The 16 Most Haunted Places In Washington State

From ancient folklore, abandoned ghost towns, and massacre sites, there are plenty of haunted places in Washington state to discover this spooky season.

Berty and I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for decades now, and we’ve heard our fair share of terrible tables and spooky stories.

Keep reading to learn about these iconic – and shocking – haunted Washington locations…and visit if you dare!

The 16 Most Haunted Places In Washington State

Haunted Places in Washington State - Hoh Rainforest

1. Hoh River Trail – Olympic National Park

This moss-adorned forest may remind you of Twilight vampires or werewolves, but it is said to have a much darker past than that.

Some stories even claim that the dark, dank forests around the Hoh River Trail in the Olympic National Park have been used for satanic worshippers and cult activity. In the 1970s some people claimed to have seen hoof-footed goat-like men lurking around the forest, wearing dark robes.

Sasquatch? Demons? Vampires? I think that’s up to you to decide. Visit the Hoh Rainforest only if you dare!

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2. Iron Goat Trail – Leavenworth, Washington

The Iron Goat Trail is an easy 5.7-mile loop trail that may seem like several other hikes in the Pacific Northwest; however, this hike has a tragic past.

Because the Iron Goat Trail follows the old Great Northern railroad, the trail winds through a tunnel and harsh conditions of the Cascade Mountain Range.

In 1910, the disastrous Wellington Avalanche derailed cars and killed 100 people in the tunnel along the Iron Goat Trail.

The blizzardous weather, relentless wind, and lightning made rescue impossible. It’s truly one of the most haunted places in Washington state.

Some hikers have reported hearing screams in the tunnel, others have spotted apparitions, and stories of hearing out-of-body voices of souls trapped in the tunnel, trying to escape, frequent the area.

Haunted Hotels in Washington - Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort
Photo Credit to MeanderingWA. See usage license here.

3. Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort

Located in Long Beach, Washington, Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort is considered by locals to be one of the most haunted places in Washington.

Take a peek at the resort’s guest log to read about the supernatural experiences guests have had, including TVs turning on and off, rocking chairs moving, and people hearing voices in their sleep.

Book a room in units 101 and 105 (which seem to have the most frequent strange occurrences), if you dare!

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4. Hotel De Haro – Roche Harbor, Washington

The Hotel De Haro in Roche Harbor is not for the faint of heart.

Built in 1886, the Hotel De Haro is known to house a ghost woman named Ada (a mistress of the hotel’s founder, John McMillin) who walks the halls and creates mischief.

Roche Harbor is home to more ghosts stories of Washington – all of which are tied to the Hotel De Haro, including a mysterious affair that led to murder and one about the McMillin Mausoleum, which is the burial site of the McMillin family (and potentially Johns mistress, Ada!).

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Creepy Places In Washintgon - Pike Place Market

5. Pike Place Market

The land on which Pike Place Market resides is one of many locations where native people were forced off the land for American settlement in the early 1900s.

Originally home to the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes, Pike Place Market is built on a native burial ground.

Whether or not the history of the land has anything to do with the numerous ghost sightings at this popular Seattle attraction, Pike Place Market is swarming with spooky stories among the shops, restaurants, and especially in the basement.

Still skeptical? Read about the ghosts of Washington state at Pike Place Market here and then try to convince me it’s not one of the most haunted places in Washington State.

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6. Lime Kiln Trail – Granite Falls, WA

Located on the southern half of Robe Canyon Trail is Lime Kiln Trail, one of the most genuinely creepy and haunted Pacific Northwest trails.

Used to make lime for the town of Everett back in the day, it’s unfortunately now a destination for cultish sacrifices, abandoned saw blades, and just generally spooky vibes.

We definitely don’t recommend coming here at night, but you can check it out during the day…if you dare.

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Ghost Towns in Washington State - Monte Cristo
Image by Grace Marcella Norman. See usage license here.

7. Monte Cristo Ghost Town

As if being a ghost town isn’t eerie enough, Monte Cristo Ghost Town is one of Washington’s most haunted locations. It is said that the ghosts of miners still reside in the town.

Located in the Cascade Mountains, Monte Cristo Ghost Town was abandoned after fires and floods took out buildings. To top it off, the town became terribly inaccessible during the harsh winter in Washington.

Despite abandonment, this is one of few ghost towns in Washington that can only be reached on foot and it is a great location for a spooky adventure.

From Granite Falls, follow the Mountain Loop Highway to reach the Barlow Pass Trailhead and Old Monte Cristo Townsite Trail. Here, there is an 8-mile out-and-back trek with little elevation gain to experience the history of this old mining town.

8. Georgetown Castle

The industrial neighborhood of Seattle is full of incredible breweries, funky restaurants, and eccentric vibes. But did you also know it was once Seattle’s brothel and gambling hub?

One of the most infamous locations for these activities was Georgetown Castle.

An unassuming, bright orange Victorian House, the Georgetown Castle has a sinister past.

No one knows the true origin story of Georgetown Castle’s ghosts. However, it is said that someone named Sara died in the house and is now a permanent resident alongside the original owner, gambler, and blackjack dealer, Peter Gessner.

You can’t visit it (it’s private property), but you may spot someone in the window if you look closely.

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Most Haunted Places In Washington State - Mount Rainier

9. Camp Muir, Mount Rainier National Park

Often claimed as one of the most dangerous and haunted trails in Washington state, the journey to Camp Muir is one to be taken with the utmost respect and attentiveness.

In the 1970s (why does everything scary happen in this decade??), Philemon van Trump and Hazard Stevens wanted to climb the mountain at any cost. (Fun fact about Mount Rainier National Park – they ended up being the first white people recorded to summit!)

Their guides (part of the Nisqually tribe) refused to take them the entire way up for fear of dangerous conditions and mountain mythology.

They claimed that the mountain’s spirit was of an unhappy wife who consumed people into her “cave-like stomach.” Because of this, they were afraid to take the mountaineers any further without repercussions.

We now know the very real dangers of melting ice and crevasses. But back then there wasn’t enough information or technology to navigate these dangerous mountain features.

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10. Whitman Massacre National Historic Site

Known for being the namesake of Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, Marcus Whitman and Narcissa Prentiss are two popular names in the Pacific Northwest.

As missionaries, teachers, physicians, and ministers, Marcus and Narcissa settled in the territory of the Cayuse and Nez Perce tribes.

Eleven years after Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, in 1847, the conflict between the missionaries and tribal groups grew to an all-time high. This was after the influx of settlers onto tribal territory brought with it infectious diseases.

Marcus treated both American and Indian patients. However, because of a lack of immunity, more than half of the Cayuse tribe died, including nearly all of the Cayuse children.

They claimed that that the Whitmans were to blame for these deaths because Cayuse tradition holds medicine men responsible for patients’ deaths. In despair the Cayuse, ambushed the settlers at the mission, killing both Marcus and Narcissa and eleven other people.

The Whitman Massacre started the 7-year Cayuse war and an increased conflict between Tribal sovereignty and American settlers.

This is a historical event to be examined as a complex turning point in history. The Whitman Massacre National Historic Site could also be one of many haunted places in Washington state.

People claim to still hear hooves in some areas of the Whitman Massacre National Historic Site.

Horse ghosts, anyone?

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11. Port Townsend, Washington

Often referred to as one of the most haunted places in Washington state, the entire town of Port Townsend has a dark history to share.

Shipwrecks, unexplained events, paranormal activity, shanghaing (kidnapping people to work on ships), and Victorian ghosts–each of these things are no stranger to Port Townsend.

No street is free of roaming spirits. Around the area of Port Townsend, there are over 25 haunted locations. They include Rothchild’s House, Fort Warden, and Clallam County Fairgrounds.

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Scary Places In Washington State

12. Silver Star Mountain Summit

Could this be the real home of Sasquatch? Even as recent as 2005, someone spotted a shadowy figure at the summit of Silver Star Mountain.

Located near Battle Ground, Washington, this trail is notoriously hard to reach. It’s also one of the most haunted hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest…if you dare to venture out here.

To some, this hike could be like any other enchanting hikes in Washington. To others, Silver Star Mountain is a spooky expedition to find the infamous Sasquatch.

13. Greenwood Cemetery – Spokane, Washington

Located in Spokane is Greenwood Cemetery, with a staircase infamously known as “One Thousand Steps,” It’s named this because many thrill seekers do not end up completing the entire length.

It is said that visitors to this staircase hear voices, see women and children, and even feel wetness on their skin.

Nearly every teenager in Spokane has their own story to share about this staircase (me included). However, the origin story is still unconfirmed!

Supposedly, a private organization called the Elks built a mausoleum with a 7-foot, bronze elk statue (recently returned in 2019 after going missing when the social club went bankrupt!) at the top of the terraced steps as a final resting place for extraordinary people in 1898.

The ghosts of the past at Greenwood Cemetery now make the “One Thousand Steps” one of the most haunted places in Washington state to visit.

Fun Fact: We have also been told that groundskeepers will dress up as priests, ghosts, and other spooky characters and roam around the grounds during Halloween. We don’t have any evidence of this, but we think that’s an epic prank!

Vancouver Barracks - Haunted Buildings in Washington

14. Post Hospital at the Vancouver Barracks

In the early 1900s, Post Hospital was once one of the busiest Army Hospitals around. Unfortunately, the Spanish Influenza played a huge part in that.

It’s been abandoned in the 1990s when it was last used as office space for the military. The now peeling walls, crumbling plaster, and poisonous lead paint make this one of the most genuinely creepy abandoned buildings in Washington.

The community has been figuring out what to do with it for quite some time. Its location right at the edge of Interstate 5 makes it a really poor location for a resort or restaurant.

The idea of turning it into an artist’s studio has gained some traction. The big windows and sectioned-off rooms make that one of the easier conversion ideas. Now all that’s left is putting the money together for renovations (and who knows how long that could take!)

15. Other Haunted Buildings in Washington

Looking for other spooky Washington destinations? From abandoned buildings in Washington state, and mental hospitals, to haunted buildings in Seattle, there is plenty to go and explore!

Just a friendly reminder, if you want to explore abandoned buildings in Washington state, make sure you aren’t trespassing. We DO NOT condone breaking and entering, or going somewhere you aren’t supposed to. Be safe!

  • Old City Hall – Tacoma, WA
  • The Oxford Saloon – Snohomish, WA
  • Campbell House – Spokane, WA
  • Mount Baker Theater – Bellingham, WA
  • Lewis County Historic Museum – Chehalis, WA
  • University Heights – Seattle, WA
  • Butterworth Building (Kells Irish Pub) – Seattle, WA
  • Rucker Mansion – Everett, WA
  • Meeker Mansion – Puyallup, WA
  • Tokeland Hotel – Tokeland, WA
  • Northern State Mental Hospital – Sedro-Wooley, WA
  • Black Diamond Cemetery – Black Diamond, WA
Haunted Hotels In Seattle - Hotel Sorrento

16. Paranormal Activity at the Hotel Sorrento

There are a few stories about paranormal activity at the Hotel Sorrento.

The first one goes like this: Alice B. Toklas haunts the corner suite of Room 408. There aren’t really accounts of scary encounters, but rather several claiming a sinking feeling that someone is in the room with you.

People also claim to hear a piano playing (she was an avid player) or a woman humming from the hallway. Would you dare check in to this room?

The second story is about a bellboy who was crushed by the elevator. In 1923, 21-year-old Catalino Tarantan went to go retrieve a ball that had fallen in the elevator shaft by a guest of the hotel.

He let the elevator operator know he was going into the shaft. Unfortunately everyone forgot about the 2,000 lb counterweight, which came crashing down on his when we went to retrieve the ball.

Hotel staff say that the ghost of Catalino is a rather friendly one, choosing to do things like leave handprints on freshly-cleaned mirrors. Because of this, staff make a point to announce themselves when entering a room, out of respect for the paranormal residents!

What are some other haunted places in Washington state? Did we miss any? Share your stories in the comments below!

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