Wake Up In A Tropical Treehouse In Hawaii: The Best Airbnb In Hawaii

Post Summary: The Most Romantic Treehouse In Hawaii (Big Island) And What To Expect

Are you heading to the Big Island of Hawaii? If you’re like us, we were ready to take the ultimate sunny, beachy vacation! We wanted to stick our toes in the sand, sleep in until noon, and take the days sloowwww. That’s what a getaway is all about, right?

This is exactly what we did at the Big Island Treehouse and it was the perfect haven between beach adventures.

If you’re looking for a unique and novel way to experience Hawaii, you need to check out this unique treehouse Airbnb! We’re sharing our experience, and what you can expect on an amazing stay in the tropical forest!

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Big Island Treehouse: The Best Treehouse In Hawaii

What’s The Story Behind This Treehouse In Hawaii?

Kristie Wolfe is an innovative builder from Idaho that builds unique vacation rentals all over the country. She focuses on off-grid living (so each one of her builds is self-sufficient!) and exceptional guest experiences. 

Some of her most well-known stays are the Hobbit Hole in Central WashingtonCrystal Peak Lookout in Idaho, and this beautiful treehouse in Hawaii that we’ll be sharing in this blog post.

Want to know more about her Hawaii vacation rental? You can find a book of the entire building process (from land purchasing to finishing touches!) in a handcrafted book in the Big Island Treehouse.

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Where Exactly Is This Amazing Treehouse in Hawaii?

The Big Island Treehouse is located in the southern part of the Big Island of Hawaii in Fern Forest. The closest towns are Volcano, Mountain View, and Keaau – each with their own small essential grocery stores, food, and gas.

The treehouse is in a small, rural neighborhood. The kind where there’s plenty of trees between houses, and you feel as if you’re the only one in your tropical oasis!

Know that since it’s a rentable space, we aren’t giving the exact address for privacy purposes. If you’d like to stay here though, consider booking it here on Airbnb for your own magical experience!

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What Was Check-In Like?

Getting There

Kristie’s treehouse in Hawaii is off-grid, like all of her unique Airbnbs. (She also owns a Fire Lookout in Idaho, a Hobbit Hole in Washington, and a Potato in Boise!)

After getting off the main highway, the road quickly turned bumpy and rocky. It’s common for local roads in Hawaii to be a bit rough. It’s recommended to drive very slow on this road!

After a very short (and slow) drive, we found Kristie’s amazing treehouse in Hawaii at the very end of the road. Parking was very simple – we just left our car on the road and took a short trail to the treehouse.

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Checking Into The Treehouse

Because the treehouse in Hawaii is off-grid, there may or may not be cell service for you – depending on your provider. Therefore, we find it essential to download Kristie’s treehouse manual before your trip! 

By the way, get $40 off your first booking by clicking here!

We downloaded a copy of the manual on our phone, so we could refer back to it when necessary. This manual included directions to the treehouse, the keycode, how to operate certain amenities, island recommendations, and quick tips for off-grid homes!

You’ll receive a copy of this manual when you reserve the treehouse!

Now for the getting-in-the-treehouse part. This treehouse sits 15 feet above the ground and has a trap door entrance, at the top of a set of steep stairs on the side.

At the top, you’ll need to put in the code on the combination lock, and then swing open the door to enter the top.

We recommend leaving your things at the bottom, unlocking the trap door, and then bringing your items up after it’s open. The stairs can be a little steep and the door a bit heavy, so it’s important to have your hands free!



Interior Tour Of This Treehouse In Hawaii

Now it’s time for the fun part! We’re going to show you what to expect up in the treehouse, and how you can make the most of these thoughtful touches.

Like we stated above, this treehouse in Hawaii is fully off-grid. That means the power comes from solar, rain is collected for showers, and waste is collected in a septic tank. It’s pretty incredible that a place like this can be self-sufficient.

However, with the limited power means it’s important to read up on how to conserve it and maximize its usage! (She’s got all the literature ready for you there!)

When you leave for the day, turn off all power so it can recharge, and always remember to unplug items after each use.


The Bedroom

The bedroom is the first room you will enter when coming in through the sliding door on the side. 

It’s an incredibly warm, spacious, and welcoming space. With vaulted ceilings, a custom-made pendant light, and tropical touches, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into the best place to stay on the big island.

Kristie likes to add details to her Airbnbs that go the extra mile. We immediately noticed the curated book collection, the gramophone (that can hook up to your smartphone!) and the beautiful palm-tree covered wallpaper. 

Each night we kept the slider door open (and the screen door closed!) for the island breeze and the chirping crickets to lull us to sleep. Make sure to plan a few days in Hawaii to sleep in because this bed is worth every second!

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Giant Windows in Big Island Treehouse - TheMandagies.com


Treehouse in Hawaii: The Bathroom and Kitchenette

Directly behind the bedroom is the bathroom with open shelving stocked full of bathrobes, fresh towels, and essentials like bug spray and aloe vera. The treehouse also provides guests with local coffee and treats.

The long counter acts as the kitchen/food prep area, as well as a place to leave your toiletries. Under the counter behind the sliding curtains, you’ll find the inverter, a power strip, and other items like cleaners and paper towels. 

Kitchen Counter in Big Island Treehouse

Note: Do you have food you want to bring to the treehouse? Make sure to use the built-in cooler to store your snacks. You can find the cooler by locating the handle on the bathroom/kitchen counter and lifting up. 

You will definitely want to keep all food items in there. I left out a brownie to finish later, and once we returned I found a gecko inside the bag finishing it off. Eek!

Bring your own ice to keep things cool too – the cooler automatically drains the water that pools at the bottom. 

The bathroom has its own door along with a sink/toilet combination that works in synch to conserve water. It’s a cool function that flushes, and then the sink above it runs to wash your hands as well as fill the bowl below. 

Note: While you are making the best use of water, it’s important to note that none of the rainwater is potable. But fear not, you are provided with ample bottled water!

However, we think that the best feature of the bathroom is the shower! On two corners, there are rotating glass panels that allow you to create an open-air shower experience.

The waterfall-style shower head gives you the feeling of being caught in a tropical rainstorm, and there is a side of the shower filled with ferns and other greenery. 

Treehouse in Hawaii natural rainwater shower head TheMandagies.com


Outdoor Wrap-Around Deck

Our favorite place to hang out for the mornings was on the huge wrap-around porch.

Just steps away from the bedroom, you are able to breathe the fresh tropical air, feel the sunshine, and listen to the birds as they begin their day, too.

At the treehouse, foldable chairs and a table is provided, and we tucked them in the back after our time was over. 

Safety Note: It’s a pretty high fall from the deck to the ground below, so we advise you to use extra caution on the deck. Don’t get too close to the edge and be aware of your footing at all times!

Emily sipping coffee on hawaii treehouse deck


Berty having coffee in Treehouse in Hawaii - TheMandagies.com

Berty Mandagie standing at treehouse in Hawaii - TheMandagies.com


The Swinging Bed

One of the coolest features about this treehouse in Hawaii was the custom-made swinging bed suspended above the ground!

It’s made from a trampoline base with plenty of cushions, so you can swing off into a nap in no time. We spent plenty of time under the lush canopy feeling connected to the forest around us. 

If this is what living in Hawaii is all about, sign us up!

Treehouse in Hawaii - Swing - TheMandagies.com

Emily sitting on swinging bed in Hawaii Treehouse - TheMandagies.com


FAQ’s About The Big Island Treehouse

Is there a Shower? Toilet?

Yes, there is both a shower and a toilet in the Big Island Treehouse. Both are run with collected rainwater and drains into a septic tank below.

The water for the shower may take a bit to warm up, but it’s totally worth it for that open-air shower experience!

What Does An Off-Grid House Mean?

According to Wikipedia, Off-the-grid (OTG) is a system and lifestyle designed to help people function without the support of remote infrastructure.”

This means that Off-grid houses are self-sufficient in creating their own power, using their own water source, and disposing properly of its waste.

What About Bugs?

It’s the jungle, so there must be bugs, right? Well, this treehouse in Hawaii thought of almost everything to help keep those critters out!

First, it’s elevated off the ground, so you won’t find many bugs that want to leave the safety of the ground.

Secondly, there are screens on the sliding doors, and the open-air shower can completely close. There is also bug spray available for an extra safety measure.

On our trip, we didn’t encounter any bugs. That’s not saying there will be absolutely ZERO, but it wasn’t a huge concern for us!


How Do I Book This Treehouse In Hawaii??

We were hoping you’d ask! 

Click here for the Airbnb listing to the Big Island Treehouse, and don’t forget to click here and get $40 off your first booking too!

Rates are around $300 per night, which is actually pretty affordable if we’re talking about luxury Hawaii accommodations. Book your own private, romantic treehouse getaway in the middle of the forest now!

Looking For Other Ways To Easily Explore The Big Island? This treehouse in Hawaii is just one of the many amazing places to stay on the island! If you’re curious about other accommodations, we suggest researching where to stay between the towns of Kona and Hilo, because each town has their own attractions and special touches!

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Things To Do On The Big Island Hawaii

Now that accommodations are taken care of, what are the best things to do on the Big Island? To give your adventure a jumpstart, here are some of our favorite Big Island activities:

  • Stargazing at Mauna Kea – Drive up to the tallest part of the island to experience some of the clearest skies in the world!
  • Visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – See some of the coolest active volcanoes, craters, and hot spots on the Island!
  • Hapuna Beach State Park – This easily accessible park has lots of gorgeous beachfront and clean, large facilities!
  • Waipi’o Valley – Take a hike to a beautiful lush beach, with access to a hidden waterfall at low tide!

Have you stayed in a Treehouse in Hawaii? Leave a comment below and tell us about your own tropical experience!

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