The Ultimate Twilight Tour in Forks, WA (Make The Books Come Alive!)

Post Summary: Twilight Tour In Forks + locations to visit

If you’ve spent any time as a millennial, chances are you’ve been exposed to the Twilight series, whether by the books or by the movies!

You know the series – the glittering vampires, hunky werewolves, and “Bella, where the hell have you been, loca?”

On our latest Olympic Peninsula road trip, we took the time to relive some of the book memories and scout out the Twilight book locations.

Through this, we put together an easy-to-follow Forks Twilight guide with pictures and even a downloadable map for you!

Ready to nerd our with us?

Set in Forks, Washington, this story follows a mere human, Bella, and her whirlwind romance between a sparkly vampire named Edward and a local werewolf named Jacob.

Through four separate books, you follow the drama that ensues right here in the Pacific Northwest!

In this post, we’re sharing real locations you can visit in Forks, Washington, that are mentioned in the books and movies.

Note: The Twilight filming locations and Twilight book locations vary to some degree. Here, we’re covering book locations in Twilight as described instead of actual filming locations (most of the movies were actually filmed in Oregon) so you purists out there can really get the full experience!

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The Ultimate Twilight Road Trip (Forks Twilight Guide)

First of all, where is Forks, Washington?

Forks, Washington is located on the Olympic Peninsula, about 4 hours away from Seattle, WA and 4.5 hours away from Portland, OR.

It’s a real town, albeit a small one, with a tight-knit community.

Part of a larger trip? Discover 30+ Things To Do In Washington State with a free 10-Day road trip guide!

People and businesses have REALLY embraced the Twilight fandom, and you can see it evident in nearly every store window with cardboard cutouts of Bella and Edward, special Twilight restaurant menus, and commemorative location signs around town.

Since the Twilight Saga was released, tourism to Forks has tripled and greatly increased revenue for the city. Hey, if it works for you, embrace the fandom!

The town is located in one of the rainiest places in the United States, with 110 annual inches per year, compared to an average of 38 inches around the United States. Forks, Washington also has an average of 212 rainy days per year.

We can see why vampires would want to pick a place like the PNW – they are protected from the sun practically all year long!

Where to Stay in Forks, Washington

As you follow this Forks Twilight Guide, you might want to stay in town to really soak it all in. Here are a few places we recommend as accommodations in Forks, Washington:

Pacific Inn Motel: This motel is a great place to crash while going through your Twilight Forks Guide. They even have a Twilight-themed room! It has red walls, movie posters, and some other vampire-themed decorations. The room is quite popular, so make sure to book well in advance if you want to experience it.

Woodland Inns: This is where we stayed during our self-guided Forks Twilight Tour. These are small and separate cabins all in the same lot. They all have two queen beds, a small fully-stocked kitchen, a table, a bathroom, and a fireplace. We found it extremely comfortable and safe, and loved how close to town it was.

Miller Tree Inn: The Miller Tree BnB has actually been named the official Cullen House! It looks nothing like the modern structure from the movies, but it’s actually very true to Stephanie Meyer’s description of the real Cullen House in the books.

Any Team Jacob fans out there? The Quileute Oceanside Resort is located in La Push, which is right in the center of the history and culture that defines Jacob and his tribe in the books.

Here, you can experience the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest coastline (First Beach is steps away!) and the thousands of years of indigenous Quileute heritage and history of the area.

A teeny bit farther but still very much in the heart of the moody PNW aesthetic are the Twilight-themed packages from the four unique lodges in Olympic National Park.

Get a third night free at the Lake Quinault Lodge, grab free hot spring passes at Sol Duc Hot Springs, or simply soak in the moody gray skies at Lake Crescent Lodge and their winter cabin rentals.

For more options, read: The Best Places To Stay Near Olympic National Park

Where To Eat In Forks, Washington

Twilight Themed Dining Options

After a day of exploring with our Twilight Tour in Forks, here is some Twilight-inspired cuisine to stick to the theme of your trip.

Bella Italia: Bella Italia is located in Port Angeles, Washington. This is where Bella and Edward had their first date, and you can even order the same meal Bella did – mushroom ravioli. You can find this restaurant downtown by the Black Ball Ferry Terminal.

Sully’s Burgers: Sully’s Burgers offers a signature “Bella Burger” but they also serve things like ice cream and pizza. Sit down or park at the drive-in to eat in between stops on your Twilight tour in Forks!

Pacific Pizza: If you’re staying at the Woodland Inns, they are owned by the same people who own Pacific Pizza – which means free delivery! Pacific Pizza is known for its Italian food and pizza. You can ask for their special “Twilight Menu” if you feel like sticking to the theme of the trip.

Twilight Forks Guide

Wait, where was Twilight filmed?

Despite the setting of the book being in Forks, Washington, the majority of the Twilight filming locations were actually in Oregon!

They kept all of the Washington names but ended up filming them off location for the most part. Probably because if you didn’t know any better, Fork’s dripping moss trees and perpetual rain easily make it one of the most haunted places in Washington. Perfect for vampires!

The reason? We’re not sure. Berty and I assume that the locations of the book were a little hard to reach with film crews, so they opted for bigger/grander scenes and easier accessibility in Oregon.

Not to worry though, there are still incredible Twilight book location places to check out here in Forks, which we’re sharing below!

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Twilight Book Locations (Addresses and Descriptions)

To make this easy, we’re going to put these Twilight book locations in order to help you plan a seamless Twilight road trip.

This route will take you to all the Forks Twilight locations, the actual spots they were based on, and any other cool spots that commemorate this iconic PNW story!

1. Start Your Twilight Driving Tour in Port Angeles

Seattle to Port Angeles: 82 Miles (2.5-Hours) via Downtown Seattle-Bremerton ferry

Port Angeles is where you can stop to eat, and get the experience of walking around the quaint downtown area. Relive what it might have been like for Bella to go prom dress shopping and go on her first date with Edward.

For a Twilight-themed dinner, book a reservation at Bella Italia and try their mushroom ravioli!

Remember when Bella went prom dress shopping with her friends? The actual filming location for the dress shop was a place called Angel’s Hair Salon, located at 251 1st Street in St. Helens, Oregon. To make it look like a dress shop, they just hung dressed near the window!

2. The Treaty Line

Port Angeles to the Treaty Line: 2-hour drive, 62 miles.

On the way into Forks and to La Push Beaches, you’ll drive past the Treaty Line, Located at 7764 La Push Rd, Forks.

This is where the vampires and werewolves agreed that the Cullens will not cross onto their tribal lands. It’s supposedly a treaty that has been intact for centuries.

Tip: It’s located on the side of the road, but please don’t try and park next to it! The Three Rivers Resort has a parking lot just past it, so park there instead and walk up to the sign from there to snap a picture!

3. Jacob Black’s House

Just past the Treaty Line is Jacob Black’s house, located at 8320 La Push Rd.

It’s right off the road and you can easily miss it if you aren’t looking! If you choose to stop, please be courteous, as people may be occupying the house.

Rent this place for real if you are interested in sticking to the theme of your Twilight tour in Forks!

4. La Push Beaches (First, Second, and Third)

Just a little over an hour’s drive away from Port Angeles is La Push. “La Push Baby!”

La Push actually consists of three beaches, aptly named First, Second, and Third Beach.

While the Twilight series isn’t specific as to which beach it was, we can guess that it was probably First Beach. First Beach is the most accessible from the La Push and Quileute Reservation.

You can easily drive right up to the shore in an open parking lot, and take a walk along the shore.

Movie Fact: The actual beach they filmed at wasn’t even any of the La Push beaches! It was actually filmed in Indian Beach Oregon, close to Crescent Beach in Ecola State Park.

5. Quileute Community

Stephanie Meyer wrote in the werewolves to reflect significantly on the Pacific Northwest tribe, the Quileute Community, for Jacob Black’s clan.

According to ancient Quileute lore, their creation story includes the community originating from wolves and being changed to humans by a wandering Transformer.

Today, the community is recognized for its fishing abilities, specifically with sea mammals, seals, and fish.

To learn more about the rich history of the Quileute People in this area of Forks, please read more here.

6. Forks Community Hospital (Dr Cullen’s Parking Spot)

Remember Carlisle is a doctor? Well, he’s got a reserved parking spot just for him at the local Forks hospital!

Forks Community Hospital is located at 530 Bogachiel Way, Forks, WA 98331. The sign is a little bit hard to find at first. Look for it near the administration building on 5th street.

Continuing your Forks Twilight Guide back into town, you can stop by the Forks Community Hospital. Here, you can find a parking sign specifically saved for Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

This is a cheeky way to reference the book, however, this was not the filming location of the hospital! It’s just a tribute to Carlisle and his medical practice. 🙂

7. Forks High School

If I’m being completely honest, Fork High School was probably the most disappointing stop on our Twilight tour in Forks.

The school itself is not disappointing – it’s actually very modern and a state-of-the-art building. But it’s definitely not the historic brick structure that we see in the movies. Quite the opposite! (That’s what I was expecting!)

You can still visit the outside of the school, but keep in mind that it’s a functioning place, with children present during school hours. Don’t be a weirdo and drive around or take photos when kids are outside!

Searching for the high school in the films? Kalama High School is where “Forks High School in the Twilight movies was filmed.

The address is 548 China Garden Rd, Kalama, WA 98625, about a 4-hour drive from Forks near Portland, Oregon)

7. The Swan Residence (Charlie and Bella Swan’s House)

The self-proclaimed Swan Residence from the book series is located at 775 K St, Forks, WA 98331.

The owners erected a cute sign out in front to honor people’s Twilight tour in Forks, and you can spot an Edward cutout upstairs in the window!

Remember though, this is someone’s real house, so be respectful and just take pictures from the street. DON’T peek in the windows!

Looking for the Swan Residence from the Twilight movies? You can actually rent in on Airbnb in St. Helens, Oregon!

8. Forks Chamber of Commerce (Bella’s Truck)

Address: Forks Visitor Information Center, 1411 S Forks Ave, Forks

The first thing you’ll see when approaching the Forks Chamber of Commerce is not one but TWO red trucks! These are the ones she drove in both the books and the movies. (Notice the cute “Bella” license plate!)

Generally, the opening hours for the Visitors Center are from 10 am-5 pm daily. They really lean into the Twilight theme (as do a lot of businesses in town) and you can purchase lots of Twilight souvenirs inside.

During your Twilight tour in Forks, the best chance of getting some good photo ops alone is in the mornings. This way, you can avoid the lunchtime crowds!

9. The Cullen House (From the Books)

Address: 654 E Division St, Forks, WA 98331

Another large division between the books and the movies is the location and description of The Cullen Residence.

In the movies, you’ll recognize the Cullen House by its flashy, modern, PNW architecture style. In the Twilight books, however, it’s quite the opposite!

The Cullen House in the books is a 100-year old white farmhouse with tons of character. This particular house (pictured above) matched the description from the books so well, that they proclaimed themselves the “official” Cullen house of Forks.

The owners pay tribute to the books by adding the Cullen name on their mailbox. For guests that come and visit, you can spot Carlilse’s office and the graduation cap artwork from the movies. Sometimes, Esme will leave notes on the board in the lobby, and occasionally the table is set Twilight-themed.

It’s a great stop, and and even better place to stay during your Twilight tour in Forks!

Want to see the Cullen House that was filmed for the movies? It’s a private residence. But you can still drive by and peek from the street.

10. Forks Police Station

The Forks Police station, located at 500 E Division St in Forks is where Charlie Swan would have worked.

They used to have a whole tribute and display to Charlie Swan, but it’s currently gone now. If you’re short on time during our Twilight tour in Forks, this is probably the one to skip.

If you DO visit, keep in mind that this is an actively working police station. In not sure if they would give you any tour or souvenirs if you visit the inside, but’s it’s worth a shot for your hardcore fans out there.

The Hoh Rainforest - Twilight Tour in Forks

11. The Hoh Rainforest

Want to relive those moody scenes of Bella and Edward in the rainforest?

Most of the filming locations were in Oregon, but the true essence of the rain and greenery were inspired by the Hoh Rainforest!

To really immerse yourself, take a walk the iconic Hall of Mosses Trail, an easy 1-mile loop. It’s got stunning views of the dropping moss, green ferns, and smells of the rainforest.

Don’t forget your American The Beautiful Pass – this trail is in the Olympic National Park.

Don’t have a pass? Expect to pay the $30 day entrance fee to enter the park.

12. Forever Twilight

Address: 35 N Forks Ave, Forks, WA

If you want to see costumes, props, and other items from the movies, you have to visit the Forever Twilight Gallery! It’s a free gallery to come and check out in the Rainforest Art Center.

They set this gallery up for tons of photo ops. The gallery includes a variety of things, like gifts from Italy (From the Volturi!) and Forks-centric items. They even have the animatronic baby used to play Renesmee!

This is a perfect stop for serious Twilight book fans. Want another great Twilight place to check out? Discover Native To Twilight Gifts Shop, located at 10 N Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331.

Hoh Rainforest - Olympic National Park

FAQs about Twilight Tours in Forks

How long does it take to do a Twilight Tour in Forks?

A self-guided Twilight Tour is Forks will take you a few hours for the in-town spots. All the Forks Twilight locations are pretty close to one another, Forks is not a big place!

If you are starting from Port Angeles, with a La Push beach stop during the day, plan for your Twilight Tour to take the entire day. (It’s worth it, we promise!)

Is there an “Official” Twilight Tour in Forks?

As far as we know, there isn’t an “official” Twilight Tour in Forks.

However, The Forks Chamber of Commerce has made their own town map for self-guided tours.

Often, local tour groups will have their own version of a Forks Twilight Tour. There’s no correct one – just book one that looks fun to you!

Where Are The Twilight Filming Locations

Okay, so what about the Twilight filming locations? Where can I visit to re-live scenes from the movies?

Lucky for you, lots of these Twilight film locations are in our beloved Pacific Northwest!

It’s going to take more than a day to see all of them though (and even more if you wanted to travel all the way to Brazil and Italy!).

Spend time browsing the list, and decide which ones you want to add to your Twilight Road Trip.

Twilight Filming Locations

  • Baseball Game Scene: Near Multnomah Falls
  • Bella’s Arizona House: 22301 Cataro Drive Santa Clarita, CA
  • Bella’s Ballet Studio: Yale Union Building, 800 SE 10th Avenue, Portland
  • Bella Italia: Bloated Toad Cafe in St. Helens
  • Carver Cafe: Damascus, Oregon (Where Bella and Charlie have burgers and fries)
  • Columbia River Crossing Scenes: Bridge of the Gods, Cascade Locks / Bonneville Dam
  • The Cullen House: 3333 NW Quimby St. Portland, Oregon (Private)
  • Forks High School Exterior: Kalama High School in Kalama, Washington
  • Forks High School Interior: Madison High School in Portland Oregon 
  • Forks Scenes: Vernonia, Oregon (which is one of the most haunted forests in Oregon!)
  • La Push Beach Scenes: Near Cannon Beach at Indian Beach & Ecola State Park
  • Lion& Lamb Scene, Edward Reveal Vampire: Stone Cliff Inn at 17900 S Clackamas River Drive, Oregon City
  • Port Angeles Scenes: St Helens, Oregon downtown
  • Prom: View Point Inn at Crown Point on East Larch Mountain Road, Corbett, OR
  • Rainforest Scenes: Outside Silverton Oregon in Silver Falls State Park
  • Sitting In The Trees; Cape Horn Lookout, Washougal Washington
  • Say It, Out Loud scene: Oxbow Regional Park 3010 SE Oxbow Parkway Gresham, Oregon
  • Spider Monkey / Climbing Tree Scenes: Columbia River Gorge, OR
  • The Swan House: 184 S 6th St, St Helens (Airbnb)

Heads Up: Most New Moon filming locations, Eclipse filming locations, and Breaking Dawn filling locations were done near Vancouver, BC!

Self-Guided Forks Twilight Tour Map

Looking for an easy-to-follow Forks Twilight Tour Map? We’ve made a Google map with all the locations! Click here to see our Forks Twilight map, to start your journey.

We’ve also included the Forks Twilight locations (in blue), and Oregon filming locations (in yellow) in case you wanted to extend your Twilight tour in Forks!

Forks Twilight Map

Have you ever taken a Twilight tour in Forks? Did we miss any stops along the way? Let us know in the comments!