7 Travel Backpacks For The Adventure Lover

Post Summary: A roundup of our favorite travel backpacks for adventurous trips.

It seems as if we’ve had trusty backpacks permanently affixed to our bodies since our very first day of school!

These reliable totes have carried everything from your homework to all your carry-on gear for your next adventure. No matter where you are going or how long,

Berty and I want to share our favorite travel backpacks and bags to make planning your next outing easier. All of these bags have been tried by us and have been faithful companions on our trips near and far!

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7 Travel Backpacks + Bags For The Adventure Lover

ONA Camera Bags

(As seen with The Clifton, Brixton Messenger, and Camp’s Bay Backpack)

It’s no surprise that ONA takes 3 out of our 7 top picks.

They are versatile, camera-friendly, and super stylish. We use the Clifton for short trips like our trip to Yellowstone, Berty’s Brixton Messenger for working or meetings at the nearest coffee shop downtown, and our Camp’s Bay for when we need to bring lots of gear (seriously, this bag can hold a ton).

Each bag is made with either leather or high-quality weather-resistant material, which honestly I think gets better with age. For example, we’ve had the Brixton Messenger the longest, and it’s still in fantastic shape!

Yes, they are definitely on the higher price-range of camera bags and backpacks, but if you purchase ONA once, you’ll never have to buy another camera bag again.

Best For Outdoors, Day Trips, City Dwelling, Everyday Wear

More Adventures With ONA: Our Trip To Kauai, Bali, and Lake Wenatchee.



This was one of the first adventure backpacks we owned. It’s highly waterproof, has lots of pockets to hold all your things, and stylish in its own rugged way!

My favorite thing about this bag is that it has two separate compartments – one for gear and another for personal items. This makes it easy to get what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. It also has an easy-access laptop sleeve!

Best For: Poor Weather, Outdoors, Photographers always on the go

A weekend of rain. #letsgosomewhere

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Just Porter is a company that created durable backpacks for travelers, commuters, and students.

This one is not necessarily a camera bag, however, is does its job well for all the other gear we bring along on trips. We own the Sable Rucksack and it can hold a LOT of clothes. The magnet clasps give super easy access to all your gear, which makes going through airport security a total breeze.

Finally, to no one’s surprise, it’s waterproof which means it can stand our unpredictable Seattle weather at all times!

Best For: Bike Commuting, Outdoor Travel, Airports


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I use my Cinch Tote Bag every time I need to carry my laptop and books around the city (which is very often).

On rainy days, the bag opening can get protected by its drawstring top, and its waterproof material keeps your things dry!

It also has two carry options – two shoulder straps and one cross-body strap for multi-use functions. This bag’s versatility can fit practically anyone’s lifestyle!

Best For: Everyday use, running errands, day tote, beach tote


We like to use our Krochet Kids Pike Weekender for short trips! It fits easily in overhead compartments, in the back of a car, and really, anywhere else you may take it!

We love supporting this company because we believe in their purpose and mission. Krochet Kids empowers women by teaching them practical skills that will translate into lifelong opportunities for work and entrepreneurship.

Not only are their products high quality, but they are made to reflect the culture of the women, with gorgeous Peruvian designs on their bags and clothing. Each product is hand-made and signed by the woman who created it, which is why we love supporting them!

Best For: Travel, Weekend Trips, Road Trips, Day Trips

See More With Krochet Kids: Our Hawaii Packing List, Trip To Kauai

What are your favorite travel backpacks and bags? We’ve linked more options below, but we’re always eager to find new brands to try – let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!



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