How To Make A Travel Gallery Wall

Last weekend, Berty and I were sitting in our apartment and staring at a blank wall. It’s been two months since we moved in and our walls are STILL BARE. Life came at full speed and the last thing on our mind was decorating. One day though, we were sitting on the couch….I don’t know what happened, but it seemed like the very next second we were getting out the measuring tape, hammer, and nails. We marched across the street to the frame shop to get advice and went into full-blown style mode. We were finally putting together our travel gallery wall!

A while ago, we received a cool piece of advice as we embarked on our adventures. It was to collect a piece of art at every destination. We wanted our new married life together to reflect the stories and experiences we shared together. Since then, we’ve kept true to our tradition and have collected art from all over the globe!


Displayed, we have art from Glacier National Park, Machu Picchu + Lima, Peru; Bali + Surabaya, Indonesia, Chiang Mai, Thailand, some original art, and a Cascadia flag. We are excited to see this wall evolve and grow as we explore more of the world!




Guide to Curating Your Own Travel Gallery Wall

  1. Collect art everywhere you go. Your destinations don’t have to be exotic, they just have to mean something to you! This takes time – your walls can evolve and change just like you, so start with what you’ve got!
  2. Be inspired by different mediums (photos, paintings, canvas, prints). Some pictures we have are painted on canvas, some printed, and others hand-drawn. All of them are beautiful in their own way! Mixed mediums prevent your wall from looking too matchy-matchy.
  3. Let your art speak for itself. Each piece contains meaningful stories. We were inspired by our Bali Aunt Polyn who collected artifacts and beautiful tapestries from all over the world. It was fun to ask about a piece on the wall while we were eating breakfast. Our hope in creating our gallery wall would be that it inspires conversation too!
  4. Take advantage of your artistic friends. Our friend Colin is an architect/designer and he created the painted outline of the world. He presented it to us during our wedding rehearsal. We couldn’t be more thankful for him! Displaying art from your friends shows your support, and will guarantee your wall is one-of-a-kind!


Instagram Grid pictures : These prints from Artifact Uprising are a total game-changer! Each set of 25 is for $22. We used 24 in our frame. I absolutely love the idea of using them on mini clothespins or stringing across wire too. We decided to buy a wooden frame, back it with white poster board, and arrange them in a grid. These photos are from our trip to Peru in 2015 – back when we got engaged! It’s my favorite piece on our wall because it reminds me of all the fun memories Berty and I made together during that week.





Thanks Berty Mandagie for editing these photos. Love you babe. 🙂

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