15 Gorgeous PNW Locations For An Engagement Shoot (Pt 1)

Here, you will find 15 of the best locations for your PNW engagement! Read on for location-specific tips, what to expect, and how to get there.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of engagement photos? Stiff, posed shots? Awkward lighting? There are plenty of examples of these boring, overused shots all over the internet. However, if you’re looking for unique, timeless photos, we believe that the Pacific Northwest is an extremely advantageous region for engagement shoots. Gorgeous, scenic views are only a few hours drive in all directions. If you are looking to wade through the vast options here in our region, we’ve put together a two-part post with the best options for your PNW engagement session.


One thing we like to tell people when picking a photographer is to meet them in person first, and see some of their work. Berty loves meeting with his clients to hear their story and get to know them a little better, before any pictures are ever taken. Together, he loves to plan out their dream locations and create a holistic vision for their photos. Berty captures more than just the two people – he captures the whole story. All of these photos are examples of his work. If you are interested in working with him, please visit his website here, and contact him at berty@bertymandagie.com


15 Stunning PNW Locations for Engagement Shoots (PART ONE)

There are so many beautiful locations to share, but including all of them would have made for a enormous post. I will post the other half in two days. If you don’t want to miss out, subscribe here to have it sent to your inbox!


Diablo Lake

Drive a few hours north of Seattle and you will reach the stunning blues of Ross Lake and the grand display of fog at Diablo Lake Overlook. Get ready for some wind and probably a little rain, but adventurous couples won’t mind it one bit. Directions Here. 

See this complete engagement set here

Leavenworth, WA

This surprise proposal was not taken in Leavenworth but actually in a very small town called Plain, Washington – which is a short drive from the darling Bavarian town. It took place right in the middle of a gorgeous winter wonderland in January! If you are looking for that holiday cheer in your engagement shots, consider Leavenworth or surrounding locations in the wintertime to catch the falling snow!

You can find their complete set HERE.


Artist Point

This adventurous couple was willing to wake up at 4AM to get these incredible sunrise shots! Artist Point in the Mt. Baker area of the Cascades is a perfect location for couples who want jaw-dropping backgrounds, without the hiking. There is a parking lot about a half mile away from this viewpoint, and it’s accessibility allows for tons of creativity!

You can find this fun-loving couple’s entire set here

Washington Park Arboretum

Shooting engagement photos in the Fall? The Washington Park Arboretum just south of the University of Washington is the perfect place to capture all the colors of Autumn in full display.

You can find the rest of this darling Autumn set here

Lake Wenatchee

This creative couple actually spent a whole year building this canoe themselves! This lake meant a lot to these two, and it was great to see them so comfortable in a familiar place. Consider Lake Wenatchee for your own engagement if you love canoeing, serene beaches, and islands in the middle of the lake! (We’ve also included their return trip on their wedding day! Did you spot it??)

You can find this creative couple’s full set here

Gig Harbor, Washington

Are you considering a waterfront engagement, all inclusive with eclectic coffee shops and historic boats? Look no further than Gig Harbor! This town has something for everyone. Gig Harbor is an easy place for couples to show off their personal style!

You can find the full fun, rainy day set here

Lake 22

Love to hike? Consider taking your loved one for a magical proposal in the middle of Lake Twenty-two! This couple traveled all the way from Texas to experience the Pacific Northwest and they were clever to pick this classic hike. If you are looking for snow-dusted trees and an elegant mountain backdrop, come to Lake 22 for an engagement shoot (or surprise proposal!)

You can find the rest of this surprise proposal here!


Manito Park, Spokane

This park in Spokane has over 90 acres of gorgeously manicured gardens, roses, lilacs and charming bridges. Manito Park is for you if you love spring colors and lots of greenery!

Check out their fairytale wedding here!

Wait….that wasn’t 15 places!! (Yes, we know. We’ve split this post into two parts!)

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