where to find them. You probably hear a lot about the Pacific Northwest. Its gorgeous mountains, stunning coastline, and hundreds of miles of trails make it hard to beat! But did you know, that only a half-day’s drive away, there is another region worth checking…

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