30+ Virtual And At Home Fitness Programs You Can Do Anytime!

Post Summary: At Home Fitness Programs You Can Do From Right Where You Are!

What a weird time we’re living in! With health-related concerns blasting the news stations, it’s pretty much all we hear about now. We know it can be a frustrating, anxiety-filled time, and Berty and I have been trying to figure out how we can provide positive resources to you guys.

This morning on Instagram (@themandagies), we reached out to our followers and asked if they knew of any virtual resources to get active and move your body at home! 

We were BLOWN AWAY by the resources, businesses, and individuals that are coming together in the fitness space, and we’re excited to share our list of at-home fitness options for you here! Most of these resources are free, but you’ll also find things like free-trials and subscription-based programs, too. Enjoy!


Note: Just like the health-related news, this is an ever-changing and evolving list. By no means is this an all-inclusive list. We’re just sharing knowledge as it comes up! If you know of any virtual workouts to do at home, please add them in the comment section below!

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28 Virtual And At Home Fitness Programs You Can Do Anytime!


Fitness Workout Apps

There are many at home fitness apps that provide awesome classes at your fingertips. We’re including a few below, but we would encourage you to check out the App store, read reviews, and discover one that fits your goals and lifestyle! 


Sweat is a paid subscription-based fitness app that breaks down workouts into 12-week programs to help you reach specific goals. Most of the fitness suggestions in this post are free, but I’m including this one because I personally use it, and really love it. If you are a frequent traveler like us, we find that it’s really helpful to have classes anywhere, anytime. 

FitOn App

The FitOn App is a free fitness app with awesome workouts from amazing trainers. They collaborate with trainers from all over the world to share some fun videos that can appeal to many fitness levels. 

Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness is an online fitness app that has a huge selection of classes. Not only are they extending their free-trial period, but they are also hosting live-stream classes on Instagram and Facebook. They also have fun at home fitness programs for kids, so the entire family can join in! Find out more about their live stream classes here. 


Social Media Live Streams

@colinobrady VIRAL DANCE PARTY

Colin O’Brady hosts #ViralDanceParty to connect with others via Instagram live stream to dance and have a good time! He and his wife Jenna are inviting people from all over the world to take a break and let loose. Check up with him on Instagram stories to learn about when he will be hosting his next live stream!


Uforia Studios is a hip hop dance studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have closed down their studios for the time being, but keep an eye out on their Instagram stories because they are streaming dance classes with their instructors that you can join online.

@BasecampSM 35 Minute At-Home Workouts

Basecamp Fitness is an app that provides 35-minute quick workout videos you can do at home. The workouts sync with Apple watches so you can track detailed stats, too! Follow them at @basecampSM on social media for their live stream classes that will be available for up to 24 hours after streaming.  

@ToneItUp Live Stream Classes

Tone It Up is a fitness and nutrition app geared towards women and the community. At the time of this posting, they are providing live stream classes so people can come together and work out at home! Follow @toneitup on Instagram for more information about streaming times. 

@DoYouRumble Live Boxing Classes

This week (and possibly future weeks) Rumble Boxing is live streaming 45-minute fitness classes that focus on bodyweight training and cardio. Find more updated information on their Instagram account here

@Barrys No-Equipment Workouts

Barry’s BootCamp is hosting free IG Live Stream total-body workouts. They are posting the schedule daily, so check out their IG page for the most updated information.

@FlywheelSports Free Workout Class Schedule

Flywheel is teaming up with trainers to live stream classes of all types! from Barre workouts to HIIT, these classes are taught by fitness instructors from all over. Click here to read their most updated and posted workout schedule.  

@PlanetFitness Facebook Live Daily Workouts

While the gym may be closed, Planet Fitness is virtually open for daily free workouts! Check out their most updated schedule on their Facebook page for their no-equipment, 20-minute workouts daily. 

@PureBarre Facebook Live Daily Workouts

Pure Barre is a personal favorite on mine, and they are now offering free Facebook Live classes! Try these 45-minute workouts to tone muscles you never thought you had in this fun mix of pilates, ballet, and yoga. Click here to learn more about their upcoming schedule. 


At Home Fitness Youtube Classes

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene is a youtube channel that offers free yoga classes for all skill levels. You can search sequences that are less than 10-minutes up to a full 45-minute class to fit your needs! She also provides guided meditation, specifically to help with feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and more. 

You can also head to her website and sign up for her 30-Days Of Yoga Challenge. This challenge will send you an email every day with a link to a class that progressively builds your strength, flexibility, and confidence over the course of a month. 

Tone It Up

Just like we mentioned in the Live Stream sections, Tone It Up provides fun, easy-to-follow fitness classes on youtube you can stream online. At our home, we have an Apple TV and we like to screencast them on to our tv screen and follow along with the workout that way!

Tone It Up is also extending its free trial from one week to 30 days. If you prefer to use workout classes on your mobile phone, you can browse their huge library of 10-minute to 40-minute classes!


Grokker is an online-fitness company that is now opening up its digital workouts for FREE until April 30th! You can choose from a wide selection of classes. You can also access their youtube channel for healthy meal prep ideas and easy-streaming videos. 

Pop Sugar Fitness

Pop Sugar Fitness has a huge selection of fun youtube workout videos. Some of my favorite ones include the dance workouts, but they also have Zumba classes, cardio dance, hip hop, and full-body workouts. Click here to browse their youtube channel! 

The Fitness Marshall

If you love to dance to your favorite music videos, you’re going to LOVE The Fitness Marshall! Caleb Marshall makes fun, easy-to-learn dance routines to some of the most popular music today. Learn Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” route or “Yummy” by Justin Bieber. Once you get back with your friends, you’ll rip up the dance floor with these moves!

Learn How To Dance (Tik Tok Dance Tutorials)

Looking to make some fun videos to put on Tik Tok? Learn some of the most popular dances to the most viral music on Learn How To Dance! He recently started a new series all about Tik Tok dance tutorials, so browse his library to learn the moves and upload your own videos!


Free Online Fitness Websites 

Many websites offer free fitness classes online! Here are some of our favorite at home fitness programs with websites recommended by you, our lovely readers.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender offers online workout videos to fit every level and every goal! Their HUGE library of videos can easily be custom searched – you can filter videos by difficulty, body focus, equipment needed, and more!


Blogilates is a popular fitness website that provides free videos, meal plans, downloadable fitness calendars, and more! Right now, they have a free 14-day workout plan, but you can browse their many videos to find a workout that’s right for you!



Free/Discounted Studios Online

Many studios are offering free online classes for a limited time, so you can experience their at home fitness programs from your living room!

Depending on the studio, you may or may not need to share your credit card info (some online programs just work that way), so if it’s available for a limited time, make sure to cancel your subscriptions before the end of the trial so you don’t get charged. We like to put a note in our calendar the day before it ends as a reminder to cancel, just to be safe!

Barre 3 Online Classes

Barre 3 is a full-body workout to improve balance with “micro-movements, cardio-bursts, and sustained holds” for a well-rounded class. For a limited time, they are offering a free 15-day trial to their online classes.

Orange Theory At-Home Videos

At the time of this blog post (March 18th, 2020), Orange Theory is providing free at-home workout videos on their website. They are encouraging people to use objects around the house as fitness tools, so you don’t have to run out and buy fancy equipment. Stay updated on their site for (potentially) daily videos!

Daily Burn

In response to these uncertain times, Daily Burn has provided 60 days of free workout videos, with tons of activity options available! From yoga to kickboxing, you can search their thousands of videos for at-home fitness inspiration. 


Regardless of if you own a Peloton bike or other equipment, Peloton is extending its digital membership free-trial from 30 days to 90 days. Signing up, you have access to their huge library of classes, which include off-bike workouts like strength-training and yoga classes. Click here to learn more about this offer from Peloton. 

(Regular Subscription is $12.99 per month, but you can cancel before the 90-day trial is over!


Outdoor Options

Depending on where you live, and your ability/access to trails, one of the easiest ways to stay active is to get outside! This could be at a nearby park, trail system, or just walking around your neighborhood! If you want a little direction, here are some places to start exploring outdoor spots near you. 

Special Note: During this time, we would encourage you to choose an outdoor location near your home, and opt to hike with a small group (or solo!) at this time. This way we can prevent the spread of infection and keep our communities safe!

Browse Our Site!

We are biased, but we think that our blog is full of amazing hiking options, especially for our readers based in the Pacific Northwest. We’d encourage you to browse our blog posts, and find a location that is near you to go out and explore. 

National Parks Have Waived Entrance Fees

On March 18th, 2020, the National Park Service has waived entrance fees to national parks to encourage people to get outdoors. If this is appealing to you, rather than spark a last-minute trip to a bucket list park, we’d encourage you to consider visiting a national park near you, so that you can return home at the end of the day. No national parks near you? Consider a closer state park or reserve to opt-in for a solo hike. 

Nike Run Club

If you’ve ever been curious about running, now is the time to start! The Nike Run Club is an app that tracks your runs, encourages your friends to virtually join, and get you outside enjoying the fresh air. Download it online to start where you’re at today!

All Trails / Gaia / Avenza / Strava (Paid and Free Versions)

All of these websites and apps (AllTrails, Gaia, Avenza Maps, Strava) are programs that provide you with hiking and biking trails, statistics, and opportunities to find hikes near you. Check them out to see which one fits best for you, and explore a trail in your area!



What Other At-Home Fitness Programs Do You Know? Share discounted classes, live streams, and more in the comment section below!