15 Gorgeous PNW Engagement Photo Locations To Inspire Your Adventurous Side (Pt 2)

Post Summary: Part 2 of our PNW Engagement Photo Locations For Inspiration

It’s no surprise that the Pacific Northwest has some incredible landscapes. Gorgeous mountains, turquoise lakes, and sweeping views seem to be around every corner!

When looking for the best locations for your Pacific Northwest engagement, it’s only natural that you want to capture your love in a beautiful place.

That’s why we’ve created part 1 and part 2 of our PNW engagement photo location series, to inspire you to get outside and capture your nuptials in nature! We hope this post can hep with your planning!

PNW Engagement Photo Locations Seattle, Berty Mandagie Photography

Again, you can find the first part of our engagement series here. If you’ve liked these posts, let us know if you want more content like this in the comments below!

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15 Stunning PNW Engagement Photo Locations For The Outdoor Couples
(PART 2)

9. Gold Creek Pond + Franklin Falls

These two were such a joy to get to know during their engagement session. The thoughtfulness they had for each other and the stories they shared brought out their genuine love in the photographs!

Gold Creek and Franklin Falls are located near Snoqualmie Pass. This place is for you if you are looking for convenient and beautiful locations on hiking trails near Seattle. Fun fact: Gold Creek Pond and the trail around it is all wheelchair accessible!

-Gold Creek Pond, Washington - PNW Engagement Photo Locations

10. Boulder River Trail

Love the outdoors? Follow this couple’s path (get it?) and take your photographer on your favorite hike!

Lauren and Nathan packed some extra clothes in their bags and were down to get close to huge waterfalls in the middle of the Mt. Baker region! If you are an adventurous couple and have a favorite hike, definitely take your photographer out for the morning!

11. Gig Harbor (Again!)

This town is worth mentioning again for its versatile nature and gorgeous waterfront. This couple took advantage of what Gig Harbor is known for most and went to the docks and the shore to capture their love.

If your interested in nautical themes, (or just love the water) Gig Harbor is only a 40-minute drive south of Seattle!

Gig Harbor, Washington - PNW Engagement Photo Locations
Gig Harbor, Washington - PNW Engagement Photo Locations

12. Downtown Seattle

If the city-life is your thing, look no further than downtown Seattle! Choose a place that means something to you as a couple, or just have fun exploring around!

The city is for your engagement shoot if you love big crowds, bright flowers in Pike Place Market, unique coffee shops, and bokeh lighting at night!

13. Deception Pass

This accessible park had everything nature lovers could want! This couple even added their own Pacific Northwest flare by taking pictures in their Birkenstocks and socks!!

Deception Pass is a good location for you if you’re willing to get your shoes a little wet, can stand a little wind on the bridge, and LOVE epic shots over the vista!

Deception Pass, Washington - PNW Engagement Photo Locations

14. Volunteer Park

This unique spot in the center of Capitol Hill will draw city dwellers and nature lovers alike. The park is filled with attractive landmarks, views of downtown Seattle, and sprawling greenery across its many acres.

This PNW photoshoot location is for you if you love historic buildings, eclectic greenhouses, and the occasional LARPers on the park’s lawn. πŸ˜‰

15. On A Sea Plane!

This surprise proposal was between two of our very, very dear friends. Berty and I were so excited to help Matt with his master plan of proposing on the waterfront and having a seaplane simply come over to them on the shore and whisk them away!

This day went flawlessly (good freaking job Matt!) and the photos were spectacular between the Lake Union waterfront, views from the plane, Blake Island, and ultimately, Kate’s house!

If you are hoping to plan your proposal (or even just a special surprise!) this way, consider traveling to the San Juan Islands by seaplane for an unforgettable ride!

Lake Union, Washington - PNW Engagement Photo Locations
Lake Union, Washington - PNW Engagement Photo Locations

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One thing we like to tell people when picking a photographer is to meet them in person first, and see some of their work. Berty loves meeting with his clients to hear their story and get to know them a little better, before any pictures are ever taken. Together, he loves to plan out their dream locations and create a holistic vision for their photos. Berty captures more than just the two people – he captures the whole story. All of these photos are examples of his work. If you are interested in working with him, please visit his website here, and contact him at [email protected]

Want more PNW engagement photo locations? Check out our Pacific Northwest Board for more location inspiration!

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