5 Delicious English Muffin Breakfast Recipes For Camping with Thomas’ Bread

Post Summary: English Muffin Breakfast Recipes

Stumped on what to make for a camping breakfast? 

If you’re like us, you want something delicious, quick, and simple to maximize your time spent enjoying the outdoors.

Thomas’ English Muffins are the perfect fuel for your outdoor adventure (rain or shine) in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re sharing our favorite English muffin breakfast recipes right here!

Let’s get started!

5 Delicious English Muffin Breakfast Recipes For Camping & Hiking Trips

This post is sponsored by Thomas’ Bread. Ideas, words, and recommendations are all our own!

1. Easy & Delicious Butter & Jam


  • Spreadable butter
  • Local jam
  • Thomas’ English Muffins

Really, can a breakfast get more simple than this? This butter, jam, & English muffin trio is perfect for mornings on the go. With all the nooks and crannies deliciousness of Thomas’ English muffins as a base, you can pack a ton of flavor in a simple handheld bite.

For a little bit more personality, go for a local area jam! You can get a jar at your neighborhood farmer’s market, or in the local section of your grocery store. For us, we chose Huckleberry Jam, because that is what grows in the mountains around the Pacific Northwest!

2. Smoked Salmon, Capers, and Cream Cheese


  • Thomas’ English Muffins
  • Cream Cheese
  • Capers
  • Smoked Salmon (pre-sliced)

This seemingly fancy English Muffin breakfast recipe actually takes only four ingredients, and there is no cooking involved! Salmon, cream cheese and capers feel like a little nod to the Pacific Northwest, with fresh ingredients and bold flavors for a perfect morning by the lake.

For easy assembly and cleanup, pack all the ingredients into a basket with coffee, a tray, and a knife. Open a Thomas’ English muffin with your hands, and then spread over the cream cheese for your preferred coverage. Top it off with a few pre-sliced pieces of fresh salmon, and sprinkle some capers on top for a savory, fresh camping breakfast.

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3. Classic Breakfast Sandwich


  • Thomas’ English Muffins
  • Eggs
  • Sliced cheese
  • bacon (or sausage patties)
  • Butter

Can anything beat this classic English muffin breakfast recipe? The breakfast sandwich has been around for quite some time, but it seems to taste better when it’s cooked around a campfire! First, start by cooking the bacon and removing it to a pan once it’s finished. Then, cook the eggs right in the bacon fat (not healthy, we know – but delicious!) and remove those once cooked to your liking.

Finally, and for extra crunch, place your Thomas’ English muffin on the cast iron pan, and watch the cheese melt into all the nooks and crannies of the bread. Assemble it together once all the pieces have cooked, and enjoy!

Cooking tip: Sit back and enjoy the fire until the flames burn down to coals. This way, you can stay safer as you place the pan on top of your fire grill, and you can control the temperature a bit more too. Better yet, wear a pair of fire safety gloves as you handle the cast iron pan!

4. Hiker-Friendly Protein Pick Me Up


  • Thomas’ English Muffins
  • Peanut butter
  • Sliced banana

Nothing can beat the simple and delicious combination of peanut butter and banana. It’s an ideal breakfast that’s sweet, filling, and energizing all in one! Because all of these ingredients are easily packable, there’s no need to prepare it ahead of time (unless you’ve got a reusable container, then go for it!). 

You can easily tote it along on your next hike, and make your snack during a break! We especially love packing this simple breakfast on Washington hiking trails during sunrise!

5. Avocado Toast On The Go


  • Thomas’ English Muffins
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Optional: Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

This simple and easy English muffin breakfast recipe will keep you full all morning long. The healthy fats in the avocado release lasting energy throughout the morning, all delivered on a delicious english muffin!

Start with cutting an avocado in half, and spooning it into a bowl. Mash it together with salt and pepper, and take a knife and spread it on top of the English muffin. For an extra crunch, peel apart Thomas’ English muffin with your hands, toast the bread above the fire, or add extra toppings like sriracha or bagel seasoning for added flavor!

Did you find some English muffin breakfast recipes to try on your next camping trip? 

We hope These ideas with Thomas’ English muffins can inspire you to try creating your own with all the nooks and crannies deliciousness in each one! Thanks for reading, and share your own recipes in the comments below!

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