Photo Journal: Christmas Hike

We spent this Christmas in Spokane, Washington.

It’s where I (Emily) grew up and in my opinion, it’s the most magical place to experience a white Christmas. Snow quietly falls in the morning and evening and trees are dusted with white everywhere you turn.

The week surrounding the holidays was full of puzzles, seeing friends, and lots of relaxing. We don’t get to do a whole lot of that at our home in Seattle because we are constantly busy with our everyday routines.

It was really nice to pull away for a week, refresh, and take life slowwwwly.

On Christmas day, my family spent the morning together exchanging gifts and drinking enormous amounts of coffee.

After all the buzz of the morning wore off, my siblings and I had a crazy idea…let’s go on a Christmas hike! Our house is out of the city and a hike was absolutely feasible.

It’s only a few minutes in the car and you have access to dozens of trailheads from our house!

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Christmas Hike – A Photo Journal

We chose to hike a Riverside State Park because it’s one of the best Winter hikes in Eastern Washington!

Gear Details:

Moment Lens//Krochet Kids Beanies// Red Wing Heritage Boots// Patagonia Down Jackets

What did you do on Christmas day? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  1. which area of RSP was this? I just moved to Nine Mile Falls, so I’m looking for pretty winter hikes 🙂

    1. Hi Larayna!
      So I found where we parked our car, but to be honest we just wandered and didn’t follow a trail! We just found a hill and climbed it. haha But I’m sure there are tons of trails around here and it’s really beautiful! Have fun hiking! (Here’s the link to the parking lot!)