The 17 Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Parents

Know an adventure lover who wants their kids to enjoy the outdoors too?

In this post, we’re sharing unique gifts for parents who love to spend time with their family outside!

The Best Outdoor Gifts For Parents Whole Love Adventure

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1. Burton DND Beanies – Pack of 3 ($34.95)

When you’re strapped for time, it helps to have convenient winter essentials in all the right places. With this Burton DND 3 pack, you can leave one at every entrance and exit of your house, so you can always be prepared.

These 3 packs come in several colors, so you can mix and match exactly how you like!

2. REI Co-Op Trailsmith Fleece Pullover ($79.95)

One of the most important aspects of staying warm is knowing how to layer clothes for winter. The REI Co-Op’s Trailsmith Fleece Pullover is an affordable fleece layer, that comes in several colors. It also comes in more specific size ranges too, like plus sizes, tall, and men’s/women’s.

This no-fuss layer is easy to wash and will be a staple in your everyday winter wear, perfect as outdoor gifts for parents!

3. The Cocktail Box Co ($22)

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the barkeeper in your life! Spice up any camping trip with a portable cocktail mix which includes a spoon, muddler, bar napkin, and 3 cocktail picks, and drink-specific ingredients. Choose from margaritas, Moscow mules, old fashions, and gin & tonics – all you have to supply is the booze!

4. Smartwool Tech Liner Gloves ($24)

Smartwool Tech Liner Gloves

Sometimes you just want to keep your hands warm without all the bulk. Use these Smartwool Tech Liner Gloves gloves for easy handling (hellooo touchscreen friendly!) and then layer up later when you’re ready for more intense adventures.

Read More: How To Layer Clothes For Winter Adventures

5. REI Co-op Wallace Lake Flannel Shirt ($69.95)

This thick, jacket-like flannel shirt will be in rotation all season (if not all year!) long. It’s soft enough to have that lived-in feel, but also sturdy enough for doing camp chores like chopping wood and setting up the tents. It comes in tons of colors, so you can choose one that fits your exact style!

6. Hydro Flask Food Jar 20 oz ($39.95)

Never be without snacks again with the Hydro Flask 20 oz Food Jar. Its vacuum seal and leak-proof protection mean it will keep hot things hot and cold things cold for hours. Don’t settle for bland food on the trail – make your own preferred snacks and meals at home and take them on your next hike! It’s a win for the whole family!

7. Walkie Talkies ($49.95)

What better way to keep track of the whole group than by using walkie-talkies? These two-way radios have a 28-mile range and 22 channels, so you can connect easily, anywhere. It also comes with NOAA weather alerts, so you can always be prepared and safe.

8. Bombas Gripper Slippers ($40)

Half-slipper, half-sock, these booties by Bombas are the perfect gifts for parents who are busy around the house! The soft lining inside keeps your feet nice and toasty, while the grippy soles on the outside prevent slipping.

9. Teva ReEmber slip On Shoes ($74.95)

From hanging around camp to taking out the trash, The Teva ReEmber Slip-on shoes are a personal staple in our wardrobe. They have grippy soles for traction outside, and the collapsible heel makes them easy to slip on and off. They come in tons of colors too!

10. Outdoor Picnic Blanket ($49.95)

For the last-minute picnic or outdoor movie night, the REI Co-Op Outdoor Blanket is a great choice! Place it on any surface because the top side is made of soft fleece, and the bottom is water-repellent to keep you and your stuff dry.

11. Coleman Skydome 4-Person Tent ($119.95)

This quick-set-up tent is the absolute best outdoor gift for parents. The Coleman SkyDome has darkroom technology, which blocks out 90% of sunlight, meaning you can sleep in longer, and your little ones can get a good nap while you’re on your camping trip!

12. Eureka Ignite 2-Burner ($144.95)

Eureka Ignite Plus 2 Burner Camp Stove

The Eureka Ignite Plus 2-Burner Camp Stove has two burners and easy press-button ignition, so you don’t need to endanger your hand trying to light the burners with a lighter or match.

This stove also has a three-sided wind block to protect your flame and keep the heat consistent, rubber feet to keep the stove in place, and JetLink compatibility so you can connect multiple Eureka stoves to a single propane canister. 

13. Caddis Rapid Sun Share ($99.95)

If you’ve got little ones that need a little refuge from the sun, setting up this Caddis Rapid Sun Shade is the perfect backyard gift for parents!

It’s easy to set up and easy to carry, quickly making itself a staple in your beach days, backyard hangs, or camping trips!

14. Hammock Stand

The Kammok portable hammock stand allows you to hammock from anywhere! No trees necessary – pop this standup in your backyard and even take it on your next camping trip! Don’t forget to grab a hammock to go with it too.

15. REI Co-Op Camp Wrap ($99.95)

Know someone who is always cold on camping trips? Get them this wearable camp blanket! Use it for extra warmth at night, or wear it with the hood around the campfire. It’s easy to put on and great for warming up by the fire!

16. Day Tote / Picnic Basket ($69.95)

As parents, it’s often the case that you are toting around a ton of different items! This REI Co-op tote can change into anything from a weekend bag to a grocery carrier, and hold items for any outing with kids.

The padded laptop sleeve, water bottle side pockets, and small inside zip pockets keep all your things organized on the go.

17. Instant Camera (Polaroid Go, $75)

Polaroid Go Instant Film Cameras

Don’t miss a single moment! We made a round up of the best Instant film cameras for travel, but we think the Polaroid Go is perfect for on-the-go parents.

For $75, the Polaroid Go is an affordable way to capture printable images on the go!

The Polaroid Go uses Polaroid Go Film, which comes in frames of color OR black and white ($19 for 16 exposures), or you can try the fun filters as well.

What are some outdoor gifts for parents you are giving to someone this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!


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