Olympic Peninsula Loop Pt 2: Lake Crescent



We (Berty, Kate and Matt and I) spent the entire day exploring the Washington coast.

On our way home, we wanted to stop by Lake Crescent before we drove the rest of Highway 101 and caught the ferry home. When we arrived, the water was calm and glassy.

Reflecting back on all the times I’ve been to this lake, this time was my favorite. I think it was my favorite because of the colors!

The view was filled with rich green of the evergreens and fire-y reds and oranges of the deciduous trees.



Berty and I value the time we spend with people. Whether it be taking a new friend to the Olympics for the first time, catching up with close ones, or an adventure with just the two of us, we believe that moments are always best when shared.

During this trip, Kate and Matt were exceptional company. For example, Matt was our professional car DJ. His mix of local PNW artists, Chance The Rapper, and chill beats filled the car with such good vibes.

Similarly, Kate brought unbeatable conversation. Her ability to ask questions and share from her own experience makes you feel like you are the most important person!

We look up to these two so much as individuals and together in their relationship!



Berty has one of Ona bag’s new backpacks called The Clifton. We enjoyed packing it for our day trip, but on our stop here at Lake Crescent we just had fun taking pictures with it!

After our trip, Matt kept suggesting to Berty that he should give him the backpack. πŸ™‚ Additionally, any time Berty wanted a portrait, we all kept saying “let me wear the backpack!”

All things considered, photos, nature and all were on our side today. It was 100% beautiful and peaceful.









Reflections (literally and figuratively, lol)

I remember coming here for the first time with Berty, back when we were dating.

Then, it was June, sunny, and it was the beginning of an adventure to the Hoh Rainforest. Looking back at those times, I can’t help but feel grateful for the joyous spirit Berty brings to every occasion.

His life and hunger and for adventure inspires me every day!




To sum it up, our day was fantastic. We were lucky because we were able to see to ocean, mountains, lakes, and even a few wild animals…all in one day! That’s one of the things we love about the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, where else in the world do you have so much natural diversity?!

In short, our hope is that any words or photos posted here on this site can encourage you to see  and explore the beauty that this world has to offer. Get outside! As a matter of fact, when you go on your own adventure, tell us about it!

Finally, thanks for reading!

The Mandagies







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  1. We just booked a weekend trip on labor day weekend and are basing ourselves in Port Townsend and Lake Crescent is high on the list because of this post. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to a weekend packed with adventures on the peninsula! Thanks for the photo inspiration!!