12 Day Trips From Twin Falls, Idaho

Planning a trip to Twin Falls, Idaho? There is so much to do in town, but arguably even MORE to do just outside of the city limits!

Whether you’re looking for unique geologic formations to explore, love natural hot springs, or are interested in trying a new activity like sandboarding, Southern Idaho has it all.

Keep reading to learn all about our favorite day trips from Twin Falls, Idaho and where to find them!

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12 Adventurous Day Trips From Twin Falls, Idaho

Tea Kettle Cave - Best Day Trips from Twin Falls, Idaho

1. Tea Kettle Cave

The Tea Kettle Cave is one of the best day trips from Twin Falls, Idaho! It’s easily accessible, being a 1 hour and 20 minute-drive from downtown Twin Falls. Most of all though, it’s super unique!

At Tea Kettle Cave, you can expect to see a sun beam shining through the center hole in the ceiling of the cave (the “lid”). In the middle, there is a flourishing ecosystem of ferns underneath the light. It’s a fun climb down through the “spout”–or mouth–of the cave too!

When at Tea Kettle Cave, it’s super important that you don’t stand in the center of the cave. The ancient ferns growing within the cave are extremely fragile!

Because you have to hike into the cave from a steep, rocky trail, we suggest this day trip near Twin Falls for those who are more agile.

Looking for more information? Berty and I wrote a super detailed guide to Tea Kettle Cave, with directions, safety tips, packing list and more!

2. Worswick Hot Springs

Worswick Hot Springs in the Sawtooth National Forest is a natural hot spring that gives you ultimate relaxation and good vibes.

You can reach the natural hot springs from the Worswick Hot Springs Trail. It’s an easy 0.5-mile trek with 98 feet elevation gain through the lush forests of Southern Idaho.

Here, you can expect pit toilets, pools with various temperatures, and the nearby Five Points Campground. There are several pools to choose from, hidden in the folds of the hillside. Wander to find your perfect soaking spot!

The geothermal activity in this region of Idaho makes Worswick Hot Springs such a unique day trip from Idaho Falls or Twin Falls. It’s one of the best hot springs in Idaho!

3. Balanced Rock

Visiting the 40-ton, wind-carved Balanced Rock in Buhl is one of the easiest and coolest day trips from Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s just 22 minutes from downtown and is one of the most unique natural rock formations in the nation!

Crazy enough, the world-famous Balanced Rock stands precariously on a pedestal of 3 feet by 17 inches and is over 48 feet tall!

Near Balanced Rock, you’ll find great rocky spots for having a picnic and watching the sunset.

If you’re hoping to stay overnight near Balanced Rock in the Twin Falls area, check out Balanced Rock Park for FREE tent and RV camping!

4. Skillern Hot Springs

If you’re looking for more secluded natural hot springs in Idaho, visit Skillern Hot Springs in the Sawtooth National Forest!

To reach Skillern Hot Springs, hike a moderately challenging 6 miles (out-and-back) with 567 feet elevation gain on the Skillern Hot Springs Trail.

The best time to visit Skillern Hot Springs is in the summer and fall when the leaves begin to change.

While at Skillern Hot Springs, be sure to follow hiking etiquette and natural hot springs etiquette by leaving no trace and keeping the space clean for future visitors!

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve - Day Trips from Twin Falls, Idaho

5. Craters Of The Moon

If you want to feel like you’re on another planet, check out Craters of the Moon National Monument!

Because of its unique volcanic geology and history, Craters of the Moon National Monument is a great place to take the entire family and kids.

The best time to visit Craters of the Moon National Park is in the spring or fall. It can get VERY hot during the summer days. There is no shade here, so proper sun protection and water is ESSENTIAL!

Craters of the Moon National Park is not open to visit or camp in the winter season. This is because they shut the water and power off! It usually opens around April/May.

Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park in Idaho

6. Bruneau Sand Dunes

Did you know the largest single-structure sand dune in the US is located in Idaho?

At 470 feet, the sand dune in Bruneau Sand Dunes stands out among the rest and inspires visitors to explore this part of Idaho’s high desert.

In Bruneau Dunes State Park, you can rent sand boards from the Visitors Center (starting at $15 per board) and go sand boarding for a fun day trip in Idaho!

Visiting the Bruneau Dunes Observatory is another popular attraction in this area of Idaho.

7. City of Rocks National Reserve

With unique rock formations of tafoni (weathered caves), arches, panholes, and joints, the City of Rocks National Reserve is a unique experience for all outdoor adventurers and travelers.

The City of Rocks National Reserve is the perfect place for rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, photography, birding, hunting and fishing, auto touring, and hiking! The list goes on!

If you’re planning on camping near Twin Falls, Idaho, the City of Rocks National Reserve has tons of tent, RV, and cabin sites at the City of Rocks Campground and Smoky Mountain Campground that start at $24 per night.

Little City of Rocks - Day Trips From Twin Falls, Idaho

8. Little City of Rocks

Neary Gooding, Idaho, the Little City of Rocks is a unique high desert feature of the Magic Valley. It’s an area of southern Idaho that is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The Little City of Rocks has lots of great hiking trails, including the Little City of Rocks Loop, which is a 4.9-mile, moderately challenging trek with 836 feet elevation gain!

Being just an hour drive from Twin Falls, this day trip to Little City of Rocks is not one to pass up.

Things To Do In Sun Valley In The Fall

9. Sun Valley, Idaho

Calling all fellow ski lovers and mountain bike enthusiasts! Sun Valley, Idaho is only 1 hour and 45 minutes away from the city, making it a perfect option for a day trip from Twin Falls, Idaho.

Here, there is a little bit of outdoor adventure for everyone! Discover the incredible hiking trails in the Sawtooth National Forest or mountain bike trails on Sun Valley Mountain in the summer.

If you are visiting in the wintertime, pick up a ski pass and spend a day on the slopes.

In the evenings, check out the many natural Idaho hot springs in the area. The most popular are Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs, Hailey Hot Springs, and Easley Hot Springs.

10. Shoshone Ice Caves

One of the most unique day trips in Idaho is visiting the Shoshone Ice Caves. They are ancient lava ice caves that are found just 50 minutes north of Idaho Falls.

You can tour this unique southern Idaho destination with Shoshone Ice Caves Walking Tours. There, you’ll get to learn all about this fun place in Idaho from local experts and tour guides.

Shoshone Ice Caves Walking Tours include a 3/4-mile hike, with lots of stairs, so hiking shoes are encouraged! 

The Shoshone Ice Caves are usually open seven days a week, May 1st through September 30th and tours can be booked online, with rates starting at $8 for kids (4-12) and $12 for adults (13+).

11. Black Magic Canyon

The Black Magic Canyon in Shoshone is one of the best day trips from Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s less than an hour from downtown Twin Falls and can be easily paired with a tour of the Shoshone Ice Caves!

To reach this hidden gem, hike the moderately challenging Black Magic Canyon Trail. The trail is 1.5 miles with 42 feet elevation gain.

The longer you hike, the more unique rock formations you will find. However, be aware that there are some parts that require some rock climbing!

The best time to visit Black Magic Canyon is in the early spring. This avoids irrigation season at local farms, which can flood the path, and snakes.

Miracle Hot Springs near Twin Falls, Idaho

12. Miracle Hot Springs & Banbury Hot Springs

Book a private soaking area at Miracle Hot Springs and Banbury Hot Springs! It’s one of the best experiences for relaxing and fun day trips in Idaho.

Being commercial hot springs, Miracle Hot Springs and Banbury Hot Springs provide visitors with a complete resort experience. This includes massages, kayak rentals, and lodging!

You can book glamping domes, full lodging, or tent camping at Miracle Hot Springs and Banbury Hot Springs.

Map of Day Trips From Twin Falls, Idaho

Click the interactive map below to discover all the Twin Falls day trips, and where they are in relation to one another!

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