9 Gorgeous Washington Hot Springs To Enjoy (+ Directions!)

Post Summary: The Best Washington hot springs with directions and tips

Hands down, natural hot springs are one of the coolest features of the PNW.

Not only are the unique qualities of geothermal springs incredibly fascinating, but they’re ideal for getting a healthy dose of R&R.

We’ve already got you covered with guides to Oregon’s natural hot springs and Idaho’s natural hot springs, but it’s time to take a deep dive into the best Washington hot springs!

Keep scrolling to read all about the best natural hot springs in Washington!

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The 9 Best Hot Springs in Washington State

Hot Spring Soaking Etiquette Reminders

When visiting natural hot springs in Washington, it’s essential to be a good steward of the space so that we keep the area safe, open, clean, and accessible for others!

Check out our complete list of essential hot springs etiquette practices before you visit Washington hot springs.

Unsure what to bring when you go? We’ve got you covered with our hot springs packing list, complete with everything you need for a relaxing and responsible soak.

1. Sol Duc Hot Springs

Among other Pacific Northwest hot springs, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort in Port Angeles is a perfect stop on an Olympic Peninsula road trip.

The ADA-accessible commercial resort features cabins for rent, clean and contained hot spring pools that are complimentary for cabin guests and access to a ton of nearby outdoor adventures.

We love visiting one of the most iconic waterfalls in Washington by hiking the Sol Duc Falls trail in Olympic National Park (easy, 1.6 miles roundtrip).

With 1.5-hour sessions, you can access the pools at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort for $18 per hour for adults (12+), $12 per hour for kids (4-11), senior citizens (62+), and kiddos under 3 swim free!

Is Soc Duc hot springs clothing optional?

No, because this is a commercial hot springs, bathing suits are required.

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2. Goldmyer Hot Springs

Found in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in North Bend, Washington, Goldmyer Hot Springs is a Pacific Northwest gem that features camping like no other and magnificent mountain views.

Because of its extreme popularity, Goldmyer Hot Springs is a private hot spring that is only accessed by lottery entry.

To reach Goldmyer Hot Springs from the Seattle/Tacoma area, guests must drive 4-hours, and follow a 12-mile paved road, and 6-mile unpaved forest service road.

Then, guests must then trek a rewarding 4.5-mile hike to reach Goldmyer Hot Springs!

Follow Goldmyer Hot Springs’ information guide for contact information, packing recommendations, directions to the pools, where to camp, and how to get there!

Washington Hot Springs - Olympic Hot Springs Photo by Robert Ashworth
Images by Robert Ashworth (See license here)

3. Olympic Hot Springs

Found 2.5 miles from the Boulder Creek Trailhead in the Elwha Valley, Olympic Hot Springs is a historic area that was once used to house a huge soaking complex.

While Olympic Hot Springs has been a nice place to visit in the past, recent studies have found the water to be contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria and not suitable for soakers, so bathe at your own risk.

The easy trek to Olympic Hot Springs is still a nice hike, though, and definitely worth a visit!

Keep in mind, if you plan on backpacking or staying overnight in Olympic National Park, you will need a Wilderness Backpacking Permit.

Browse even more accommodations: Where To Stay Near Olympic National Park

Carson Hot Springs Resort and Spa - Hot Springs in Washington State
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4. Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort

Take a weekend to unplug and reconnect with yourself this year at Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort for a lovely winter getaway in Washington State.

Carson Hot Springs has it all: historic rooms starting at $218 per night (two queens), a bathhouse, spa, and mineral therapy pools, the nearby Elk Ridge Golf Course, and dining options–not to mention all of the numerous outdoor activities in the Columbia River Gorge!

Spending a night or two at Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort and getting a soak in while you’re at it is a wonderful way to spend a quick and simple weekend getaway in from Seattle or Portland.

Washington Hot Springs - Scenic Hot Springs

5. Scenic Hot Springs

Featuring stunning views of the Cascade Mountain Range, Scenic Hot Springs live up to its name, making it one of the best hot springs in Washington!

One of the best parts about Scenic Hot Springs is that the moderate 2.2-mile hike is accessible year-round. Therefore, it’s one of many wonderful hikes near Seattle.

To visit the privately owned natural hot springs near Seattle, you must gain permission from the owners. You’ll also need to pay an affordable fee of $10 through an online transaction.

Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis, so reserve your stay soon.

If you’re in the big city, don’t fret. Scenic Hot Springs is on’y 1.5 hours down Highway 2, making it one of the coolest day trips from Seattle!

To reach Scenic Hot Springs, drive into the Stevens Pass area off of U.S. Highway 2 and pass the town of Skykomish. It’s one of the closest hot springs near Seattle.

The owner will tell you exactly where you can park when you make your reservation (don’t park on Highway 2 or you risk getting towed!). From there, you’ll get the owner’s directions for how to get to the hot springs.

6. Sulphur Creek Hot Springs

Like many hot springs in Washington, Sulphur Creek Hot Springs near Rockport, Washington is accessed by hiking. It’s a moderate 3.6 miles roundtrip with 900 feet of elevation gain on the Sulphur Creek Trail (#793).

After about one mile, the trail brings you to a fork, where you should continue left to reach the hot springs.

Sulphur Creek Hot Springs seats two people and the temperature stays warm at around 90º F. It’s not a hot pool, so we recommend only visiting in the summertime. It’s too cold for winter in Washington!

You’ll likely have to fill the pool yourself. Use a nearby broom to clean the bottom, open the pipe, and fill the pool for about 20 minutes until full.

Be aware of road and trail conditions when travelling to Sulphur Creek Hot Springs, as the area is not maintained.

Note: This access road and trail experienced damage in the Downey Creek Fire and Suiattle Fire in October 2022 and is currently closed. Check back often for trail updates on when it will be open again!

7. Baker Hot Springs

What’s better than one hot spring? Two!

At Baker Hot Springs, visitors get to enjoy the wonders of two geothermal pools while soaking in the lush forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

The temperatures of the pools are cooler than the typical hot spring. They are generally lukewarm and soaking at Baker Hot Springs is better in the summer seasons.

To reach Baker Hot Springs in Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, be prepared for a slow journey. Due to the unpaved road with many deep potholes (high-clearance, AWD vehicles recommended) you’ll travel 4 miles in about 1 hour.

Nevertheless, the easy, 0.6-mile hike to Baker Hot Springs is definitely worth it. It’s secluded, dogs are welcome, and you can experience the beauty of the PNW in a very accessible way!

8. Gamma Hot Springs

If you’re willing to put in the work, visiting Gamma Hot Springs is well worth the challenge!

The hot springs hike to Gamma Hot Springs has little information online. We know it requires a moderate to difficult 11 miles in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Because of its remote and difficult location to reach, you’ll be likely forging the path to discover it on your own.

9. Doe Bay Resort and Retreat

On Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, Doe Bay Resort and Retreat is the perfect solo or romantic Washington weekend getaway from everyday life.

Known as the “warm heart of Doe Bay,” the hot springs and spa amenities at the Doe Bay Resort and Retreat are both relaxing and soothing.

While staying at Doe Bay Resort and Retreat, visitors experience blissful ocean views, 38 acres of pristine oceanfront accommodations, private spa rentals, and try out tons of fun activities!

You can rent yurts, cabins, domes, and campsites at Doe Bay Resort and Retreat, starting at $151 per night (minimum stay required).

While priority access is given to those staying overnight at the resort, if you just want to visit the hot springs at Doe Bay Resort and Spa for a day, you can access the pools mid-week (if the schedule allows) or through exclusive private rentals.

Hot Springs in Washington Map

Here’s a Washington hot springs map to help guide your tours of PNW hot springs!

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FAQ About Hot Springs in Washington

Are there hot springs in Washington state?

Yes! As you read from this blog post, Washington has a combination of natural and commercial hot springs. While there isn’t as many as Idaho, Oregon, or British Columbia, there are still some great pools to check out.

Which region of Washington state are the hot springs located in?

Most of the natural hot springs in Washington are located in or around the Cascade Mountains. This checks out, because the Cascadia subduction zone from the Juan de Fuca plate causes friction under the earth’s crust. This is what forms the Cascade mountains, and makes volcanoes like Mt Rainier, St Helens, and Mount Hood present today.

Which are the best natural hot springs in Washington state?

Personally, we like the commercial hot springs in Washington best! They are maintained and oftentimes more clean than the natural ones in this area.