Your Quick-And-Easy Guide To Glamping In A Yurt

Post Summary: How To Easily Go Glamping In A Yurt

Need a break during the holidays?

Picture this: waking up to a crackling fire, peering outside to a fresh layer of snow, and sipping your steaming mug of coffee on the porch. Sounds dreamy, right? What if I told you there are yurts for rent all over the Pacific Northwest?

Yurt camping is a popular activity in this part of the United States. It’s the perfect, no-fuss, convenient getaway option to experience the outdoors!

If you are wanting to have your own yurt camping experience, this post is for you. We’ll be sharing everything from types of yurts, what to expect, and where to book them. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags for your next winter glamping getaway!

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The Quick-And-Easy Guide To Glamping In A Yurt

What is a Yurt and What Is Glamping?

A yurt is a semi-permanent structure that was originally used by nomadic cultures of Central Asia. Nowadays, the frame remains similar, but there are a few key differences. Instead of animal hides for the walls, we use hardy canvas and other materials to keep out the cold. Yurts today usually include a wood-burning stove, a bed, and a place to prepare meals at the very minimum.

Glamping (“glamorous camping”) is a word used to describe a type of camping experience that has most or all amenities available to you. You can sometimes recognize them as luxury camping tents, with everything needed for a comfortable stay. This is different from traditional camping, where you are responsible for packing everything in to make your camp.

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What Does The Inside of A Yurt Look Like?

A yurt is a circular-shaped semi-permanent tent. The inside will have an exposed wooden frame along the walls to hold its shape and have beams in a cone-like shape to support the roof.

Yurts can look a ton of different ways, but they generally have the same basic features. Here’s what you can expect inside of a typical yurt:

  • Gas or wood-burning stove
  • Bed(s) or cot(s)
  • Mini kitchenette or place to prepare food

Other features in a yurt can include lounging furniture, coat hangers, benches, chairs, trash cans, broom, outdoor decks, and more. Before going glamping in a yurt, make sure to read the full list of amenities provided in your rental, so that you know what to bring on your trip!

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Glamping In A Yurt In North Idaho (Our Experience)

See the exact yurt listing here, and get $40 off your first booking HERE!

Berty and I were wanting a little winter glamping experience without going far from our new home in Spokane. Shortly after searching on Airbnb, we came across this North Idaho beauty! Within the hour we had booked it and started planning our trip up north.

After a short drive to Idaho, we arrived in the area and were greeted by the owners. They had two yurts on their Idaho property.

One was their permanent dwelling place – a yurt we estimated at over 50-feet long with two stories!! The second yurt was ours for the night, tucked away in the woods for privacy but close enough if we needed anything.

The toilet/outhouse was outside of the yurt. This is typical for small yurts and we actually found it kind of fun to poop with a forest view. (LOL)

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sitting by the fire in a yurt

Berty and I spent a lot of our time enjoying the outdoors and taking pictures. We also brought wine and ordered Thai food takeout (classy combo, right?) so we could eat without having to prep or cleanup.

We eventually fell asleep to the sound of a crackling fire cozied up on our comfy blankets and queen-sized mattress. Our yurt rental in North Idaho was simple, efficient, and perfect for our little getaway!

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What Do I Need To Bring To Stay In A Yurt?

Packing lists can differ depending on the type of yurt you want to stay in. Most of the time, the yurts you find on sites like Airbnb or Glamping Hub will have most amenities on hand, or in the reservation description online. Make sure to read the details of a yurt rental before committing!

In general, a typical glamping yurt experience would require you bring:

  • Personal toiletries
  • Changes of clothes
  • Warm outdoor layers like gloves, hat, and scarves
  • Food for the number of days you’ll be staying
  • Propane for heat and cooking

Want the full list? Read our complete cabin packing list here!

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When is The Best Time to Rent a Yurt?

Any time of year is great! We suggest going glamping in a yurt when you want to experience the most of a certain season. You will often find yourself outside so choose a season that you love!

For some seasonal yurt inspiration, here are some things you can do…

  • (Winter) Pack your things on a sled and cross-country ski up to a remote yurt in the mountains.
  • (Spring) Embrace the blooming flowers and try and spot some newborn animals in the forest!
  • (Summer) Bring essentials by backpack with friends through the forests to reach a backcountry yurt.
  • (Autumn) Pick a yurt among the falling leaves for a colorful getaway!

Regardless of the season, choose your adventure and then start looking for places a couple months ahead. Yurt camping is popular and some spots can get booked out months in advance! 

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How Do I Book a Yurt?

Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to book yurt vacation rentals. You can find all types online to suit your needs and desires when planning the perfect weekend getaway.

Here are some of our favorite places to start looking at yurt rentals:

Special Backcountry Yurt Note

A “dry” or “backcountry” yurt means that there is likely no toilet inside, no running water, and/or no road that leads to the structure.

This means you must pack all the essentials in (and out!!) on your trip. Things like bedding, food, cooking supplies, water, light, and even firewood may need to be brought in for a comfortable stay.

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You can typically find dry or backcountry yurts by searching Idaho State Park Recreation or Washington State Park shelter reservation sites. Some sites require access by backpacking in summer or towing a sled in winter.

Reservation prices and amenities differ at each location!

Glamping in a yurt during the holidays

Have you ever been glamping in a yurt? Let us know about your experience in the comments below! We’d love to share more stories and get people inspired to book their own trip!

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