40 Essentials For Every Winter Travel Packing List

Post Summary: Winter Travel Packing List Essentials For Your Next Trip!

Catching snowflakes on your tongue, forming those perfect snowballs, and watching those silent flakes fall to the ground…nothing can get better than this, right?

Until you’re WAY too cold for your own good!

Many places around the Pacific Northwest (like Spokane, Missoula, and Bozeman for example) frequently drop below 0 degrees in the coldest months of winter.

BUT Berty and I don’t stop exploring when the snow hits the ground – therefore we’re planning on packing smart and packing warm!

If you have your own cold-weather adventure soon, this list is for you. Read on for a complete list of outerwear, layers, pants, shoes, and more! You can also download the complete wither travel packing list below!

40 Essentials For Any Winter Travel Packing List


Heavy Coat / Parka – For those cold adventures up in the mountains. Make sure this one is bulky and big to keep you extra warm on those chilly days.

Rain Jacket – There’s a 100% chance you’ll get caught in the rain here in the Pacific Northwest. See more stylish rain jacket options in this post.

Quarter-Zip / Pullover – For those lazy mornings in the cabin by the fireplace.

Activewear Coat – For quick errands around the city, pack an easy zip-up to keep you warm and cozy on the go.

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Thermal Underwear – Don’t underestimate the power of good under-layers. We wore ours under our jeans when exploring Paris in the winter (in below freezing temps!) and they were truly the best decision we made all day.

Leggings – These are easy to wear, they pack small, and are all around comfy for those nights in a winter cabin or lodge.

Sweatpants – For those extra chilly mornings around the fire. We also like to throw on our sweats to warm up after a fun day out in the snow.

Dark Jeans – Dark denim goes with nearly everything, so this versatile piece is essential for a stylish night out in a winter town!


Sweaters – Pack lots of options in neutral colors to mix and match with different outfits. You can’t go wrong with layers like these!

Thermal Layers – For extended time out in the elements, wear an extra thermal layer to keep warm.

Cozy Shirts – Classy, dressier pieces to fit everything from a ski trip to a night out to dinner. Pack a few ‘nicer’ ones for city walking and more casual ones (like this awesome flannel) for ski lodge hangs.


Slippers – Keep those toes warm on hardwood floors and tile by sporting these off the slopes.

Waterproof Snow Boots – These are probably the most important item you will bring. Choose a pair that’s comfortable, waterproof, and stylish!

Sturdy City Boots – We are keen on the signature Red Wing leather boots, but there are tons of other great waterproof options for styling in the winter.

Speacialty Gear For Winter Trail (Accessories)

Wool Socks – Pack extra pairs of these to keep your toes warm while out in the snow.

Finger Gloves – Finger gloves are great if you need to handle a lot of equipment in the snow. Bonus points if you get a pair that is touch-screen compatible!

Mittens – For cozy hands in outdoor adventures. These go really well with hand-warmers!

Knit Hat / Beanie – Essential to keep you warm while out in the cold. There’s really no way to go wrong with this one – pack your favorite cap!

Scarf – Pack a versatile piece that can be stylish but also act as a layer to block out the cold. Blanket scarves come in lots of styles!


Camera – We usually pack our Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 5D Mark IV, but if you need to save space (or don’t want to carry a huge DSLR) the Canon PowerShot G7 X packs a huge punch in a tiny camera body. See the full gear list we bring in this post. 

GoPro – To take out on those epic ski adventures or snowshoe trails in the mountains.

Polarized Lens Filters – The sun can be abnormally bright against the white snow. Bring a cover for your lens to block out some of those harsh sun rays!

By the way…

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What’s on your winter travel packing list? Did we miss any essential items? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Most of my Christmas wish list is for winter hiking gear. I’m hoping for microspikes, a nice mid-weight layering shirt, gaiters, and a larger pack to hold everything for a winter snow hike (soup, cider spiked with fireball, you know, the essentials). Adding a few ideas from this post!

    1. Hey! Microspikes would be awesome in the cold weather – and gaiters too! Love that you are preparing for cold-weather adventures like us. Have so much fun!

  2. This post was perfect timing! My boyfriend and I were discussing trying out snowshoeing and cross country skiing for the first time this winter. I definitely don’t have the right cold weather gear, but this list gives me a great start!

    1. I’m so glad you found this list helpful! Best wishes for all your winter adventures this season!

  3. Love all these ideas! This is so helpful. Just send a hint link off to my husband for some waterproof boots! 🙂