How We Prepare Coffee On The Road

Post Summary: Five different methods to prepare coffee on the road.

Berty and I may not have the most consistent routine (travel, work, repeat) but you can count on one thing staying the same…


We love it. We need it. On our most recent road trip, we literally packed a specific container only for preparing coffee on the road. We brought things like our Chemex, filters, scale, our fave coffee beans in a mason jar, and mugs!

Berty and I have naturally fallen into a routine – in and out of the house – of having coffee together in the morning. Whether it be a Starbucks run, regular house coffee, or when Berty takes the time to make Chemex, we savor each moment.

For us, starting the day with a cup of coffee allows us to catch up and lay out the day ahead. We wanted to share with you how easy it is to prepare coffee on the road! If you are a Seattleite like us and want some tips on how to bring your favorite beverage, we’ve got you covered. Or if you just love coffee, this post is for you, too!

How We Prepare Coffee On The Road


The most complex of all the ways, but the most aesthetically pleasing and delicious. We like to prepare coffee this way when we have a slow morning.

Chemex coffee forces us to slow down in the morning (because we always seem to be running on 100%). To avoid bringing all the gear associated with it, like a scale, grinder etc., you can measure out individual servings before your trip.

Where we used Chemex: Cape Kiwanda


Packable Coffee Filter

This way is for the quick and dirty. This little guy grabs on to the side of your cup for an easy pour-over.

In this picture, we’re using the Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Filter. We would recommend this one if you are a backpacker because it’s extremely light! When folded up, it takes up practically no space.

We also like that it keeps the drip cone out of the mug, so you can get every last drop of delicious coffee.

Where We Used It: Craters Of The Moon National Park, Idaho

French Press

Similar to a Chemex, the French press allows you to choose your beans of choice and prepare it just the way you like.

This way of preparing coffee on the road is perfect for slow mornings by the campfire or listening to the birds chirping on the back porch!

It’s also a great choice if you are going for zero waste. A french press doesn’t require any filters as a Chemex would and you can compost the used coffee grounds. Check out our friend Lauren Bowen’s simple and beautiful blog about wasting less and living more!

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How do you prepare coffee on the road? Let us know in the comments below!


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