What Does Your Myers-Briggs Personality Say About How You Travel? (PNW Edition)

Post Summary: Take This Myers-Briggs Test To Determine Your Next Pacific Northwest Adventure

Ever wonder where you should go next in the Pacific Northwest?

There are hundreds of destinations to choose from – it can be overwhelming to decide! To make the choice a little easier for you, we’ve decided to break down PNW locations based on the Myers-Briggs personality test to give it a fun twist.

We hope you enjoy our interpretation and find some new destination inspiration along the way!


For this post, we used 2 sites: 16 Personalities and Myers-Briggs.org to come up with our conclusions based on each personality type.

We cross-checked with close friends and family to make sure we described each personality to the best of my ability. But really, we’re no psychologists or doctors, so please cut us some slack!

Don’t use these as concrete facts but rather opinions as we are basing these off our own interpretation of each personality. If you’d like to know more about what Myers-Briggs set you may be, I encourage you to take a free test online (there are so many options for this, just google it!).

We recommend this one, but read several articles to find the best fit for you. Berty and I just wanted to have fun and relate this post to our many experiences in the PNW. Enjoy!

How To Read This Myers-Briggs Post:

  1. Take the Myers-Briggs Test (free one here)
  2. Read this post and different sources (Like 16 Personalities and Myersbriggs.org)
  3. Don’t take this as truth, but as our opinions and suggestions (we’re human too!)
  4. Tell us what your personality is in the comments!

What Does Your Myers-Briggs Personality Say About Your PNW Travel Style?

ESFP “The Entertainer”

Your PNW Travel Personality: Spontaneous travel gives you a burst of energy and excitement.

When you have an idea, you tend to get everyone else on board with you. You are down to enjoy the simple things in life like going on a Seattle hike with your friends or putting on a spontaneous camping trip together. You’re probably the biggest dreamer of the group but you may not always be the best planner.

Make sure to travel with someone who likes to handle the logistical side of things – someone who can put concrete plans to your dreams.

We Suggest Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: The Olympic Peninsula, Rattlesnake Ledge, and Banff National Park, Priest Lake – Idaho, Sol Duc Falls


ESTP “The Entrepreneur”

Your PNW Travel Personality: You are very comfortable being the center of attention.

Rather than discussing something, you are more excited about going out and actually doing it – which is a great trait for starting an adventure. You probably enjoy taking risks, which means you will go before you can think of any consequences or repercussions.

Excellent at picking up on small details and changes, you are naturally in tune with the vibe of the group. You take charge and love to find the next adventurous place, which is why we suggest going to a destination with lots of activities to choose from.

 Your Next Destination Should Be: Columbia River Gorge Waterfall Tour, La Push Beach, Moraine Lake, Mt St Helens, Cape Kiwanda, Thor’s Well


ISFP “The Adventurer”

Your Travel Personality: You are creative, soaking up inspiration and design from the landscape around you.

Passionate about learning more about yourself and others, you are driven to constantly think deeply about who you are in relation to the world and the goals you have in life.

Solo trips are interesting to you and you don’t mind soaking in nature by yourself. We suggest a trip with an epic view so you can contemplate life’s beauty.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Diablo Lake, Artist Point, Lake Crescent, Palouse Falls, The Columbia Gorge Waterfalls, Cape Flattery, Devil’s Punchbowl


ISTP “Virtuoso”

Your Travel Personality: Creative and down-to-earth. You enjoy crafting together something new and using your hands to form something out of nothing.

You may tend to keep to yourself but you also don’t mind if someone takes interest in what you do. When you travel, you may change your plans last minute and go with your gut feeling. You enjoy trips the most when you can get your hands dirty, and don’t have firm plans for what comes next.

We suggest an adventure that requires really getting to connect with nature like a hike in the rainforest or camping on the ocean.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Olympic Hot Springs, Weekend Camping Trip, Hoh Rainforest, Deception Pass, Ape Caves, Samuel H. Boardman Corridor, hot spring hunting in Idaho


ISTJ “The Logistician”

Your Travel Personality: You like to be in charge of planning a trip, but not necessarily leading the way.

Because you are responsible and organized, you can be trusted to make sure things go according to the schedule. (Pssst, you’ll love our road trip planner post!) You are not a rule breaker so you wouldn’t dare drive through a no-trespassing area or venture off into an unfamiliar place.

Preferring marked paths and clear signs, you enjoy when there are structures in place. You would thrive on an adventure that has a clear roadmap (like an Olympic Peninsula Road Trip), and/or a clear end goal like hiking to Sol Duc Falls.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Cape Flattery, Sol Duc Falls, Rialto Beach, Maryhill Stonehenge, Artist Point, Cannon Beach, Seward Alaska.


ISFJ “The Defender”

Your Travel Personality: You love being a part of something that matters and find joy in being with others.

Traditions are something you hold dear, like camping every Memorial Day Weekend or going to the lake on the Fourth of July. People can count on you to pull your weight on any trip. You like to please others and are focused on making sure everyone has a good time.

Because you like spending time with friends, we recommend getting people together and going on a hike like Heather Lake and/or exploring the coastal town of Bellingham.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Heather Lake, Cape Kiwanda, Lake Cushman, Lake Crescent, Bellingham, Driving through the Redwoods, Ocean Shores

ESTJ “The Executive”

Your Travel Personality: You are more than happy to lead the group when traveling. You work hard to choose activities to please everyone, and love watching your hard work unfold.

With hard work and dedication, you believe that any dream vacation can be executed! You like to do your research beforehand and know every detail about the days ahead. With a clear routine planned out, people can count on you to stick to the plan.

We suggest you go on a trip with lots of details, like going to Banff National Park, because you will be essential to making the plans run smoothly.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Capilano Suspension Bridges, Banff – Alberta, Crater Lake, Port Angeles, Hurricane Ridge, Yosemite National Park, Cape Kiwanda


ESFJ “The Consul” (That’s me, Emily!)

Your Travel Personality: You enjoy organizing events so that all your friends can come together.

You may be the person in a group to offer to cook a meal over the campfire or make sure everyone has what they need at the beach. You enjoy hearing about your friends’ and family’s lives and relationships, so long car rides can be full of meaningful talks and deep conversations.

We suggest a trip where big groups can come together, like kayaking in Anacortes or hiking to Lake Twenty-Two to have lunch.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Long Car Rides (Olympic Coast Loop), Diablo Lake, Lake Twenty-Two, Deception Pass, Anacortes, Cannon Beach, Pacific Coast Road Trip


INFJ “The Advocate”

Your Travel Personality: You are all about finding the purpose in where you travel and why. Soaking in nature by yourself is something you love to do.

You consider other people’s feelings when experiencing a new activity, and enjoy helping people solve problems in their lives. You get a thrill out of finding hole-in-the-wall places to eat and sharing a long meal with friends.

Enjoyment comes from sharing insights with people close to you and accomplishing a goal together.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Hurricane Ridge, Hiking Snow Lake, Hiking Mount Storm King in Lake Crescent, Port Townsend, Olympia Coffee Coasters, Samuel H. Boardman Corridor


INFP “The Mediator”

Your Travel Personality: You like to find the good in any situation – a broken down car might mean meeting the people in the nearest town and spending more time there.

You connect deeply with each destination you visit. A trip can be a great source of symbolism and stories that can follow along with you for the rest of your life.

Traveling in small, tight packs is your preference – too many people can overwhelm you. You seek to know people deeply and love spending one on one time with fellow travelers, so a trip to the beach/mountain/lake with a close friend is an adventure we suggest!

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Rialto or Ruby Beach, San Juan Islands, The Enchantments, Astoria Oregon. Cape Disappointment, Painted Hills, Denali National Park in Alaska.


ENFJ “The Protagonist”

Your Travel Personality: You naturally have a confidence and a passion that most people have to work for.

As an excellent communicator, you are essential to any big trip with family or friends. You can easily solve problems and get people to cooperate towards the same goal or plan. While you may not be the first to make a tough decision, you can be relied upon to follow through with the choice and help the plan work smoothly.

We suggest an adventure with lots of people, like spending the day at the beach or going on a ski trip for the weekend.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Whistler, Cannon Beach, Rattlesnake Ledge, Ruby Beach, Rialto Beach, camping on the beach!


ENFP “The Campaigner” (That’s Berty!)

Your Travel Personality: At your core, you are sociable, creative, and a total free-spirit. You look at the world through a big lens and are guided by meaning and passion when choosing a new destination to explore.

The thought of sticking to a day to day routine and schedule bores you. When traveling, you like to see what the day brings, rather than planning out every stop along the way.

We would suggest a trip with an open end – like driving to the Cascade mountains and stopping to explore wherever you see fit.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Exploring The Olympic Loop Highway, Artist Point, Mt. Loop Highway, Diablo Lake, Painted Hills, Stanley, Idaho.


INTJ “The Architect”

Your Travel Personality: You have a natural-born drive to know things. When going to a new place, you are the one who reads all the signs and plaques about what the place is all about.

You are proud of knowing all the facts. Coming up with the absolute perfect travel itinerary is your expertise and you enjoy watching it being executed. You see boundaries and rules as mere obstructions – questioning why they were there in the first place.

When planning a trip, we suggest you try going to a place with a lot of rich histories like the ghost town of Monte Cristo or Cape Flattery.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Liberty Bell, Gold Creek Pond, Monte Cristo Hike, Planning a Camping Trip, Cape Flattery


INTP “The Logician”

Your Travel Personality: You pride yourself on the inventiveness and creativity that comes with this personality type. You love a good debate and aren’t afraid to call out the flaws in any travel plan – whether people want to hear them or not.

You’re good at detaching emotions from the choices in a travel itinerary, which can sometimes lead to hurt feelings BUT ultimately helps find the right logistical choice to move forward. But because you are open-minded, you can be relied upon to find a new and exciting place to explore!

We suggest traveling to a place with a lot of options like Mt St Helens and the Ape Caves or Ecola State Park/Oregon Coast.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Big Four Ice Caves, Ape Caves, Maryhill Stonehenge, Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls, Oregon Coast


ENTJ “The Commander”

Your Travel Personality: Your confidence and leadership will shine through on any trip. With the ability to command a room, you can get people to follow along with your ideas.

You love a good challenge and can be hyper-focused when achieving a goal. A group will want someone like you if there is any negotiation or transaction involved – you don’t stop until you get what you want.

Make sure to balance out your command with someone who is in tune with the group and their feelings. We suggest a bustling city like Vancouver, BC or our very own Seattle to allow you to take charge of many different activities.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Mt. Storm King, Mt. Dickerman, Vancouver, BC, Backpacking any mountain, Downtown Seattle


ENTP “The Debater”

Your Travel Personality: You like to shake up the plan and propose a new direction just for the sake of seeing what will come up.

Brainstorming is your specialty, but when it comes to the groundwork for planning the adventure, leave that to your friends who are experts in assembling the building blocks.

You are necessary when in a tough bind because your quick-thinking can get you out of sticky situations.

We would suggest going on a sort of “unpredictable trip” like kayaking around the San Juan Islands or going on a ski trip to the mountains.

Your Next PNW Destination Should Be: Portland, Ski Trip To Whistler or Mt. Baker, San Juan Islands, Deception Pass, Oregon Coast

What is your Myers-Briggs Personality? Let us know in the comments below! If you have any additional suggestions on places we should add, let us know too!

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