Our 20+ Favorite Carry-On Bags For Travelers

Berty and I have an exciting few months ahead of us when it comes to travel!

And with all this travel comes… lots of airport time.

One way we like to make travel less complicated is by packing only in carry-on bags.

Carry-on bags completely eliminates paying extra fees, waiting for baggage, and worse – losing items in transit!

We try to travel this way so that our transits are easy, fast, and light.

In this post, we’re sharing our favorite carry-on bags by breaking them down into categories to fit your style!

20+ Best Carry-On Bags For Travelers

*Always check the dimension and weight limitations on your airline’s website. We are sharing our favorites that fit most airlines, but double check before you fly to avoid paying fees!


For The Adventurer:

Make sure to choose a bag with lots of pockets for gadgets, gear, and clothing.

Some of our favorite adventure bags are made from ONA. Not only are they super stylish but they are extremely functional, with movable camera compartments to fit maximum gear!

Here are similar bags below, with lots of leather details to create a rugged aesthetic.

Perfect For: Summer road trips, photography outings, hikes.

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For The City-Goer:

Choose something that’s simple, stylish, and has lots of security features.

When we visited Paris, we brought our Pacsafe bags to keep pickpockets at bay with their double lock zippers and hidden pockets.

A good city bag is easily portable, has multiple inside pockets to keep items organized, as well as being sleek/stylish.

Perfect For: Visiting friends in the city, day trips, places that need a little more security.

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For The Minimalist:

When packing minimally we don’t focus on fancy accessories – a clean, simple bag is all that’s needed to fit the essentials.

These pieces are simple and foolproof. One of our favorite minimalistic bags is The Clifton from ONA.

With one single laptop sleeve and small front pocket, it provides just the right amount of space. 

Perfect For: Weekend business trip, short trip home, overnights, day trips.

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For The Stylish:

There are also pieces for the traveler who loves to make a statement!

Look for brands like Tumi, Vera Bradley, and Madewell for stylish bags that will not only stand out but also provide function and organization for your travels.

These bags ideally will have lots of compartments inside to hold items like make-up, a cell phone charger, laptop and a change of clothes.

Perfect For: Long holiday weekends, traveling for a wedding, attending a party in the city.

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For The Long-Termer:

Planning a long trip?

First of all, *jealous*, and second of all, looking for a bag that’s the right fit means there’s a lot to consider.

Try going for something soft-cased and squishable to fit into a multitude of places (example: overhead bus compartments, trains, planes, cars).

Also, look out for bags with lots of compartments and zippers to keep your gear organized. Some brands like Patagonia, REI, and Northface specialize in travel gear – especially backpacking backpacks.

Backcountry.com is a great place to look!

Perfect For: Backpacking Southeast Asia, touring around Europe, hiking a thru-trail.

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What are some of your favorite carry-on bags? We’re always looking out for awesome gear so send us an email if you have a brand you know and love!


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