Taman Mini Park

Taman Mini (Mini Indonesia) with the Family

It’s Friday and we have been in Indonesia for three full days now. So far, we’ve toured the city of Jakarta, spent all day at a theme park called Fantasy World, and experienced enough traffic for a whole lifetime. After all, there are 10 million people in Jakarta alone! That’s nearly ten times the population of our home in Seattle. After two jam-packed days of new culture and buzzing energy, we took our Friday slooooow. Apparently so did the rest of the city because Friday is considered a holy day for Muslims. We arrived at our only destination for the day – Taman Mini. We basically had the whole park to ourselves because most people we at the Mosque for the day.



Taman Mini (Mini Indonesia Park) is a park dedicated to representing all the areas and islands of Indonesia. Every island in the country has its own unique take on architecture and style. In the park, you can drive around and see the different buildings and get a feel for what it looks like on different islands. They were so beautiful!




We took a Gondola across the whole park and saw it from a bird’s eye view. The siblings were in one gondola and the moms were in the other! Berty and I think it’s really awesome to see our moms connect in different ways here, even when they don’t speak each other’s language.

After the gondola ride we drove through the park to visit the aviary. There, we saw tons of native birds from Indonesia. There were so many kinds – peacocks, parrots, and ugly vultures too! It was so beautiful in there. To my family’s dismay, I insisted we take way too many family photos too. Haha




Indo Adeventures Pt. 1 (29 of 54)

In addition to the aviary (Taman Burung), we visited an aquarium, butterfly museum, and saw a short film about Indonesia. Visiting here definitely made me want to explore this country more! Berty and I have very soft plans on living here someday, but we are flexible and waiting for the right time to come around. Someday!


It’s been really fun having my family here. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to our families to meet and experience life together these next few weeks.

Stay tuned because on Saturday we had a wedding celebration with his family! Will post as soon as we can! Berty and I are still figuring out how to balance a routine of blogging on “vacation mode”. 😉


Thanks for reading!


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