The 25 Best Gifts For Photographers in 2022

Post Summary: The Best Gifts For Photographers 2022

It’s 2022, which means technology is exploding with possibilities! From cinematic filming at your fingertips to terabytes of storage the size of your palm, there are epic Christmas gifts for photographers of any skill level.

In this post, we’re sharing the best gifts for photographers that have personally leveled up our photography experience. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

The 25 Best Gifts For Photographers in 2022

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Pacific Northwest Photography Prints

The Mandagies Print Shop Gift Cards

Give the gift of their favorite place! We have a huge selection of west coast landscape prints available in our print shop, from the rainforests of Washington to the deserts of Eastern Oregon.

Customize your print to suit exactly your specifications and even frame it too, for one of the easiest and most personalized gifts for photographers!

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II ($629)

The Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is praised as one of the best point-and-shoot vlogging cameras on the market! This small but mighty camera can record full HD video, and its feature makes uploading files on the go a total breeze.

The flip-screen and mounting hardware on the bottom makes this an extremely versatile and lightweight camera setup.

Peak Design Capture Clip ($75)

Oregon Photography Gear - Camera Clip

If you’re looking for the best gifts for travel photographers, this one might be the perfect gift to get them!

The Peak Design Capture Clip is designed to fit on any backpacking strap and your camera, creating a secure fit while providing easy access to your gear!

Looking for more gifts for hikers? Check out our gift guide for hikers here!

35mm Film Rolls (prices vary)

One of the best gifts for film photographers is a restock of their favorite 35mm film! It’s also an easy and high-value stocking stuffer because the box is small, perfect for those little surprises.

Not sure which film to choose? Check out our 12 favorite 35mm color film stock

Moment 2-Lens Photography Starter Kit ($173)

Looking for a way to take better photos of adventures without all the expensive camera gear? The Moment Starter Set is perfect for just that.

It includes their best-selling phone camera lenses, a phone case for easier lens mounting, a lens cleaning brush, and a wrist strap.

And yes, they have cases & lenses for most types of phones out there.

DJI Om4 Smartphone Gimbal ($119)

Love shooting cinematic videos on your phone? You can take your Tik Toks and Reels to the next level by using this DJI OM4 smartphone gimbal!

This smartphone gimbal supports phones up to 3.3 inches wide and folds up small to fit in your backpack’s side pocket. Take incredible panoramic, time-lapse, and hyperlapse videos with ease!

PEAK DESIGN Everyday Backpack ($279)

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is the go-to travel bag for all of your photography adventures! Its supportive structure is great for hikes and includes adjustable straps for comfortable long-term wear.

The side zippers open up on both sides for easy camera access, and the wide array of pockets can store even your smallest memory cards!

Peak Design Carbon Travel Tripod ($650)

For the wandering photographer, this Peak Design Carbon Travel Tripod is the ultimate companion for extreme adventures.

It’s ultralight (at just 2.81 pounds) and packs down super small for easy portability. Yes, we know it’s pricey, but it’s the last tripod you’ll ever buy.

Want a cheaper alternative? The Peak Design ALUMINUM Travel Tripod is half the price at $379.

Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank ($29)

The portable Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank is the ideal companion for weekend trips off-grid. You can charge your smartphone multiple times, as well as small electronics like cameras and GPS units.

Want a little more power? Check out the Goal Zero Flip 36.

Fujifilm Instax Printer and Film

Best Gifts For Photographers

For the person who is always capturing memories on the go, get them a Fujifilm Instax Printer! It easily connects to your mobile device and prints off mini-instant images right in front of your eyes.

Use the to deocrate your dorm room, make a personalized garland for the holidays, or simply capture moments for yourself!

Get the camera here, and make sure to stock up on plenty of film!

San Poncho – The Legacy Poncho

San Poncho Legacy Poncho

This is one of the best gifts for photographers who always capture images in crazy weather! (Like us, 24/7 here in the Pacific Northwest!)

Their Legacy Poncho is an oversized rain jacket that’s breathable, waterproof, and works amazingly with layers. It’s meant to be oversized for those hardworking days in rough, rainy weather.

Personally, I love tucking my camera away and out of the elements (which is even more important if your gear isn’t weather-sealed!) and the larger fit is perfect for that.

San Poncho is a local PNW company, and we love supporting our own here!

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap ($59)

The Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap is the perfect solution for versatile photographers.

The adjustable strap can be worn around the neck, and shoulders, or even slung across the waist for maximum comfort. This is a great camera strap for mirrorless cameras, DLSRs, and film cameras.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD ($99)

The Sandisk Extreme Portale SSD is the only external hard drive we will take on road trips.

Unlike regular external hard drives that have a spinning disk inside to power up, the Sandisk SSD is a solid-state, meaning it can handle bumpy car rides like a pro. These SSDs are honestly the best gifts for photographers.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini ($76)

The perfect companion for road trips with friends, the Fujifilm Instax Mini produces credit-card-sized physical images instantly! It’s one of the best instant film cameras in our roundup!

This is a great gift to give someone who loves capturing candid moments, and it comes in several colors for maximum customization. Don’t forget to buy film too!

Bluetooth Camera Shutter ($44)

The Canon BR-E1 Wireless Remote Control is a great Bluetooth camera shutter for Canon users.

It’s compatible with a wide range of their models, and you can use it to take self-portraits even when you’re alone, up to 16 feet away!

Need one for your smartphone instead? Try the JOBY Impulse Bluetooth Remote ($19.99).

Polarizing Lens Kit (Price Varies by Size)

For photographers who shoot in unpredictable weather, it’s great to have a polarizing lens kit to fit any photographer needs! The Urth Circular Polarizing Lens Filter Kit comes with 4 filters and a carrying case that pack away nicely and are easily stored.

If you are purchasing this for your photographer friend, make sure to check the mm size of their favorite lens before purchasing – they come in all sorts of sizes!

Sensei Optics Cleaning Kit ($14)

Lens Cleaning Kit - Best Photography Accessories

Keep your camera lenses clear of debris with the Sensei Optics Care and Cleaning Kit. This portable kit comes with a non-scratch lens cloth, lipstick brush, lens pen to get rid of smudges, cleaning fluid, bulb air blower, and a mesh travel case.

It’s easy to pack in any camera bag and it’s one of the best gifts for photographers under $25.

Vintage Camera (PRice Varies)

Pentax K100 35mm Film Cameras

What better way to show a photographer some love than with a vintage camera? There are several awesome ones out there and they are great gifts for film photographers – both beginners and experts!

Want to see which ones we recommend? Click the button below to check out our film camera roundup!

Polarpro Camera Lens Cover ($29)

If you’re taking your camera out on rugged terrain, it’s important to have adequate protection!

These camera lens covers by PolarPro are made of flexible elastomer that stretches to fit snugly over the top of your lens. It protects it from minor bumps, scratches, and stays secure, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off mid-hike.

Note: They come in a variety of sizes. Double-check that you are getting the correct size(s) for your lenses before purchasing.

ONA Brixton Camera Bag ($519)

For the busy photographer, the ONA Brixton camera bag is a stylish and functional bag to get your gear from point A to point B. It can fit 1 DSLR camera, two lenses, and some accessories in the front pouch.

There’s a sleeve for a 13inch laptop and a rear open-slip pocket that can hold another small tablet. It’s easily customizable with 4 movable interior dividers, and the leather gets better with every wear!

SD CARDS (PRices Vary)

Your camera deserves a versatile card that can record 4k, 3D, Full HD, and raw and burst photography like a pro.

The Sandisk Extreme Pro series is a reliable card for hobbyists and professionals alike and continually receives high ratings. Need more space? Get the 256GB SD Card.

Note: When searching for an SD memory card – look for 160mbps speeds or higher! (Look for that small white number in the top left corner) High-performance SD cards are more reliable and less likely to freeze up when taking burst images.

Bestek Car Charger ($29.99)

Charge up all your equipment with one simple piece of gear! The Bestek Power inverter is what we’ve been using for years and it keeps our phones and camera batteries charged and ready for action, all from the comfort of our car.

This small but mighty tech is probably one of the most useful gifts for photographers out there!

Patagonia Barn Coat (Sale at $123.99)

An unlikely but excellent pick, the Patagonia Prairie Dawn 3-in-1 Barn Coat is a great jacket for photographers! The canvas exterior and quilted-down interior work together to keep you comfortable in the elements.

Four outside pockets can store accessories like lens filters and extra SD cards, while the inside pockets can keep your batteries and power banks warm. Wear them together or separate for maximum versatility.

Peak Design Tech Pouch ($59.99)

Berty and I have tried several cord organizers, and this is the only cord organizer for photographers that we recommend! The Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch holds more than you might expect and has several folders and pockets for each accessory to have its own spot.

From SD cards to portable hard drives to endless cords, this pouch can wrangle them all!

Pelican 0915 Memory CarD Holder ($32)

For the traveling photographer with multiple SD cards, the Pelican 0915 Memory Card Holder is the perfect gift.

Holding up to 12 SD cards, 6 MiniSD, and 6 MicroSD, it’s a tough, water-resistant case that can hold up in all sorts of adventures. It’s a cheap gift for photographers that makes a huge impact!

Sackcloth & Ashes Camp Blanket ($120)

Take it on your next adventure, throw it in the car, or drape it over the couch – this vintage-inspired camp blanket with level up any wanderlust scene. Lightweight and ultra-stylish, they come in a few colors to perfectly suit the photographer in your life.

REVEL Gear Trail Hound String Lights ($24.95)

String Lights For Camping

Bring a little bit of magic to your tent, car camper, or picnic setup with this 30ft string light set from REVEL GEAR. Its USB plug makes it easy and portable, with the ability to plug it into things like a camp battery or power bank.

These high-efficiency LEDs are long-lasting and come with tons of settings like flashing, dimmers, and a twinkle light mode. This may not seem like your usual photography gift, but it can light up any composition!

What are some more personalized gifts for photographers you are giving this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!


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