A Spontaneous Hike To Rattlesnake Ledge

Post Summary: What to expect when hiking Rattlesnake Ledge, near Seattle, Washington.

Last Sunday, Berty and I decided to drive east and hike Rattlesnake Ledge. (Just in case you get confused, it’s also often called Rattlesnake Ridge or Rattlesnake Mountain.)

We are trying to go out more to hike and take pictures of our daily lives. This is mostly just for me to learn photography from Berty, but also to get out and enjoy the Seattle hiking trails because it’s finally good weather here in the Pacific Northwest

We feel so lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, where we can drive in practically any direction and find a fantastic hike with a gorgeous view.

Here is just one of many hikes we will showcase here on the blog!

A Spontaneous Hike To Rattlesnake Ledge

Because Rattlesnake Ledge is a heavily trafficked trail, expect crowds at all times of the day. Weekends are the busiest, especially on sunny PNW days.

If you are looking for a quieter time to go, we suggest arriving very early in the morning (anyone down for a sunrise hike!?) or around 6:00 or 7:00 pm. During these times, there will be fewer children and large crowds, but you’ll still see people on the trail.

Berty and I began our hike around 6 pm on Sunday and when we arrived at the ledge. There was probably 20 people at the top with us.

If you are looking for even more peace and quiet – there’s an additional trail that forks off at the top and another 15-minute hike will give you a higher viewpoint all to yourselves.

For the 30-45 minutes we stayed there, we encountered 3 people. Definitely worth the extra .5 more miles!

(LOL This hair is sometimes more work than I’m cut out for! Wind = my worst enemy)


Hike This Trail: Rattlesnake Ledge (4 miles round trip, 1160 ft. elevation gain) No entry fees, pets allowed.


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