10 Unique Instagram Spots in Prague (Winter Edition)

Post Summary: Lesser Known Instagram Spots In Prague and Unique Places To Explore

This Christmas, we spent the holidays in the Czech Republic! Our time was filled with traditional Czech Christmas Markets and delicious food and coffee!

For the eight days we visited, Berty and I partnered up with Visit Czech Republic to discover the city and bring you the best Instagram spots in Prague!

Now, Berty and I realize we only spent time in and around the city of Prague for this trip. There’s so much more we want to see and do – experience the dreamy fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov, drink wine in the vineyards of Moravia, and explore the southern national park (Narodni Park Sumava) just to name a few.

Therefore, we titled this post the “winter edition” because we know this won’t be our last time in this beautiful country. Enjoy!

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10 Unique Instagram Spots In Prague

(Winter Edition)

For this trip, our goal was to break out of simply seeing the classic “tourist spots.”

We know that they attract tourists for a reason – the beauty, architecture, and history in each place is hard to ignore! However, there are hundreds of articles out there already, sharing those exact locations over and over again.

Berty and I love experiencing local culture, finding hidden gems, and seeing popular places from a different perspective. We also wanted to spend time trying to find quirky things to do around Prague as well!

Therefore, we made a goal to find and share unique places in and around the city, worthy to be called Instagram spots in Prague. 🙂

How Long Should I Spend In Prague?

Prague is one of those cities where no matter how much time you spend here, you’ll always be left wanting more! 

We believe that you can easily plan an effective two days in Prague itinerary, and still be able to see the amazing highlights of this beautiful city. Scroll to the bottom of this post to check out our (downloadable!) Google Map plan your Prague destinations and start creating your epic weekend trip to Prague!

However, to really enjoy the city, we suggest planning a trip for three days in Prague, or more! This way, you can spend more time enjoying each of these historic sites in the Czech Republic. Three or more days in Prague can also allow you to enjoy some of the local beer halls, restaurants, and fun nightlife that the city offers!

1. Charles University Botanical Garden

Tucked away in Lower New Town, this indoor botanical garden is the perfect escape on a cold winter’s day. Here, there is a huge collection of plants from all over the world for you to explore.

Within the labyrinth of connected greenhouses, there is also an aviary filled with funny, noisy birds to entertain you. Berty and I timed our visit perfectly because we came when a movie was being filmed!


2. Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Just a two-hour drive outside of the city is Czech Republic’s youngest National Park, Bohemian Switzerland.

This park is full of unique sandstone structures, the most famous one being the Pravčická Brána. We went with an outdoor adventure company called Northern Hikes to hike and explore the area for a day trip outside of Prague. This was a fun way to see a new landscape without going too far from the city!

Looking for more day trips or weekend trips from Prague? Check out Poland, just a few hours northeast of Prague. Here are tips on the best places to stay in Wroclaw, a historic city in Western Poland!


3. Vyšehrad Castle

Berty and I decided to come here on a whim. We were wandering around in search of something to see, and this castle was hard to ignore – it was towering over the neighborhood!

This castle is located in the southern center of Prague, away from the hustle and bustle of Old Town Square. We easily wandered around this place all afternoon.

Vysehrad has curated grounds, overlooks to the north and south, a neo-gothic church in the center, and many things to explore within its walls.

Stay late enough to have the lamps turn on for the night to see the city lights (and the Prague Castle!) glow in the distance. We were surprised to find that we were accompanied by just a few others – this place was quiet and tranquil.


4. La Boheme Cafe

Looking for a place to get our coffee fix (you know us, Seattleites) we came across this cafe tucked away on a side street in Vinohrady.

The cafe’s attention to detail is stunning – they even had designer wallpaper in the bathrooms!

If you’re looking for fun places to eat in Prague with friends, this is the spot for you! They provide minimal wifi time, but it’s with the cafe’s intention that you invest time in the relationships around you (and of course, drink good coffee).


5. Charles Bridge

This location is not unique, we know. Cliche nonetheless, but we had to include it because you can have a very different experience here depending on the time you visit. This pedestrian-only bridge is a (if not THE most) popular attraction in the center of the city which connects the Prague Castle with Old Town Square.

It’s usually busy during the day, but come at the crack of dawn or at night and you might just get the bridge all to yourself!


6. Miss Sophie’s Hotel

I don’t know if a place can get any cuter than this! This boutique hotel boasts a sophisticated stay within walking distance of pretty much any of Prague’s main attractions. The attention to detail in each room was evident: floor to ceiling white flowy curtains, darling wallpaper, and painted headboards are just a few of the things that make this place Pinterest worthy. There’s even a spiral staircase with a stunning view from the top!


7. Vršovice Neighborhood

Tired of Old Town Square and want to see what local life looks like in the city? This neighborhood is known to be the residence of the indie boutiques, nightclubbers, and coffee lovers. Vrsocive streets are lined with pastel-colored buildings which make the perfect backdrop for unique pictures of Prague.

We suggest taking a walk to Havlíček Gardens to admire the “painted ladies” of Prague that line the edge of the park!


8. Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Take just an hour’s drive southwest of Prague and you’ll reach the beautiful city of Pilsen (also called Plzen). Here is where you can take a tour of the original Pilsner Urquell Brewery, which was founded in 1842.

We went with Czexperience to enjoy a day of beer tasting, learn about the history of the city’s relationship with it, and of course, to eat delicious Czech food! The Pilsner Urquell tour is extremely well done, and the tour of the beer cellars feels like something straight out of a history book (which it totally is!).

Czexperience focuses on tailor-made tours, small groups, and personal hospitality. If you are interested in seeing more of the Czech Republic besides just Prague, this company will show you the best that the country has to offer!

Love Czech Republic Beer? Check out this awesome Czech Beer guide, including a brewery map, tips on ordering and so much more great information!


9. Czech Christmas Markets

If you’re visiting during the holidays, visiting the Christmas markets should be your first priority! Here, you’ll experience mulled wine, hot mead, beautifully decorated trees and tons of Christmas cheer. We had only heard of mulled wine and mead from Game of Thrones, so it was a fun experience trying it in real life.

The best time to visit the Christmas Markets are in the evenings before Christmas, when holiday cheer is at its highest.

Read More: 6 Magical Prague Christmas Markets You Need To Experience


10. Grotta in Vinohrady Park

After some internet digging, we learned that these artificial caves and structures were built by a millionaire in the 1800s. It was used as a romantic garden restaurant but was abandoned and neglected around World War 2.

Now only the structure remains, surrounded by a park to entice explorers and mystery lovers to roam around. Kind of spooky in the wintertime, but with the fountain on in the summer, I’m sure it gives off a completely different vibe.

Map of Instagram Spots In Prague

Need a little help finding your way in Prague? Click around our custom map below to discover our favorite photography locations during the winter in the city!

What places would you consider unique Instagram spots in Prague? What are some of your favorite spots that deserve more credit? Let us know in the comments below!

Click on the map to explore more locations in Europe!

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