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The 11 Best Hiking Apps To Elevate Your Next Outdoor Adventure (GPS Tracking, Offline Maps + More!)

Do you love knowing everything about your next trail? We’re sharing the best hiking apps to download, with features like offline topography maps, mountain identification, GPS tracking, and so much more! Read this blog post to pick your next favorite app for hiking!

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Fern Canyon Trail - Redwoods

How To Find Fern Canyon Trail in the California Redwoods (Exact Directions + Hike Details)

50-foot high fern-covered walls?? Fern Canyon Trail feels like it’s straight of out a Jurassic Park movie (oh wait, it’s featured in one!) Read this post as we deep dive into the beauty of Fern Canyon in the Redwoods, and exactly how you can plan and prepare your next epic visit to Fern Canyon.

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10 Practical Strategies To Snatch Discount Outdoor Gear For Your Next Camping and Backpacking Trips

This post was written by Adventure Contributor Whitney Matthews Post Summary: Clever Ways To Find Discount Outdoor Gear (To Save Tons of Money) Have you ever walked through REI or your local gear shop and found that perfect item you’ve been searching for? It’s the jacket you saw someone else wearing on the trail. Or…

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Berty Mandagie

Camping Hygiene Guide: 14 Must-Read Tips for Staying Clean on Camping and Backpacking Trips

One of the most intimidating and uncomfortable parts about spending multiple days outdoors is camping hygiene – staying clean while backpacking.

Where do you poop? What if you get smelly and sweaty? How do you wash your hands? How do you shower?

In this post, you’ll find our best backpacking hygiene tips, personal hygiene essentials, and creative ways to stay as fresh and clean as possible.

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