The 13 Most Popular TV Shows Set In The Pacific Northwest

Not only are there numerous famous movies set in the PNW, there are also tons of popular TV shows set in the Pacific Northwest!

To learn more about TV shows set in the Pacific Northwest, keep reading!

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The Most Popular Pacific Northwest TV Shows

TV Shows Set in Washington State

While Washington has hosted television shows all around the state, there are many TV shows set in Seattle because of its gorgeous skyline and unique culture. It’s hard not to love those iconic spots like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market!

However, many other shows also take advantage of the amazing landscape around the area, like the Cascade Mountains and lush rainforest too.

Here are eight popular tv series set and filmed in Washington State!

1. Twin Peaks

Pacific Northwest TV Shows

The 90s television show, Twin Peaks, was set in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington. It and was filmed in and around Snoqualmie and North Bend.

Twin Peaks stars Michael Ontkean, Mädchen Amick, and Kyle MacLachlan as an FBI agent who investigates a murder in the town of Twin Peaks.

You can visit the iconic filming locations of Twin Peaks at the Salish Lodge & Spa, Reinig Bridge, DirtFish Rally School, Twede’s Café, and Roadhouse Restaurant!

2. Grey’s Anatomy

TV Shows Set In Seattle, Washington (Grey's Anatomy)

Since 2004, Shondra Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy has dominated the pop culture television scene and has gained a loyal following.

Starring Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr., Grey’s Anatomy is a drama about five surgical interns and their personal and professional lives.

Set in Seattle, Grey’s Anatomy features the classic skyline of Seattle and has many downtown Seattle panos.

3. iCarly

Starring Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Jennette McCurdy (Sam), Nathan Kress (Freddie), Jerry Trainer (Spencer), and Noah Munck (Gibby), the teen sitcom, iCarly, is set in a studio loft in Seattle where Carly lives with her older brother and guardian, Spencer.

iCarly follows the journey of typical teenagers, their rise to fame on a home-grown show, and the struggles of everyday teenage life.

iCarly ran for five years from 2007-2012 and had a reboot in 2021!

Both of these TV shows set in Seattle had a large audience and grew up with a generation of Nickelodeon fans. 

4. Northern Exposure

The 1990-1995 television series, Northern Exposure, was filmed in Roslyn, WA, though it is set in Cicely, Alaska.

Northern Exposure follows the story of a doctor played by Rob Morrow who sets up his practice in an eccentric Alaskan town.

By the way: Visiting the real town of Roslyn, Washington makes for a great day trip from Seattle!

5. Frasier

Frasier, is about Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) and his move to downtown Seattle where he lives with his father and works as a radio psychiatrist.

The sitcom, Frasier, ran for eleven years and is full of humorous comedy bits.

6. Z Nation

Pacific Northwest TV Shows

If you love a good action zombie drama, Z Nation is for you!

Filmed in Eastern Washington, Z Nation features the former Kaiser Aluminum Mead Works and Victorian mansions of Browne’s Addition in Spokane, Washington.

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7. The Killing

The Killing is a mystery crime tv series set in Seattle that tells the compelling story of a police investigation after a body is found in the trunk of a submerged car.

The Killing is set in Seattle and features Queen Anne, West Seattle, and Discovery Park!

8. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Created by Bill Nye himself, Bill Nye the Science Guy was filmed in Seattle!

In Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye explores and explains aspects of nature and science to young viewers.

It’s one of the most loved shows among 90s kids, and even more fun now that we can claim it as one of the best TV shows set in the Pacific Northwest!

9. Rick & Morty

The cartoon, Rick & Morty, takes place in Seattle, Washington!

The story of Rick & Morty is one of adventure, science, and action.

Rick & Morty stars the voices of Justin Roiland, Spencer Grammer, Chris Parnell, Kari Whalgren, and Sarah Chalke!

Tumalo Falls Morning Bend Oregon The Mandagies

TV Shows Filmed in Oregon

While TV shows set in Portland are most common (it’s a quirky, fun city to share!), they are actually filmed or set all over the state!

Here are the most popular TV shows set in Oregon.

10. Portlandia

Capturing the quirky essence of Portland, the sketch-comedy series Portlandia stars Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, and Kyle MacLachlan.

It’s easily one of the most iconic and popular Portland, Oregon TV shows. The entire show of Portlandia was set and filmed in Portland for seven years!

11. Little People, Big World

The reality-tv show, Little People, Big World, tells the story of the Roloff family as they walk through the challenges of being little in an average-sized world.

Little People, Big World is exclusively filmed in Oregon where the Roloff family resides.

12. Shrill

Identity, persistence, and empowerment–these words describe the new Hulu original series, Shrill, which tells the story of Annie Easton (played by Aidy Bryant) and her journey toward improving her life.

The unique vibe of the City of Roses is vital to the culture and setting of Shrill, which is the set for this Portland tv show.

Shrill also features stars like Lolly Adefope, John Cameron Mitchell, and Ian Owens.

13. Gravity Falls

Last (but definitely not least!) is the action-adventure cartoon, Gravity Falls!

The Disney animation, Gravity Falls, is set in the fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, where twin siblings spend the summer with their great-uncle.

The fun-loving characters are voiced by Jason Ritter, Alex Hirsch, and Kristen Schaal.

Fun Fact: The Gravity Falls map shows that the town is located near Bend! Here are 30 epic things to do in Bend during summer!

Did we miss any other popular Pacific Northwest TV shows? Let us know in the comments below!


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