Nadine’s First Time in Washington

Today, Berty and I woke up at 3:30am to pick up our Aussie friend, Nadine, to go and see Artist Point in Glacier, WA. Nadine has been traveling up the West Coast for a few weeks now and she FINALLY arrived in Washington! Yay for us!! We finally get to play tour guide and show her…

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Machu Picchu and a Marriage Proposal

This is the second installment of our Peru adventure. You can find the first one here, but if what you are here for is just the Machu Picchu proposal part, you can skip the link and keep reading on. MACHU PICCHU We woke up early in the morning and caught a bus into Machu Picchu. As we…

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Peru Adventures: The Sacred Valley and More

This is our crazy story about how we ended up in Machu Picchu…engaged! Note before we begin: Lots of the photos I use in this post were taken by the adventurous photographer/videographer Aidan Haley. He has become a good friend and an inspiration for us to live life abundant! It was almost a year ago exactly that…

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