The 10 Essentials For Hiking In The Pacific Northwest

Have you ever gone out hiking, only to be utterly and helplessly unprepared? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. We’ve gotten soaked in a torrential downpour with no raincoat and only packed one granola bar for an 8-mile hike. We’ve even carried too much in our backpacks and really paid the price the next morning. …

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5 Adventurous PNW Cities You Need to Visit This Winter

  Where in the world can you possibly get mountains, ocean, large cities and vast wheat fields all in one area? Berty and I are so lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest. (In fact, we wrote a blog post about that once…) Not only do the cities here have so much to discover, but…

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The Essential 2017 PNW Bucket List

 Have you ever been to a place, only to leave thinking that there’s so much more to see? That’s how Berty and I feel every day that we live in the Pacific Northwest. Since living together here, we love exploring every part of our little corner of the world, especially with our friends. The more…

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