10 Fun Activities To Experience Autumn In South Dakota

Updated August 2019

Post Summary: Fun Places To Experience Autumn In South Dakota and Where To Find Them

The Wild West, beautiful Native American culture, golden prairies, presidential mountains…spark your interest yet?

Berty and I love exploring new places and being fueled by new adventures, so we ventured off to discover a new state – South Dakota!

Chock-full of unique landscapes and lively western towns, we were on a mission to find the best places to experience autumn in South Dakota.

We knew we just had to check out the aspen trees of Custer State Park turn colors this fall!

To help you plan your own all-American fall adventure this year, Berty and I wrote a complete guide to South Dakota in Autumn.

We’re sharing maps to the most fun South Dakota fall locations, the best times to visit each, what to expect, and so much more!

Berty in the Badlands, South Dakota during sunset

10 Fun Activities To Experience Autumn In South Dakota

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When Is The Best Time To Visit And See Fall Colors In South Dakota?

The best time to vist the fall colors in South Dakota is between the months of September and October.

Becuase of the high elevation of this area, South Dakota often recieves fall colors earlier than most states, so plan a trip early in the fall season so you don’t miss a second of the action!

  • Peak time: Plan your autumn activities in South Dakota in early to mid-October to see the leaves at their peak.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-732-5682​

1. Take A Hike In Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park in southwest South Dakota is a cluster of eroding buttes and pinnacles surrounded by beautiful prairies on all sides.

Here, history is right in front of your eyes as you spot the different colors in the sediment! You can easily see the Badlands in one day by driving through and stopping at the main lookouts. However, if you have a little bit more time, we recommend camping nearby, so you can enjoy the park during sunrise and sunset too!

To experience autumn in South Dakota all the way out here in the prairie, we suggest taking an early morning hike to catch the weather doing interesting things.

The seasonal days may not bring some sunshine, but you can get a moody morning among the clouds at the Badlands instead.

Hike Suggestion: The Notch Trail is a 1.5-mile out-and-back trek that takes you through a dry river bed and among towering buttes.

You will get some sweeping views of the valley and get up close and personal with the landscape.

Make sure to come prepared to climb, or consider another hike if you are scared of heights!

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Berty on boardwalk Badlands National Park

View of Badlands National Park

2. Explore Wind Caves National Park

Autumn in South Dakota can change quickly – there was actually a record-breaking temperature change here!

To get yourself out of the elements for an afternoon, explore the inside of Wind Caves National Park.

Wind Cave National Park works together with the Lakota tribe to showcase 140+ miles of discovered cave.

It’s called Wind Cave because as the temperature changes, the cave will “breathe” to match the atmospheric pressure of the outside air.

We took the “Garden of Eden” tour, which is a ranger-led walk of 150 stairs deep in the heart of the cave.

On this tour, we saw examples of boxwork, frostwork, and popcorn cave formations. The ranger even turned out the lights to experience what the early cave explorers did when their candles got snuffed out! (Hint: it’s VERY dark)

Would you consider exploring more of this cave? They are always looking for volunteers to uncover more of this underground maze. You just can’t be claustrophobic or scared of the dark!

Photographers Tip: Bring a lens with a low aperture (see our full lineup for our favorites!) to better capture the cave in low light!

Ranger flashlight tour Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park by candlight

3. Discover Custer State Park

Consisting of 71,000 acres in the Black Hills, this park encompasses rolling hills, granite peaks, and beautiful lakes and wildlife around every corner.

Custer State Park is accessible from many areas of the state – 30 minutes from Rapid City, 10 from Custer, and is also nearby big attractions like Mount Rushmore and Wind Caves National Park.

During autumn in South Dakota, there are so many amazing opportunities and things to do in Custer State Park! There are so many awesome places to go fly-fishing in South Dakota, but Custer State Park is an exceptional location! You will find mainly rainbow trout here, as well as other types of trout too!

Sit and watch the sunrise or sunset at Sylvan Lake, drive the twists and turns of Iron Mountain Road, or even spot a bison or two on the Wildlife Loop.

Whatever you choose, make sure to plan an entire day here to experience it to its fullest!

Love Wildlife? Try Exploring Yellowstone National Park! 

Emily autumn in South Dakota

View of Custer State Park, South Dakota

4. Take A Drive On The Needles Highway (The Best Fall Foliage Drive In South Dakota)

One of the most quintessential activities to do in autumn in South Dakota is to take a fall drive on the Needles Highway.

This 14-mile road in Custer State Park explodes with gorgeous fall colors around every twist and turn of the road.

The mix between green pine trees, orange aspens, and jutting granite peaks is guaranteed to make you pull over more than once for a picture!

It is said that this road was purposely designed to be narrow so that you have no choice but to slow down and enjoy the scenery. (We’re not complaining)

Plan a little bit of extra time here to soak in all that this scenic drive has to offer for fall foliage in South Dakota! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Needles highway tunnel, South Dakota

Tunnel on the Needles Highway, South Dakota

autumn in South Dakota, Fall Foliage

5. Climb Up To Black Elk Peak

If you’re looking for a gorgeous fall hike in South Dakota, consider hiking Black Elk Peak during sunset.

This 6.8-mile out-and-back trail (or it can be a loop!) is a long but gradual uphill climb with a stone fire lookout at the end.

At the top, you can see views of the back of Mount Rushmore and the granite mountains of the Black Hills.

Black Elk Peak is the tallest point east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Formerly known as Harney Peak, it has been renamed to the original Native American title (Black Elk Peak).

Here at the top, try and spot the Lakota prayer flags carefully draped over the pine trees.

If you are coming for sunset, make sure to bring a headlamp for the return trip back. It gets dark quickly!

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Granite views from Black Elk Peak, South Dakota

Emily at sunset on Black Elk Peak, South Dakota

6. Attend Oktoberfest In Deadwood, South Dakota

Deadwood, South Dakota is famous for being a gold rush town that attracted gunslingers, outlaws, and gamblers.

It got its name from the gulch of dead trees discovered in the area, as the town came to fruition from the get-rich-quick seekers looking for the precious metal in the nearby caves.

Now, while the days of gunfights in saloons are gone, Deadwood still keeps its loud and fun reputation of being the local party town for modern-day thrill-seekers.

Along Main Street, there is a plentiful selection of bars and casinos to choose from!

Every autumn in South Dakota, the town of Deadwood celebrates its western version of Oktoberfest.

Here, you can find Weiner dog races, beer barrel races, street drinking, and fun gatherings on every street corner.

Berty and I spent the day watching these events, and even getting old western photos of ourselves!

Want to stretch your legs? Try and bike or walk a portion of the George S. Mickelson trail. This 108.8-mile long route boasts railroad bridges, rock tunnels, and tons of beautiful fall foliage during this time of year.

beer at Oktoberfest, Deadwood, South Dakota

Beer barrel games, Deadwood, South Dakota

weiner dog raves, Oktoberfest in Deadwood, South Dakota

7. See Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial is a one-of-a-kind statue that is CURRENTLY being carved out of the South Dakota granite mountains.

It will eventually be a statue of the Oglala Lakota Warrior, riding a house and extending his arm and pointer finger forward.

You can find this memorial in Custer County, South Dakota – pretty close to Mount Rushmore. You can easily make the time to see both in one day, and even explore a little bit of the park too!

8. Explore Mount Rushmore National Monument

If you’re coming to South Dakota, there’s a strong chance you’ll be stopping by Mount Rushmore National Monument.

If you’re unfamiliar, this is one of the most iconic places to visit in the United States, including four US presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln) carved on the side of a granite cliff.

After viewing this amazing sculpture, make sure to visit the Lincoln Borglum Museum, which is located directly under the viewing platform.

Here, you’ll see the entire building process from start to finish, from the perspective of the workers, founders, and artists who came together to create this amazing American monument.

We think autumn in South Dakota is the best time to visit Mount Rushmore. This is because there are fewer crowds, the sun rises a little later, and the weather is very comfortable!

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Mount Rushmore National Monument

9. Ride A Hot Air Balloon Into The Sunset

What better way to see the fall foliage in South Dakota than by air? Experiencing the cool, crisp autumn air isn’t just for the lucky – there’s tons of ways to see hot air balloons is South Dakota and maybe even ride one too!

Black Hills Ballons offers sunrise flights, all inclusive with champagne, snacks, and all the amenities to make your trip incredibly comfortable!

During the weekend of September 13th – 15th, the Stratobowl Historic Hot Air Balloon Event will be going on in the black hills where you can participate, ride, or even just watch these historic ballons rise up into the autumn morning.

Make it a family event and start planning your trip to the black hills from Rapid City now!

10. Take the 1880 Train Wine Express

Autumn is harvest time and if you like to enjoy this season with culinary experiences, you’ll be fully equipped in South Dakota to do just that!

The 1880 Train takes guests on a 20-mile route between Hill City and Keystone – perfect for viewing the amazing fall leaves and colors right outside the windows.

Every fall in South Dakota, the 1880 Train hosts the “Wine Express”. Along the way, you’ll ride in the almost 100-year old historic train, sipping local wine paired with delicous food!

You’ll also receive a narrated tour of the area with live entertainment on deck too!

Purchase your tickets here and get ready for one of the best activities in South Dakota in autumn.

11. Watch Cowboys And Cowgirls Round Up Buffalos Near Wind Cave National Park

One of the most exciting things to do in Autumn in South Dakota is watch riders rally up the buffalo for the season.

Not only is this event incredibly fun to watch, but it’s totally necessary for the health of the heard and sustainable management for the area.

The Buffalo Roundup begins at 9:15 am but it’s crucial to come early to get a spot in the front with folding chairs and binoculars. (Parking lots open at 6:30am!)

Not only is there the roundup viewing, but also tons of other activities like horse camp, testing and sorting buffalo, and informational sessions are avaiable during the event. Breakfast and lunch are also served for a fee!

The Upcoming Buffalo Roundup Dates Are September 26-28th 2019. Come early to snag a spot in the front!

Are These All The Best Activities To Do In Autumn in South Dakota?

Nope! On this trip, Berty and I only explored the west side of the state, around Rapid City.

We must come back to search for more fall foliage and autumn activities in South Dakota another time! Here’s what’s next on our list:

Map of Amazing Locations For Autumn In South Dakota

In order to experience the fall season in South Dakota to its fullest, we suggest flying into Rapid City.

From here, you can take day trips to the Black Hills, Badlands, and even the Destiny statue in Chamberlain.

If you are thinking about spending a few days exploring the Badlands in the fall, make sure to stay at Circle View Guest Ranch for the coziest sleep and most delicious homemade breakfast!

Thank you South Dakota Tourism for hosting us during the beautiful fall season in South Dakota!

What are some of your favorite places to experience autumn in South Dakota? Let us know in the comments below because we’d love to make a return trip!

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